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Hitchens vs. Blair

  • Title: Hitchens vs. Blair
  • Author: Christopher Hitchens Tony Blair
  • ISBN: 9781770890084
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hitchens vs Blair Intellectual juggernaut and staunch atheist Christopher Hitchens goes head to head with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair one of the Western world s most openly devout political leaders on th

    Intellectual juggernaut and staunch atheist Christopher Hitchens goes head to head with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, one of the Western world s most openly devout political leaders, on the highly charged topic of religion.Few world leaders have had a greater hand in shaping current events than Blair few writers have been outspoken and polarizing than HitIntellectual juggernaut and staunch atheist Christopher Hitchens goes head to head with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, one of the Western world s most openly devout political leaders, on the highly charged topic of religion.Few world leaders have had a greater hand in shaping current events than Blair few writers have been outspoken and polarizing than Hitchens In this edition of The Munk Debates Canada s premier international debate series Hitchens and Blair square off on the contentious questions that continue to dog the topic of religion in our globalized world How does faith influence our actions What is the role of people of faith in the public sphere Is religious doctrine rigid, or should we allow for flexibility in our interpretations This exclusive debate, which played out to a sold out audience, is now available in print form, along with candid interviews with Hitchens and Blair Sharp, provocative, and thoroughly engrossing, Hitchens vs Blair is a rigorous and electrifying intellectual sparring match on the oldest question Is religion a force for good in the world

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    1. Ah, epic debate. Here is the full video.ButStephen Fry & Hitchens vs the Catholics is actually my favorite. Hitchens, A.C. Grayling, & Dawkins is my second favorite, easily. Teaming those three giants against any combination of religious fundies could have only one ending. Sweet, sweet annihilation.

    2. Hitchens won, no surprises there.Blair argues that faith inspires people to do good.He forgets to mention that religion more often, and to a worse degree, inspires people to do bad.In any case, faith is the acceptance of a proposition with no evidence.This is simply dangerous, foolish, and a bad idea.Nothing so unsafe as religious faith can be a force for good.Blair mentions charitable and good acts by religious peoples.He claims these acts are inspired by religious faith.I say these acts were t [...]

    3. I watched this debate on YouTube a while after it happened last winter and was, as usual, impressed with Hitchens' eloquence, delivery of arguments and quickness to respond to questions and challenges on the spot. Blair's contributions are less impressive in both style and content, with his constant and annoying insistence that the faults of religion are somehow not intrinsic to it or logical consequences of it (something with which I do not agree) as well as the obvious point that religion does [...]

    4. I actually did not read this book since I watched the video of the debate and have it on my iPhone. It's a good debate and one has to be impressed by Hitchens' great wit and unbending resolve in the face of a deadly illness. It's certainly not the best Hitchens debate, which I blame Blair for, but well worth the read (or view). I say I blame Blair simply because, while he is charismatic and likable, his position is pretty weak and offers no heat to the debate. I'm also perplexed as to why he wou [...]

    5. Excellent. Short. Christopher Hitchens is completely awesome and the world is a lesser place without him. I salute him!

    6. I think that the conclusion is that religion can be a force for good and can be a force for evil. Tony Blair argued this whereas Christopher Hitchens argued that religion is a force for evil. Religion sometimes does good things e.g. runs hospitals, schools, charities. so I think Hitchens is not looking at all the evidence - he just sees bad things e.gke Islamic State and Al Qaeda. Both proponents argued well.

    7. Beautifully argued, taking slices off Blair like an Olympic fencer practicing on a mannequin. Sadly never quite went for the jugular as suspect his mortality imbued a greater sense of humility than if had been a few years prior.

    8. I thought it was really interesting because I've heard many atheist arguments against religion throughout my schooling, but there were a few I hadn't heard in this book. Especially the argument that the way to eradicate poverty is to educate women and give them access to birth control.

    9. An entertaining video to be sure, but one can better appreciate the eloquence of the speakers in this transcript. Plus it comes with footnotes, supplying details I always crave from debates.

    10. “Hitchens vs. Blair: The Munk Debate on Religion” was a debate between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a Catholic raised by vehement non-believers, and the author, journalist and atheist, Christopher Hitchens. On the whole, I was hoping for something more in-depth but the debate was in keeping with the resolution:“Be it resolved that religion is a force for good in the world.”One of the drawbacks of this debate was the narrowness of the dichotomy drawn between atheism and organ [...]

    11. So let me get this straight:Hitchens is attempting to tell people what GOOD is, as if he's an expert on Goodness and morality. Isn't this the guy that writes books on Nun's? That he calls "The Missionary Position". What a darling of self-restraint and ethics. Hasn't Hitchens been associated with Playboy magazine for decades? Imagine one of his Grand-daughters saying "Grandpa, when can I pose for that magazine you contribute to?" Hitch will of course say "That would be EVIL, oh precious offspring [...]

