- By Sergei Kourdakov

The Persecutor

  • Title: The Persecutor
  • Author: Sergei Kourdakov
  • ISBN: 9780800781774
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Persecutor The Persecutor alternatively titled Forgive Me Natasha or Sergei known as El Esbirro in Spanish is the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov It details his early life and life as a KGB agent persecuting C

    The Persecutor alternatively titled Forgive Me Natasha or Sergei known as El Esbirro in Spanish is the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov It details his early life and life as a KGB agent persecuting Christians in the Soviet Union, as well as his defection to Canada The first draft of this book was finished shortly before his sudden death on January 1, 1973.

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    1. The story of Sergei Kourdakov, as told by himself, was as compelling as it was bleak. Coming of age in 1960's Soviet Russia, Sergei, along with other children whose parents had been taken from them by the authorities, grew up in the atrocious environment of the communist children's home. He learned to pray to Lenin and worship the state.Anytime I read a biography of this sort describing the life of someone who experienced all the horrors of a tyrannical, socialist system, I have to constantly re [...]

    2. I had to read this book for school (since we are studying autobiographies) and it super okay. I didn't think it was totally awful but it definitely was not worth any more than 2 stars from me. It just wasn't a book for me. At all.This is a book about a secret police guy in communist Russia and he is persecuting Christians. And that may sound exciting but damn, was it the exact opposite. It. Was. Boring. Very much so. The writing was so disjointed it was hard to read. It was terrible writing, may [...]

    3. This is the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov, raised as an orphan in Russia who found his identity and 'family' in the Communist Party. As a violent, teenage thug, he soon found himself rising quickly through the ranks and gaining prestige by prosecuting (a nicer term for 'brutalizing' or even killing) the Russian Christians who quietly and secretively practiced their faith and worshipped their God hidden within their homes.Sergei's exposure to the Believers eventually caused him to doubt the l [...]

    4. I was assigned to read this book way back in 6th grade. When I got about halfway through the book some parents complained to the school about the content and we were told to stop reading the book and turn it back in to our teacher. So of course this made me insatiably curious and a little pissed. I found it later and finally read it in its entirety. It's the true story of Sergei Kourdokov. He was a highly regarded soldier in the Soviet Military. He was later assigned to a special squad of police [...]

    5. A wonderful, beautiful read. This book truly shows that God, out of his divine love, can change even the cruelest man's heart. A very, very inspirational book, and how much it shows that these government people and Communist leaders will do anything to silence God's elect.Beautiful just beautiful. I will never forget you Sergei, thank you for sharing with us this wonderful book of your life. RIP

    6. A veridical story that shows how the Soviet communism worked from the experience of one of the most awarded young men for their contribution to the Communist Party. The irrational and contradictory orders given to him get to change a hard man who hurts innocent Christians to death to a man who travels around North America denouncing this persecution and converted to Christianity. It really impacted me all the hardships and craziness that happened and made me want to continue reading to know how [...]

    7. I found 'The Persecutor' to be excellent. It has a very good pace and all the facts given are relevant and add to the narrative of Sergei Kourdakov's life. The tone is one of honesty, yet one does wonder if Kourdakov exaggerates his successes.The account of how Kourdakov's police task force became increasingly more brutal after having been first reluctant reminded me of Police Battalion 101 in Ordinary Men by Christopher Browning. These were just 'ordinary young men.' Their faith was not so much [...]

    8. I have read this book 2 or 3 times over and was very moved by it, even translated it to my own language. When I finally was trying to find a way to have it published I stumbled up on a documentary that showed that it was at least not fully true. An American journalist of a local paper in some town in Texas took a trip til Russia accompanied by a camera guy and found many of the people mentioned in the book. She found out that these people had a different story to tell. Things had not been as ext [...]

    9. Si eres cristiano o de menos católico, seguramente podrás sacarle más provecho a ésta lectura de proselitismo religioso.Empieza bastante interesante, pero poco a poco el mensaje de la fe en Dios y los toques beatos se hacen más y más presentes. Sé que es la intención, sé que es el mensaje, pero no es de mi agrado.Además se me hace un poco extraño que escribiendo un libro para hacer conversos a los ateos narre con tanto detalle las crueles golpizas que el mismo autor propinaba a los in [...]

    10. This is a hard-to-find, out-of-print book that I heard about during a college summer book club. It sounded uninteresting at first, but it was so great to read. It's about a young Russian man who persecutes Christians due to being raised believing they're evil, then ends up becoming one and suffers because of it. I've read it several times. It's not a quick, exciting read by any means, but a GOOD read.

    11. "The Persecutor" has no shinny turns of phrase or literary warm fuzzies, but it's written directly and honestly. It doesn't pretend to be anything more than the story of one man among thousands who suffered in communist Russia. Painful, powerful, and beautiful.Kourdakov was shot only months after this book was finished. This is his true testimony to the world and his petition for forgiveness to the many Believers he persecuted. His prose are full of honor and respect.

