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City of Orphans

  • Title: City of Orphans
  • Author: Avi Greg Ruth
  • ISBN: 9781416971023
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover
  • City of Orphans The streets of New York are full of life crowded filthy dangerous If you are a newsboy like thirteen year old Maks Geless you need to watch out for Bruno leader of the Plug Ugly Gang whose sh

    The streets of 1893 New York are full of life crowded, filthy, dangerous If you are a newsboy like thirteen year old Maks Geless, you need to watch out for Bruno, leader of the Plug Ugly Gang whose shadowy, sinister boss is plotting to take control of all the newsies on the lower East Side With Bruno s boys in fierce pursuit, Maks discovers Willa, a strange girl who liThe streets of 1893 New York are full of life crowded, filthy, dangerous If you are a newsboy like thirteen year old Maks Geless, you need to watch out for Bruno, leader of the Plug Ugly Gang whose shadowy, sinister boss is plotting to take control of all the newsies on the lower East Side With Bruno s boys in fierce pursuit, Maks discovers Willa, a strange girl who lives alone in an alley It is she, stick in hand, who fights off the Plug Uglies but further dangers await Maks must find a way to free his sister Emma from The Tombs, the city jail where she has been imprisoned for stealing a watch at the glamorous new Waldorf Hotel Maks, believing her innocent, has only four days to prove it Fortunately, there is Bartleby Donck, the eccentric lawyer among other employments to guide Maks and Willa in the art of detection Against a backdrop alive with the sights and sounds of tenement New York, Maks, as boy detective, must confront a teeming world of wealth and crime, while struggling against powerful forces threatening new immigrants and the fabric of family love.

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    1. the thing i hated about this was the narrator shit. one, we never find out who the narrator really is. two, i hated how avi would keep dropping words like about into 'bout, because the narrator is talking to you, yet it isn't maks since it would say 'maks dies' ( he doesn't ), 'maks is w0rried', 'well here's willa!'. who is this? it can't be a regular person since they can't be at two places at once so it's pretty meh and all over the place

    2. Richie's Picks: CITY OF ORPHANS by Avi, Atheneum/Richard Jackson, September 2011, 368p ISBN: 978-1-4169-7102-3 "Twice before in American history, powerful corporate interests dominated Washington and brought America to a state of unacceptable inequity, instability and corruption. Both times a social and political movement arose to restore democracy and shared prosperity. "The first age of inequity was the Gilded Age at the end of the 19th century, an era quite like today, when both political par [...]

    3. In my ongoing research into this era, I picked up this YA book, but I was put off by two things: 1) The point of view in this book is completely puzzling to me. For some reason it starts with a first person narrator that basically says, "I have a story about this kid Maks". Then the entire book is the story of Maks, which is essentially in third person ("Maks did this", "Maks went there") and the narrator doesn't mention himself again until the last pages, where he say, "Yup, that's my story abo [...]

    4. This. I'm not usually one to be so wholly satisfied with a book as I was with City of Orphans. I'm also usually not one to gush about my satisfaction. But I. Love. This. Book. I have not yet found another to equal it in overall satisfied-ness. The protagonist was multi-faceted and not a goody-two-shoes, the narration pleased me (especially the slangy way Avi did it), and the plot was engrossing. I have read it over a good three times and haven't found anything I was dissatisfied with. I do so wi [...]

    5. This young adult novel is set in 1893 New York City – a world with child labor, wooden buildings that burn quickly, tenement housing and immigrants trying to find their way in the New World. The story follows a 13-year-old boy, Maks, who works as a newsie to help his family pay their rent. My daughter was reading City of Orphans for school and I was interested in reading it, too; not just because I like to read what she’s reading, but because I recently read Orphan Train, which is set around [...]

    6. Back in fifth grade, I had read some Avi. What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything? being my current favorite. But City of Orphans has given Fish a run for its money.Life is hard for Maks Geless, son of Danish immigrants (he came at the age of two). Money is tight, his sister is sick, and trying to sell newspapers is double hard what with Plug Uglies roughing newsies up. Then life gets extra hard when his sister Emma is accused of stealing a watch from the fancy shmancy Waldorf hotel. She wouldn't [...]

