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Thai Food

  • Title: Thai Food
  • Author: DavidThompson
  • ISBN: 9781580084628
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thai Food Renowned chef David Thompson first went to Thailand by mistake a holiday plan had to be changed at the last minute and he ended up in Bangkok where he was seduced by the people culture and cuisine

    Renowned chef David Thompson first went to Thailand by mistake a holiday plan had to be changed at the last minute, and he ended up in Bangkok, where he was seduced by the people, culture, and cuisine Since that fateful trip some 20 years ago, Thailand has become David s second home Working alongside cooks who perfected their craft in the Thai royal palaces, he began toRenowned chef David Thompson first went to Thailand by mistake a holiday plan had to be changed at the last minute, and he ended up in Bangkok, where he was seduced by the people, culture, and cuisine Since that fateful trip some 20 years ago, Thailand has become David s second home Working alongside cooks who perfected their craft in the Thai royal palaces, he began to document the traditional recipes and culinary techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation The result is THAI FOOD, the most comprehensive account of this ancient and exotic cuisine ever published in English David writes about Thailand and its food with an easy erudition, encouraging readers to cook and experiment, while simultaneously fostering a respect for the food and its stewardship through the ages Although all the classic, well loved recipes are here, this magnum opus features hundreds of lesser known but equally authentic and delicious Thai dishes that will inspire cooks to go beyond green curry chicken and Thai fish cakes David s passion and conviction are infectious complemented by Earl Carter s superb photography, THAI FOOD captures all aspects of the dynamic Thai culture and cuisine Ten years in the making, this groundbreaking work is one of the cookbook publishing events of the decade The author s London restaurant, nahm, received a Michelin star in 2002, making it the first Thai restaurant to receive such an honor Photographed at David s restaurants in Sydney and London, and on location in Thailand, Earl Carter s superb images capture both the essence of Thai food and its rich cultural milieu Awards2003 James Beard Award Winner2003 IACP Award WinnerReviews Stands out, dauntingly massive, brilliantly magisterial, and, at the same time, bustling with charm, observations, life Saveur S et a new standard for Asian cookbooks Saveur Top 100 Home Cook Edition

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    1. This is the only cookbook I've ever bought that's plain scared mend out why here:alittleteaalittlechat.wordpresAn amazon is no place for Thai food. It has too much taste.

    2. 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars!! I adore this book. It not only taught me to cook Thai properly, but it taught me how to do it with confidence. Recipes from this book and recipes inspired by this book are now a major part of our weekly meals.

    3. The *absolute* best thai recipe book I have ever come across. The photography is stunning, the writing is clear and then the recipes - oh, the recipes. They take a lot of work, but followed faithfully, they are absolutely stunning.I've seen a few comments about not being able to find the ingredients. I can sympathise, but I think the point of this book was to faithfully encapsulate Thai food, not give substitutes. Fish sauce, palm sugar, kaffir lime leaves, birds eye chillies, coriander roots an [...]

    4. I never really felt the need to know how to cook thai food. it seemed like a lot of work and it was always so quick and easy an cheap to eat out wherever i was. That is of course until i moved to toronto where, in my three years, i've yet to eat a decent thai meal. I'm sure there is good stuff to be had somewhere, but i've yet to find anything beyond moderately palatable.I don't remember where i found a listing about this book, but we got it from the library last summer in the attempts to satiat [...]

    5. This book quite properly belongs in both the cookbook and food history categories. Anyone who knows me well knows how I dislike categorization, a preoccupation no doubt contributing to my difficulties with my grad committee. Catgories are limiting; this book perfectly illustrates the point. I have yet to make anything in this richly comprehensive tome, but have drunk many hot cups of tea while reading about Thai food history, which Thompson, an Aussie, has taken the trouble to master. Not a book [...]

    6. Job well done. A bible of sorts. I found recipes in here that I haven't even seen or smelled in YEARS. Now, I can totally show off to mom on her next visit!

    7. This is a difficult book to rate, so I will refrain from giving it stars. For those of you who want to know immediately what I think about it, I'll say: I like it and it impresses me.Saara and I both recently agreed that Thai food is our favorite cuisine. There's something rich in the deep combination of flavors the food imparts. The spicy, the sweet, the sour, the umami. I've missed Thai food a great deal while I've been over here in Slovakia—there just isn't a place to get it in my little to [...]

