- By Jeannette Franklin Caines Pat Cummings

Just Us Women

  • Title: Just Us Women
  • Author: Jeannette Franklin Caines Pat Cummings
  • ISBN: 9780064430562
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just Us Women No boys and no men just us women Aunt Martha tells her niece And together they plan their trip to North Carolina in Aunt Martha s brand new car This is to be a very special outing with no one to hurr

    No boys and no men just us women, Aunt Martha tells her niece And together they plan their trip to North Carolina in Aunt Martha s brand new car This is to be a very special outing with no one to hurry them along, the two travelers can do exactly as they please.

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    1. this was such a sweet story about a little girl and her aunt going to visit some relatives and they make so many pit stops along the way just to spend quality time together. they bring maps to help them chart their course (this takes place in the 80's) and stop at roadside markets to buy "all the junk we like" and there's no one else around to tell them not to:)they pack chicken and bread and cake in wax paper and stuff it all into shoeboxes, and when that runs out, they eat in a fancy restauran [...]

    2. I happened to find this book in my classroom collection and the "Reading Rainbow" sticker on the cover popped out at me. When I saw the cover with a girl riding in a convertible with an adult woman, I thought this would be worth a look. I think this is an important book to have in a classroom collection for a variety of reasons. The two main characters are African American, so it automatically isn't cut from the cloth of most books. However, making the two main characters female makes this book [...]

    3. This story follows a girl as she takes a trip with her aunt. She describes special details, such as the fact that they're going to wrap their food "like my aunt did as a little girl" or that they're going to make lots of stops and "nobody will be there to say uh-uh". They have a great time just flitting about, eating dinner at a fancy restaurant and buying "as much junk as we want" from garage sales. You can really feel how much the two love each other and love spending special times together.In [...]

    4. This is the story of a little girl and her aunt, they go on a road trip just the two of them without any men. The girl is very excited to be spending some time with her aunt without anyone to interrupt. This story is great because it is one of those books where you can feel the characters emotions. I love this story to teach about writing stories and the way the Author is in charge of passing their emotions and feelings on to the readers. This book is also great to use to talk about different fa [...]

    5. Girl power! Touching book about the bond between niece and aunt and the journey they take together. The illustrations are incredibly realistic to the point that you feel as if you're on the road trip with these lovely ladies or, at the very least, viewing a photo album of their trip. Warning: Boys may feel a little left out of this adventure. But from the female perspective, it's really meaningful and important to have a book that is truly for women and centered on the awesome relationship betwe [...]

    6. Just Us Women is a picture book about a young girl going on a road trip to spend some quality time with her aunt Martha, in her aunt Martha's car. The young girl is narrating the story, and she explains all of the special things she and her aunt will be able to do without anyone else to interrupt their time together. This is a fun cute story, with the them of girl power, family/friendship between an aunt and her niece. It is for children ages 4-8, especially little girls.

    7. Cute story about a girl and her aunt taking a roadtrip in the aunt's new car, all the way to North Carolina. I like how they say "No boys and no men--just us women". It sounds like a fun roadtrip. They are taking fried chicken, biscuits and cake in wax paper filled boxes, and get to stop and shop when they feel like it and take pictures. It is just a relaxing trip between two girls. No one is rushed, I like that.

    8. There is more than one publishing year for this book and I do not know which one I read or if there is any difference. This book is a family styled book and I would read it to students who think about traveling. The title is a little misleading but I am truthful when I say it is a good read with good content. Not too long or wordy.

    9. This book's perfect. An aunt and a niece go on the kind of car trip where you don't have to hurry and you can stop and eat and look at anything you please. No men allowed. Just two women suiting themselves. I love Pat Cummings' realistic, warm, beautiful illustrations. Text and pictures are full of love and genuinely give the reader a treasured memory.

    10. It was a very easy book to ready not many pages. It was very interesting to read about the little girl and her Aunt Martha preparing for a trip and how excited they were. It was also a really good way to help a young child understand some of the things to do to prepare for a road trip.

    11. This is a nice book for young girls to read or have read to them by a female family member. The illustrations are nice and the book is in a rural setting. This book was an easy read and and very enjoyable.

    12. Reading Rainbow: Hot-Air HenryThis book seemed not quite right - it was a really simple/short which would be best for younger kids but the theme (taking a road trip/getting dressed up/shopping) seemed best for older kids (girls.) So. Bea isn't really either.

    13. This book was cute. I loved how she talks about all the different things they are going to do on their road trip. It is a great story to share, however it is a little dated. The illustrations are a little old and the writing is ok.

    14. This book captures the joy of a leisurely road trip perfectly. Love that it focuses on the bond between a girl and her aunt. Very interesting color palette, too.

    15. We really enjoyed this one. It seemed to be about practical freedom/independence. (Although, it did seem somewhat escapist.)

    16. I read it when I was smaller and I got how it was about spending time with the people you love.Also it was about a girl who goes on a car trip with her aunt and she has a great time.

    17. This was my FAVORITE book as a little girl! It made such an impression that, as an adult, it's now one of my go-to gifts for all the little ones in my life.

    18. This is the story about a little girl and her favorite aunt and the special car trip they take together.

    19. somehow reminds me of that movie with whoopie goldberg as the nanny and the little girl whose mother died, the one where the make up the jello song. maybe because of the scene in the car

    20. This book is a simple and short. It is about a little girl and her favorite aunt and the special car trip they take together. Appropriate grade level is 1st-3rd grade.

    21. We liked this one a lot, all good feelings, nothing really serious; just a slice of life that is different from our own. Gentle and sweet.

    22. Just Us Women captures a road trip shared between a young girl and her aunt. No men just women, is their motto as they enjoy eachothers company on their travels.

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