    7. Avi, Newbery award-winning author of more than 60 novels for children and teens, turns once again to historical fiction in his newest novel, set in 1893 New York City. His hero, thirteen-year old Maks, makes a bit of money as a newsboy to help his impoverished immigrant family on the lower East Side. When his older sister, Emma, who works as a maid at the swank Waldorf-Astoria hotel, is falsely accused of theft and imprisoned in the city prison ominously called the Tombs, Maks teams up with a ho [...]

    8. I rather enjoyed this one. I love a good historical novel and this one fit the bill. Whenever I read Avi's work I try to go in with an open mind, but I have not always enjoyed his work so that is usual in the back of my head. But this was different. Taking place in New York when those in power have all the money and those who are trying to struggle through life are barely squeaking by (sounds like today). Newspapers were sold on street corners and kids had to work to help put food on the table. [...]

    9. The lives of the children of immigrants in New York City at the end of the 1800's were filled with dangers, poverty, sickness and suffering. And yet children's lives were also filled with adventure, love, and a sense of pride, commitment and work ethic. Avi brings these facets to life through his principal characters, Maks (a Danish immigrant) and Willa (born here of German stock). City of Orphans packs a punch - and will have young readers at the edge of their seats by its conclusion. Avi is a [...]

    10. I've only read a few books by Avi, but I've loved every one. Talk about someone who has a way with words! This author is able to paint realistic pictures of humans and their sufferings. Sad, gripping, and beautiful the story of an immigrant family in New York in the nineteenth-century will keep you reading to the very end. It's not often I stay up until 1 in the morning for anything, but it was well worth it to finish this amazing story!Highly recommended for anyone who loves a good story!

    11. AVI’s adventurous story, “City Of Orphans” takes place in New York, 1893, which is full of life, crowded, filthy and dangerous. Maks Geles, a 13 newsboy needs to watch out for the Plug Ugly gang, or they will beat him up and take away all his money. One day, Willa has saved Maks from the gang once, and they promise each other for their own advantages, and then become best buddies. A lesson that this story wants to tell us is that even if two people are taking benefits from each other to fu [...]

    12. For September I read City of Orphans by Avi. City of Orphans follows Maks, a 13 year old who sells papers to contribute to his family. Maks meets Willa when Maks is getting chased by "Plug Uglies" who are a gang who beat up and rob "newsies." Willa lives on her own in a alleyway. Later in the story Maks sister Emma gets arrested for having the chain to a stolen watch. Maks has to find a lawyer before his sister is sent of to jail. I gave this story 4 out of 5 because it has a gripping and intere [...]

    13. The book The City of Orphans is written by Avi and elder man who wrote this book in the genre of nonfiction and fiction. The book is an incredible book that mixes reality into a story. The City of Orphans is not the first of its kind. There is many kinds of books that talk about the struggle of gangs and how young kids back in the day who had no other options end up having to dig themselves out of these holes that society digs for them. Making a future for themselves out of nothing and turning t [...]

    14. Taking place in turn-of-the-century New York City, the story follows Maks, the 13-year-old son of poor Danish immigrants. He and all of his older siblings hold down jobs to take care of the family. Maks is a newsie. He hawks the afternoon newspaper called The World, while his 16-year-old sister works at the brand-new, extremely expensive Waldorf. His 14-year-old sister works in the factory with his father, and their mother takes in laundry. Even his younger brother Jacob, at seven years old, hel [...]

    15. Avi, and Greg Ruth. City of Orphans. New York: Atheneum for Young Readers, 2011. Print. Summary: Maks Geless is a 12 year boy living on the lower eastside of New York City during the turn of the century (19th to 20th). His parents are immigrants from Denmark and are working hard to make a good life for their children including Agnes, Emma, Maks, Ryker, Jacob and Eric. Maks works as a newsie in order to earn money for his family. The newsies are being harassed by the Plug Uglies, a street gang. D [...]

    16. I am in fifth grade and I am reading this book for my AR reading. My fifth grade teacher gave me a goal of 20 points. I choose this book because it looked very interesting. I read the back of the book and the genre was mystery and drama, which are my favorite types of genres. I give this book a five star rating because I liked the way it was written and the suspense the book offers. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery and excitement.Summary:This story is about a boy named Ma [...]