    12. A polemicist and a politician walk up to a podiumFor such a vague topic, the debate was agonisingly short. Not much time for each to make the case, then only a short time longer to rebut. In terms of the presentations, framing it as a polemicist vs a politician would be a fair assessment. Hitchens threw in enough rhetorical barbs, while Blair was expertly evasive, reframing the debate to his will.The argument goes as follows:Hitchens - religion does great harm, here are lots of examples where re [...]

    13. As debates go, this was pretty lousy. And that disappoints me for multiple reasons. Firstly, because Christopher Hitchens was the atheist poster boy and I would expect him to construct better arguments than he did, and secondly because, as a seasoned debater, Tony Blair should have had the wherewithal to call Hitchens on the non-arguments that found their way into his answers.The point of the debate was the subtitle of the transcript, and, while the two worked their ways around some of the issue [...]

    14. مناظرة مهمة جداً وهي متوافرة على اليوتيوب بين رئيس الوزراء البريطاني السابق توني بلير المؤمن ، والكاتب البريطاني المشهور كريستوفر هيتشنز الملحد عندما تقرأ المراجعات على الكتاب أو حتى في اليوتيوب الكل يقول هيتشنز تمكن من بلير ، أنا رأيت المناظرة متوازنة وقد أتى توني بلير ب [...]

    15. Another little book (I'm away for the weekend, and only have space for little ones) that's worth more than it weighs. The questions are important, and the opinions are impressive. I side with Hitchens, but loved hearing the debate; both men are/were smart and capable. More people should ask themselves these sorts of things, and if they don't, they should ask themselves why not. Very stimulating reading.

    16. Complete and utter destruction. Hitchens owned every argument in the debate. I first watched the debate on YouTube, read the transcript, then rewatched the debate again. Blair constantly tiptoed around the debate question and kept invoking the "people are misusing and misunderstanding religion" card, but Hitchens kept pushing him into contradicting himself.

    17. An interesting book. It is the verbatim moderated debate between Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair as to whether or not religion is a force for good in the world. Hitchens is very good, Blair's argument does little more than state that there are some people in the world that do good things in the name of religion. Only 75 pages, so quick read, I found it a bit anticlimactic.

    18. In this lopsided engagement Hitchens is as deft, knowledgeable, and incisive as ever. Blair—unfortunately for the quality of the debate—makes the same tired point about religion's potential to inspire good as well as evil in every response. Munk could have chosen a better advocate of the case for religion, though perhaps none as famous.

    19. It was so exciting I couldn't put it down. As soon as I picked it up I had to finish. Hitchens made interesting points. But I thought Blair went around Hitchens' criticisms not addressing his points on faith requires believing in a supernatural being. Perhaps it was Blair's background in political debate which the moderator brought up in the beginning. I did come into this book with a bias.

    20. This book loses a star because hitchens failed to point out to blair the difference between "because of religion" and "in spite of religion" it regains half a star for his genius opening statement about how religion causes intelligent people to say stupid things (ergo everything blair will say tonight)

    21. An interesting debate. I felt like Blair left untouched a lot of topics that could have really supported him and they went over the same material (good things vs bad things that have happened in the name of religion) quite a lot. On the whole a good read though, it's only around 70 pages long including some extra interview material with the two.

    22. Thought provoking. Hitchens makes his point clearly and almost faultlessly. While Blair does make the occasional point that may have some merit he ultimately speaks in loose terms around his conviction admitting there are a large degree of flaws in Religion.

    23. Well, Hitchens won, obviously, in respect of being the vastly more interesting and knowledgable raconteur, while Blair's puffs and wheezes to keep up. Must seek,this out on YouTube.

    24. The Munk Debate on religion pits the late, great Christopher Hitchens, Intellectual Extraordinaire, versus former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in a “No God is Better Than Yo’ God” verbal throw down. At the center is the proposition – ‘Be it resolved religion is a force for good in the world’ with the polite Billy Elliot of politics in the ‘for’, and the acerbic contrarian most decidedly in the ‘against’. What makes this work so intriguing is that it not only contains the tran [...]

    25. I couldn't help bringing this home after a customer returned it at the library.A short read, it's the transcript of a debate between former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and writer/journalist Christopher Hitchens, who at the time had already been diagnosed with cancer. Both are skilled speakers in their own rights, though Hitchens easily outclasses Blair on every point without (unfortunately in my opinion) going for the jugular as he does in many interviews. He made me smile several times, I also [...]

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