- By Lynn Raye Harris

Behind the Palace Walls

  • Title: Behind the Palace Walls
  • Author: Lynn Raye Harris
  • ISBN: 9780373528189
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • Behind the Palace Walls Alone and scared on the dark streets of Moscow staid bespectacled Paige Barnes has no choice but to comply with the handsome stranger s command Little does Paige know she s been rescued by Alexei Vo

    Alone and scared on the dark streets of Moscow, staid, bespectacled Paige Barnes has no choice but to comply with the handsome stranger s command.Little does Paige know she s been rescued by Alexei Voronov a Russian prince and her boss s deadliest rival Now he has Paige unexpectedly in his sights, Alexei is prepared to play emotional Russian roulette to keep her cloAlone and scared on the dark streets of Moscow, staid, bespectacled Paige Barnes has no choice but to comply with the handsome stranger s command.Little does Paige know she s been rescued by Alexei Voronov a Russian prince and her boss s deadliest rival Now he has Paige unexpectedly in his sights, Alexei is prepared to play emotional Russian roulette to keep her close and discover her true motives But in his splendid gilded palace his game of chance spins out of control and passion takes over.It s only when she s back home that Paige realizes she s pregnant with the prince s baby.

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    1. This is fairy tale stuff. A normal girl goes to Russia, meets a billionaire, gorgeous prince, and ends up married to him. However, this fairy tale heroine has to work hard for her happy ending. Her fairy tale prince is a prisoner in his self-constructed tower of loneliness. Driven by vengeance, he has closed himself off to love. It will take a courageous, determined heroine to conquer this prince. Russia sung its siren song to me through this book. I liked the touches that Ms. Harris added to ma [...]

    2. This was such a beautiful story about the healing powers of love, forgiveness and of letting go of the past. I am glad I waited for the right mood to strike me before I read this wonderful book. Alexei was almost perfect. I loved how he evolved gradually from a cold, calculated ruthless business tycoon whose only aim in life seemed to wreck the lives of people who had destroyed his family to a warm , sensitive, forgiving man who embraced life openly and accepted the blessings of love. I have a w [...]

    3. I loved the Russian setting but the heroine left quite a bit to be desired. She needed to grow a spine and not let the hero tell her what was going to happen. A bit of an eye roller in parts too with the usual HQ Presents drama.

    4. This was a really nice story, I enjoyed the Russian setting and the characters. The ending was sweet too. This author shows a lot of promise.

    5. This is a story about the dark, handsome knight in shining armour rescuing the beautiful and sweet heroine. I don’t usually like stories about the new Russian oligarchs but Alexei Voronov was a great hero. An impoverished, handsome Russian prince who struggled to regain his wealth and is determined to get his revenge on his rival. Paige Barnes, is hardworking and always helping others. One night, alone in the dark streets of Moscow, looking for her sister, she is rescued rescued by Alexei, her [...]

    6. A very pleasant HP. Not a melodramatic angst fest. There was just enough conflict to keep it interesting. I liked the Russian setting. I felt that it was used well. The hero wasn't really an ass just mixed up emotionally. The heroine was sweet. Well written and the plot hung together pretty well without going in depth about the whole business scenario. I would be willing to try this author again.

    7. This the the story of Prince Alexei Voronvo who's mission in life is to get back everything that had belonged in his family and he is not above using Paige Barnes to get what he needs.They meet when the Prince rescues her from 3 men that are chasing her. He has her pretend they are lovers making love in the dark against a building, to avoid detection from the men. What Paige feels from that make out session sends her up in flames. She has never felt that kind of passion. She has been so busy wor [...]

    8. This was a really good book, with an important life lesson weaved within the pages. I have often tried to teach my own kids, that if you carry around hurt, or anger, you are only hurting yourself. You are not hurting the person that caused that pain. Once you let go of that pain, and anger, Love, and Peace can be found. Alexei had been carrying around anger, and pain for 15 years. The pain of losing his family. Once he was able to let go of that anger and pain, he was able to feel Love, and peac [...]

    9. Comenzó bien y parecía prometer, pero se desinfló rápidamente.Por otro lado, recuerdo en su día como este libro causó muchas risas entre amigas. ¿La razón?Porque la heroina NO ERA VIRGEN. Se leía como ella había tenido sexo con un chico en el instituto, pero como estaba ebrio no duró mucho. Por eso cuando el Héroe le reclama porque no le dijo que era virgen, ella está sorprendida y niega que lo fuera porque, al menos yo (Y las chicas con las que debatí la historia en su día coinci [...]

    10. Wow…what could I say more? It was engaging form the first page to the last; I just couldn’t put it down, I finished it in one setting.Alixie was charming and sophisticated, a true prince. Paige was a normal girl; I really felt I could relate to her. And the ending was so full of emotion I just couldn't stop crying. (which is the norm for me lol)Lynn Raye Harris is fast becoming my favorite author.

    11. Is it me or this is Lynn's version of His Christmas love-child by Jennie Lucas? (Or maybe the other way around) Anyway I liked better Jennie's book.This book had some things I hated hence the average rating.

    12. This was a pleasant read. Rich prince hero, "mousey" selfless heroine.She got pregnant awfully easy. Dude must have had some supercharged sperm.4 stars.

