- By Alison Murray

Apple Pie ABC

  • Title: Apple Pie ABC
  • Author: Alison Murray
  • ISBN: 9781423136941
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Apple Pie ABC When an apple pie arrives piping hot on the kitchen table a little pup does everything from A to Z to get his paws on it He Ogles it He Pines for it But will his ABC antics land him a slice APPLE PIE

    When an apple pie arrives piping hot on the kitchen table, a little pup does everything from A to Z to get his paws on it He Ogles it He Pines for it But will his ABC antics land him a slice APPLE PIE ABC is a delicious twist on traditional verse brought to life by Alison Murray s simple words and whimsical illustrations Sure to delight readers of all ages, it s a booWhen an apple pie arrives piping hot on the kitchen table, a little pup does everything from A to Z to get his paws on it He Ogles it He Pines for it But will his ABC antics land him a slice APPLE PIE ABC is a delicious twist on traditional verse brought to life by Alison Murray s simple words and whimsical illustrations Sure to delight readers of all ages, it s a book to savor again and again.

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    1. I absoluteley loved, adored, rooted this book on until I turned to the very last page. Ugh Really, the illustrations are amazing, the text is fun, the choice of words, awesome Even the feel of the paper and the choice of colors is just what I would have wished for on a book about apple pies and little girls and puppiesChalk this one up to another case of really bad manners. Here's the thing. There's this little dog who wants some of his (cute little girl) owner's apple pie. She eats her piece ea [...]

    2. Title: Apple Pie ABCAuthor: Alison MurrayGenre: Alphabet (ABC) BookTheme(s): Alphabet, DogOpening line/sentence: (A apple pie)Brief Book Summary: (Apple Pie ABC is an alphabet book about a little black and white dog begging for a piece of freshly baked apple pie. Once the dog has a crumb of the pie, he cannot stop thinking about it! Eventually he succeeds in getting the pie and he eats so much that it puts him to sleep.)Professional Recommendation/Review #1: (CCBC (Cooperative Children's Book Ce [...]

    3. A small black-and-white dog desperately wants a piece of apple pie in this alphabetical story. It all starts with a girl making A for apple pie and a happily sleeping dog. But as soon as the pie is in the oven with B for bake it, the dog is very interested in the pie. Then the pie must C for cool it and D for dish it out. Though the girl gets to eat some pie, the dog must make due with just a crumb. But after that one delicious crumb, he just can’t stop thinking about eating pie! This cheery p [...]

    4. The beagle's name, I find out from the book's website, is Georgie. And the little girl in the blue jumper is Grace. A is for apple pie, and B C and D are the verbs Grace uses to bake it, cool it, and dish it out. After that, it's all Georgie, finding a crumb on the floor and then obsessing over that fat pie, plotting and pining in a realistically single-minded puppy way. Alison Murray's text is cool and simple and perky, getting around the tricky letters so smartly that I had to go back and look [...]

    5. I grew up with the Kate Greenaway book so I was predisposed to like this one too! The illustrations are charming, the block-print feel of the pictures gives this version its own old-fashioned flavor. Lots of great details, like the dog's tail twirling in a circle of anticipation before he makes a break for the pie.

    6. Just when I was thinking, "who really needs another alphabet book?"I picked up this delightful read! A stalwart review of the letters of the alphabet accentuates a gleeful plot line--with both simple text and illustration each adding to the fun--about one character's dogged determination to get some apple pie! An impressive picture book and quite a lot of fun.

    7. Thank you, Professor Nana, for recommending this ABC book. The illustrations have a classic feel and draw upon the pacing of the alphabet to tell the story of a dog who tries to be good. But who can be good when their is hot-baked apple pie so near and so accessible.

    8. What a fun, inventive addition to ABC books. I love how each letter helped tell the story of the little dog's attempts to eat an apple pie. Nice change of pace from each letter simply describing an object, for example. The illustrations are cute as can be!

    9. Title: Apple Pie ABCAuthor: Alison MurrayIllustrator: N/AGenre: Alphabet (ABC) Book, Concept Book,Theme(s): Alphabet, Food – Pies/Apples, Dogs, Baking,Opening line/sentence: A apple pie.Brief Book Summary: Apple pie ABC follows a dog as he watches his owner bake an apple pic. As the story progresses, the dog finds a crumb and begins attempts at getting to the pie. Despite his owner’s attempts to keep him away, the dog ultimately eats the pie and goes to sleep.Professional Recommendation/Revi [...]

    10. Title: Apple Pie ABCAuthor: Alison MurrayIllustrator: Alison MurrayGenre: Concept Book, Alphabet BookTheme: Alphabet, determinationOpening Line/Sentence: A-Apple Pie.Brief Book Summary: The book goes through the alphabet while telling a story of a dog wanting to eat the apple pie that he sees. In the end, the dog ends up getting the pie and is satisfied. Professional Recommendation/Review #1: clcd.ezaccessbrariePublishers Weekly (Publishers Weekly) A long-eared dog with a passing resemblance to [...]

    11. 1. Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray has not won any awards. 2. I think this book is appropriate for preschool and kindergarten.3. In this book, a dog is very eager to get a taste of his owner's freshly baked apple pie. The alphabet takes the reader on a journey of this dog's desire for the apple pie. After the pie is baked and cooling, the dog tries to have a taste, but is kicked out; however, he never gives up.4. I think this book is really cute. Even though there aren't a lot of words, the vocab [...]