    8. I came the book at Cindy's and I fell for her review. I decided I must posses one so I immediately proceeded to to purchase my copy.It is indeed a beautiful book. The hardcover is sheathed in deep pink fabric with a simple sash made from photograph of rice and simple writing of the title and the author. The whole look reminds me of a tasteful yet simple kimono. Quaintly, two ribbons are provided as bookmarks.I initially had my reservation about this book despite the great review simply because [...]

    9. This is a beautiful cookbook featuring extremely authentic thai cooking. By authentic, I mean that every recipe starts, "First, forage in the jungle for wild ginger and galangal." I've learned a lot from the recipes, there are a couple I can now make fairly successfully, and some of the basic techniques and ingredient combinations have been useful. But I don't think I've made a single recipe where I had all the ingredients on the list, or followed more than half of the instructions. The learning [...]

    10. To experience true Thai flavors you need to wander the streets and alleys of Bangkok or Chiang Mai and sample the street food or eat in one of the rambling wooden restaurants where the Thais go. You can also try Tempe thai food.This is a large and rewarding book. We say rewarding because every sentence adds something to your understanding of Thai cuisine. Also, the photographs by leading Australian photographer Earl Carter illustrates the importance of the visual aspects of the cuisines being pr [...]

    11. The purpose of this book was to record the history and practice of traditional thai cooking before it is eroded and modernized. The author moved to Thailand and researched for 14 years, reading old cookbooks, cooking with grandmothers and old palace cooks, speaking to farmers, and working in restaurants. The resulting 670 pages provide more complete a picture of a cuisine and food culture than anything you'll ever read. Thompson doesn't just tell you what fermented fish sauce is, it describes ho [...]

    12. Right on. Lovingly compiled without the over-romanticization with which this cuisine is often smothered. Accessible to Westerners with no previous Thai food experience. Relatively "authentic," sure, but not overly obscure (I've chowed on some funky business in backwoods Thailand). Offers history pertaining to regional cuisines. Damn I love Thai food. Only thing I would change: more space given to my regional favorites, complete with awful poetry. That is, this book is solid. Lots of info. but st [...]

    13. This is a cookbook for a lifetime. Thompson records the traditional recipes of both the Thai palace and Thai street food. Labour intensive at times (and thus probably why these recipes are in danger of being lost through modernisation) the recipes can be quite complicated, with long ingredients lists. However, there are many simple recipes to follow as well, and all are guaranteed to be authentic.

    14. This book is great. You'll have to go to an asian market for ingredients when you get down to cooking many of the recipes in this but when you do it is so worth the effort. Made the Pat Thai a couple of times now and it is one of the most flavorful dishes I have ever tasted. Green curry from scratch is amazing as well. Love, love, love this book

    15. An incredible comprehensive book of recipes and culture. I find it a tad bit unpractical as Thompson's recipes often call for items that I've never seen for sale ANYWHERE in the US. However, a seasoned cook can use his recipes as guidelines and make appropriate substitutions without sacrificing too much.Worth it alone for the lessons on Thai history and cuisine and the splendid photography.

    16. I will never have to buy a book about Thai cooking ever again. This is such a huge volume with enough recipes to last a lifetime. I love Thai food and I will never be stuck for ideas for what to have for dinner. It's amazing!

    17. This is a cookbook that I was literally aching to get. Guess what, never cooked anything out of it. No pics, obscure ingredients, too fiddly to make. I'm sure it's all very authentic but simply not very user friendly.

    18. Interesting, but uses ingedients that I would use once or twice then move to the back of the cupboard. LOVE Thai food, but will keep searching for recipes that use items, esp veg, that aren't so exotic.

    19. If you only own one Thai cookbook, make it this one. It's encyclopaedic in its detail - a masterwork. The recipes range from very simple to advanced, so if you're a fan of Thai and have access to the right ingredients you're bound to find dozens of delicious things to cook. Highly recommended.

    20. Thanks Chef David for this awesome book which has helped me bring Thai food alive here in my kitchen. Not for the faint of heart.

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