    13. This was my first book by Lynn Raye HarrisI think. :) I enjoyed the book. It was a sweet love story. Good read.

    14. Gw suka alurnya, gw jg suka heroinenya yg tangguh dan sang hero yg kadang keras kepala tp juga bisa melembut kalo sdh bertemu dg kegigihan sang heroine3.8 dari 5

    15. This was a pretty average Unexpected Pregnancy book. It went through all of the usual motions. A one night stand followed by an argument that separates the couple for just long enough for the heroine to start throwing up her breakfast. A hasty wedding followed by estrangement. The Evil Other Woman makes her requisite appearance. All very standard for this type of book. There were some things that I felt were done well and others that were not so it all balances out to an average story.Things I l [...]

    16. Paige Barnes is in Russia with her boss to hopefully seal a deal that will keep his business afloat. Wandering away from her hotel late a night, Paige runs into trouble and the is saved by Alexei Voronov. It turns out Alexei is a business rival of her boss', as well as a prince. He decides to seduce Paige in order to get business secrets, which doesn't turn out quite like he planned. This was a short book that was mostly enjoyable. There was a part where all of a sudden Paige was in love, but Al [...]

    17. I just lost my HP ever-loving mind today. I read Behind the Palace Walls while on the Metra--notice the pattern?--and finished at home. Harlequin books, if done just right, are as digestible as tasty bites: delish, spicy and satisfying until you can get to the main course.I really liked the heroine Paige with her nonsensical, Southern girl next-door charisma and soft Texas drawl. Her business attire and glasses made me think of the 'sexy librarian' who comes out of her shell to emerge into a vix [...]

    18. 3.5 stars This was actually read as my TBR Challenge book for January; I just got swept up in medical stuff for my son and never got my writeup done (bad blogger!) I loved the Russian setting of this HP, and I thought it had just the right amount of melodrama. This one's angsty enough to satisfy but not so far into crazytown that you're rolling your eyes over the insanity of it all.The basic setup is this - Paige Barnes, the sweet, self-sacrificing heroine, is in Russia with her boss on a busine [...]

    19. i absolutely loved it !! this was a keeper ! i who thought i didn't like plain jane heroines, i was greatly surprised. infact it's usually the books which i love best because you really see how the love evolved and how the hero fell in love with the complete package and not only wid her lustful body ! this one was definitely a great read with just the right pace.t all authors can do that. there's usually some part which seems odd in a book; as if it was not appropriate at that particular moment [...]

    20. (4.5) In Harris's book we get to meet Alexei Voronov, a Russian prince who happens to be very masculine and pleasing to the eye. He helps our damsel in distress, Paige from a drunken lute of men in middle of the night, to save from their cruelty they share a searing hot kiss that leaves them both wanting more and soon the story unfolds. Paige can't help feel attracted to the dark stranger who saved her, but she knows it'll never happen. Instead she has hopes set on her boss, Chad, but trouble is [...]

    21. I received the book for free through First Reads.As a Russian native I was very curious to read the book with a Russian character in it. I really liked the use of Russian little phrases and the names of familiar things and places.The only thing I found to be a contradiction in the story was this: Alexei keeps calling Paige 'moya ljubimaya' (my love) and yet she is waiting for him to tell her that he loves her. When a Russian calls someone his/her love, it's not just a pet-name, that is actually [...]

    22. I'm a sucker for Lynn Raye Harris' books. Her characters enliven the page and keep me asking for more. Russian businessman Alexei Voronov is driven to avenge his family but he cannot help but be drawn to Paige Barnes, even though she works for and has got a thing for the man he wants to destroy. Within the pages of this book, the reader is given a flavor of Russian aristocracy and a family legacy denied. There is family turmoil, jealousy, and passion throughout this book. And I can't get the ope [...]

    23. Paige searches Moscow, Russia for her missing sister, but she instead encounters Prince Alexei Voronov. Alexei is everything she could dream of in a man for herself, but he is also the enemy of her boss.Alexei has one goal in life, destroy the Russell family. Finding out the woman seeking refuge in his arms is the secretary to his cousin and enemy, Alexei first sets out to trap her, but soon finds out he is the one trapped. Trapped and bound to a woman he must resist loving.A very sweet story.

    24. It was good. pretty much up to par with what I have come to expect of Harlequin. The only issue I think wellokay.ybe there were twoe tempo seemed a little off tension resolved too quickly in most cases. The other issue mainly rested in the fact that even for a romance novel the girl in question seemed a little mary-sueish. Maybe I'm nitpicking. I enjoyed the bookI just.m does anyone give a review without sounding mean?

    25. Voy a sonar un tanto cursi pero ha sido de las historias de amor más bonitas que he leído. Adoro los finales felices ♡♡Y ciertamente, a mi parecer, lo que le dio un encantó fue que estuviera situada en Rusia. No sé cómo ni por qué pero Rusia está entre los países que más quiero conocer, me siento muy atraída por él.En está historia Alexei es un personaje roto y me encanta leer como el amor, en este caso de Paige, lo sana.

    26. Un romance bastante agradable de leer. El romance de un hombre con una historia de venganza y la protagonista que lucha por salvarlo de esta "oscuridad".Lo único que le reclamaría a esta historia es que el punto de quiebre que se vive en el libro me parecio bastante forzado, le falto un poco de desarrollo.

    27. it could have been so good but instead i found it rather disappointing. reasearch can be very important in writing, even with contemporary books. it just irritated me that author referred to russian queens when they are NOT queens but tsarinas (czarinas), empress of all the russias. it's little things like that that really bug me

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