    12. Book Title: ABC Apple PieAuthor: Alison MurrayGenre: Alphabet (ABC) BookTheme(s): Alphabet, DogOpening Line/Sentence: A: Apple PieBrief Book Summary: ABC Apple Pie is about a dog who is dying to have a piece of the freshly made apple pie on the kitchen table. The book goes from A-Z as the dog tries his best attempt to get the pie. The dog succeeds and eats so much of it that he falls asleep.Professional Recommendations:Janice Delong (Children’s Literature) “With letters large enough to be se [...]

    13. Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray is an alphabet concept book that cleverly tells a story about one dog’s adventure in trying to get a taste of the great smelling pie his owner, a young girl, just baked in the kitchen’s oven. He is determined and resorts to all types of tricks and strategies to get a taste. In this board book edition each letter represents a word or first letter of a phrase in this adorable adventure that little ones ages 1-5 will enjoy. Although all children will end up rootin [...]

    14. I chose this books under the category of the alphabet. This story is simply about a girl who made apple pie and ate it while her dog was watching and waiting to get a taste of the pie. I thought this book was interesting because even though it's purpose was to be a book with the letters of the alphabet, it also told a story. Many alphabet books just have the letters with a word that starts with that letter on a page and there is never really a connection between the pages, but this book keeps a [...]

    15. Alison Murray's story within Apple Pie ABC is a great read for toddlers, with scope for learning around behaviour, feelings, prepositions and improved vocabulary. Not bad for a small storybook. However, the ABC element feels somewhat mismatched. The story follows a dog's desire to eat an apple pie, with each page's actions starting with the next letter of the alphabet. It's difficult to relate the story (or indeed any phonetic reinforcement) to the sound/letter without losing any coherent story [...]

    16. Copyright: Genre: ABCAge: 2-6Pages: 28Summary/response:An apple pie that was just freshly baked was put on the table for all to see, smell and eat. Everyone would love this apple pie but someone wants it just a little bit more than the others do! I gave this book a 4 out of 5 because it demonstrates use of the alphabet while telling a cute little story about an apple pie. I would definitely recommend this book to a preschool or kindergarten classroom that is learning the ABCs.

    17. If this was a grey fluffy dog, this would be my house every time I bake. The author uniquely uses the alphabet to tell the story of a girl, her pie, and her dog who desperately wants a piece. Its simple, but fully developed, and a wonderfully fun story. If you are a dog owner, this will be a familiar tale, that you will want to live again and again.

    18. Grade Level: Pre K-2Awards: NoneSummary: Apple Pie ABC is a book that follows a dog while he makes an apple pie. It goes through the alphabet with a word for each letter as the dog tries to make a pie. In the end the dog steals the pie and runs off.Review: In my opinion I don't think this is the best abc book. The words used are hard or don't make sense for children so young like "Ogle" I have no idea what that means without looking it up so how would a Pre-K student. I do think the story line i [...]

    19. Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray starts with a girl baking an apple pie but soon revolves around a hungry black and white dog who must get a piece of that pie!After a girl makes, bakes, cools and dishes out a slice of apple pie for herself, a little black and white dog gets a taste of a crumb of it, then works through the rest of the alphabet to get more apple pie.The short, simple text serves up both an abc book and a cute story about a dog hungry for apple pie. The letters stand for various part [...]

    20. Apple Pie ABC is a great ABC book by Alison Murray. This book goes through the entire alphabet, and for each letter there is a word or phrase that goes with each letter that is about apple pie. A little girl and her dog bake an apple pie. When it's done baking, the little girl puts it on the table to cool. The dogs tries to taste it, and gets in trouble. He keeps trying to get a taste throughout the story, and he ends up dumping the entire pie on the floor. He gets tired and full, and the story [...]

    21. Awards: NoneGrade Level: ages 2-6 grades pre K -1Summary: In this book we follow the dog's adventure waiting for the pie in the kitchen! He longs for a taste of it and he follows it all throughout the story. As he goes through his adventure the alphabet letters are shown on each page teaching children the alphabet in the process. Review: I liked this book, but I didn't so much like what each letter of the alphabet stood for. I didn't feel like the choices were very fun or creative. I think this [...]

    22. Not only am I hungry for Apple Pie, but the cover had a snoopy-like dog, which is always okay in my book (pun!). This made me smile; watching a cute dog 'pine' for some pie made me hope that he would get it! For a child, they'd likely do the same, and would learn something! This scenario is also very common among many households (the dog wanting human food), so there are different levels of interest. Obviously being a children's ABC picture book, it's an easy read, but it's easy in the sense tha [...]

    23. I used to enjoy reading this book when my daughter was younger because I found the story cute and the illustrations adorable. But now that she's a toddler and I'm trying to teach her about manners, I realized that this is a bad reading choice for an impressionable child. We usually don't do direct reads, we insert a lot of storytelling and Q&A in between. (view spoiler)[When we got to the part where the dog is begging, my daughter says the girl must share the pie. It struck me as wrong that [...]

    24. Nostalgic pictures with a Snoopy-like dog fill this book with charm. A scheming dog finally snatches and eats a pie that his little-girl owner won't let him have. The book progresses in short phrases beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Many are verb phrases, as in "B bake it C cool it D dish it out." I began to feel the dog's pain at that point as he watches his girl eat a piece without offering him any. The book built further with "Q quietly determined R ready S steady T time to go." As [...]

    25. Apple Pie ABC, written and illustrated by Alison Murray, depicts a puppy (who looks an awful lot like Snoopy to me) going to great lengths to get to a little girl's freshly made apple pie. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by the puppy doing something beginning with the letter to get the pie. I liked the pictures in this book, as well as the way they were laid out. The pictures had color, but stuck to a palate of mainly reds oranges and blues, and the patterned kitchen floor created som [...]

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