    17. I often enjoy Avi's books, and this one, set in 1893 New York, has much to offer to readers. The division between classes is clearly delineated here, especially with the juxtaposition of the swanky world of the Waldorf Hotel and the tenements where Maks Geless and many other immigrants manage to eke out a living. The author makes readers feel the hunger that gnaws at the bones of those who haven't eaten for days and the illnesses that often accompany poverty and poor nutrition. Maks is a newsboy [...]

    18. Dangers and dilemmas lurk around every turn; great risks come with every move on the mucky and treacherous streets of New York. Maks Geless is a newsboy, wandering the streets, selling his newspapers for 2 cents each. His mere income of eight cents, along with the small amount of money made by his father and sisters is all the family can rely on. Even along with the worries of supporting his deprived family, Mak’s has something greater to worry about: Bruno and his Plug Ugly Gang. While having [...]

    19. Avi, author of City of Orphans, takes readers away to late 19th century New York immediately from page one. Readers will be captivated as they are thrown into the unforgiving maw of the poor and dirty streets of New York. I was able to glide through the pages, as the language was simplistic but albeit authentic and engaging. Not only does the dialogue of the main characters Maks, Willa, Bruno, and the other array of characters feel genuine, but the voice of the narrator himself (whom we are lead [...]

    20. This was the absolutely best book I have ever read! I'm so sad it it over. This book has amazing characters, settings, and makes you never want to put it down. The author Avi, is a spectacular writer, and doesn't jot one boring thing in these pages. I was always so excited when I had time to read this book ,and I'm sure you'll feel the same, exact way.

    21. Title / Author / Publication Date: City of Orphans/Avi/2011Genre: FictionFormat: HardcoverPlot summary: In 1893 New York, thirteen-year-old Maks, a newsboy, teams up with Willa, a homeless girl, to clear his older sister, Emma, from charges that she stole from the brand new Waldorf Hotel, where she works. Includes historical notes.Considerations or precautions for readers advisory: Bullying of the two main characters by older individuals. One of the characters abandons his daughter after her mot [...]

    22. 2 stars for me, 3+ for kidsI really enjoyed Avi historical fiction books as a kid. I remember buying several with my allowance money from the book order forms. With City of Orphans, Avi shows that he's still at it, being unbelievably dependable when it comes to writing engaging children's historical fiction. That said, this novel didn't "sparkle" in any way for me. I just found it solid. The characters were fine, and the historical information was appreciated, but this actually felt "fine" or " [...]

    23. gr 6-8 350pgs1893, NYC. 13 year old Maks is in trouble. His older sister Emma has been wrongly accused of stealing a gold watch at the Waldorf Hotel and the Plug Ugly Gang is trying to stop him and the rest of the newsies for The World Paper from selling their papers. Maks knows that his poor immigrant family can't afford a lawyer, but he wonders if maybe he can solve the mystery of who stole the watch to prove his sister's innocence.Great read! I think readers who enjoyed the movie/musical "New [...]

    24. I really liked this book. It started off a but slow but it then picked up. Though there was a lot going on, it is very complicated so you have to really pay attention but it is just such a good book . I would recommend it to anyone.

    25. I think City Of Orphans is a 5 star review because all of the characters were amazing. You got feel what it was like going though 1893. You gotta feel for the characters you can get to see what they going through the story. You feel those feeling of those characters it felt like you were in these characters shoes. I felt like Maks at some parts of the story. When he is trying to get his sister out of jail then you could feel for Bruno. Even the bad guy of the story can make you cry and feel for [...]

    26. Closer to 3.5 stars. Like the other Avi book I've read this year, Sophia's War, I really liked the characters and the story in this one. And again, I had real issues with the author's POV/narration style. It's hard to get past. This narrator was not first person, but it always felt like it was meant to be the main character, Maks, telling his story in the third person, which is weird. The "narrator" used the same, low-class, uneducated speech as Maks and every time his sister Agnes tried to corr [...]

    27. This book was a great book and there is many reasons why. I would give the book City of Orphans a five point rating. In my opinion the book was very interesting. It had some parts where I couldn’t understand because it wasn’t well put together. It was a very great book but it wasn’t really in my liking of books. This book has very great details and it made complete sense. There was this one character who I couldn’t stand, which was Bruno. He is the most self absorbed person I have ever m [...]

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