    12. I read this book when I was about 13 years old. Always intrigued by true stories especially of overcoming oppression and/or injustice, this book fit the bill. I think it was my introduction to the cruelty of Marxist/Communist militant atheism. i loaned it to my substitute algebra teacher after telling her the story line, but she never returned the book. I wish I still had my copy.

    13. The fact that most of this book is total fiction and easily disprovable detracts from it enormously, but it is still a very valuable historical resource as a pro-Western propaganda piece during the Cold War. Worth a read.

    14. This was one of the best books I have read! It's an autobiography of a young man who served in the KGB and persecuted Christians during the Soviet Union Era.

    15. The book The Persecutor was overall a great book. there were a lot of high points and low points in the main characters life. From the beginning of the book where his father was taken and his mother died, To the end of the book where he became free from the Soviet government. This has been one of my favorite books that I have ever read. This is a book that explains a person life that really lived and really experienced all of the things that happened in this book. The book has a prologue that is [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book. I was expecting more of a dull, typical conversion story, but it was completely the opposite. Sergei was the head persecutor, and God slowly showed him the errors in his ways and in what was being taught to him.

    17. An extremely interesting book about the inside story of communism and how it affected people in the Soviet Union!I read this book for my English 1 Class, by the Ron Paul Curriculum.(ronpaulcurriculum)

    18. Read this for school, I really enjoyed it though. I love his writing style, how short and simple it is but each description paints such a vivid picture of what's happening.

    19. A ghastly and unpleasant read - no wonder this nasty bit of work topped himself. One of the key reads that convinced me that faith is a poor deal. Avoid at all costs.

    20. The Persecutor was a fantastic read of an atheist, leader of the Communist Youth League and leader of a secret police force that performed over 150 raids on believers. Severely traumatized the life of one innocent, young girl who, after her experience, would wake up screaming in the night and had to be expelled from school for being disruptive and unable to concentrate. The raids were vicious, brutal, and many people died from the injuries they sustained. However, after encountering Natasha, not [...]

    21. "I wanted you fellows to get some experience in the job before giving you the really important assignments. In the Soviet Union we have many types of criminals. We have anti-state people who are murderers, drunkards, and prostitutes. You've been dealing with that kind. But they are really nothing.Then there are criminals who are a far greater threat to our country's security and our way of life. They are more dangerous because they work quietly in our midst, undermining the foundations of our sy [...]

    22. Found this book as a child and remember not putting it down until I finished it and then read it again! I loved this book.Then, as it often happens, forgot all about it.Found it again, by accident, last year man, was I happy! Bought it and immediately (really, I was reading while walking on my way from the bookstore to the train station) begin to read it.Quickly realized why I loved this book as a kid: It is EVERY boy's excellent adventure tale.Really most of the book is "I did this", "I did tha [...]

    23. I was trying to come up with another good book to review for Halloween. I don’t typically read much horror, but THE PERSECUTOR kept coming to mind. It isn’t horror, but some of the events that happen in it are horrifying. The novel is an autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov, a member of the KGB who turned Christian. While there are debates about the accuracy of the book, there is no denying the emotional impact it left on me when I read it in college. THE PERSECUTOR takes place around the 1950s [...]

    24. I thought the persecuted was a great book. It was well written with a great storyline. One thing that I like about this book is that it is a true story, written by the guy himself, and it just amazes me how much he went through from being a young boy to when he was in his early 20s and later. One thing that I really enjoyed were the first two chapters. They started off near the end of his journey with the KGB. He was making his plan to escape. Those first two chapters really drew me in and kept [...]

    25. After soliciting biography recommendations from my friends, this is one of the first that I was able to get my hands on (thanks to the generous loan from the referrer!). Her claim that it was a riveting story held true in every respect! Although I have read numerous accounts of World War II and post-war experiences, I think this is the first story I have read from the eyes of a member of the Russian police.A man who had attained many of the most coveted honors in the Communist regime and was des [...]

    26. I very much liked reading this book. At least I could get through it I only got halfway through Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "The Gulag Archipelago" The book is a testimony and though to nearly the end there is a tension - When will it happen - When will he know God?! Well written. To say that I liked it however, is not to say I liked the difficult parts - but they were not so exposed, as they were in the 'Gulag' and so I could endure it. The book was reasonably polished, but as this was a 1st draft [...]

    27. This was a very descriptive book. Because this was about communist Russia and secret police and the terribly violent persecutions of the believers, there are some very graphic parts. I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone younger than 13 or 14. I liked that Kourdakov saw the examples of the believers, especially Natasha, and eventually joined Christianity. It gives a very clear view of communism, and it made me feel very blessed to live in America, with freedoms like religion and of the pr [...]

    28. Oh mis dioses!!!Quien tenga este libro, espero que lo disfrute tanto como yo lo tuve en mis pequeñas manos.Cada cosa que hace este personaje no sabes si consolarlo o darle un gran golpe en la espalda, pero debo entender como estaba formado su entorno y su vida durante todo lo que estuvo en Rusia.Realmente esto se merece ser leído. Si tienes la curiosidad de leerlo y lo encuentras, te recomiendo que lo hagas. No te arrepentirás de lo que le sucede. Te deja con un gran nudo en el corazónRealme [...]

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