- By Susan Beth Pfeffer Laure Mistral

Au commencement

  • Title: Au commencement
  • Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer Laure Mistral
  • ISBN: 9782266199483
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Au commencement Enfin c est le grand soir l ast ro de dont tout le monde parle va percuter la Lune Familles voisins amis tous se rassemblent pour observer le ph nom ne Mais les choses ne se passent pas comme pr vu

    Enfin c est le grand soir l ast ro de dont tout le monde parle va percuter la Lune Familles, voisins, amis, tous se rassemblent pour observer le ph nom ne Mais les choses ne se passent pas comme pr vu L impact a t si violent que la Lune a d vi de son orbite et s est rapproch e de la Terre Peu peu, tout se d r gle L lectricit puis l eau sont coup es et lesEnfin c est le grand soir l ast ro de dont tout le monde parle va percuter la Lune Familles, voisins, amis, tous se rassemblent pour observer le ph nom ne Mais les choses ne se passent pas comme pr vu L impact a t si violent que la Lune a d vi de son orbite et s est rapproch e de la Terre Peu peu, tout se d r gle L lectricit puis l eau sont coup es et les vivres commencent manquer Miranda et sa famille vont devoir accepter que la vie telle qu ils la connaissaient a disparu jamais.

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    1. This book is was very overwhelming for me. I felt like it could really happen. After I read half the book I honestly wanted to go to the grocery store and get as much food as I possibly could. It showed me how fragile our lives really are, and I was reminded again what really is important in life. Miranda grows so much, at first I think she sounds a bit spoiled but she grows out of it. And you see what people are truly capable of. As the story progresses things get worse and worse. That is what [...]

    2. i don't know who i am trying to kid. i keep reading these survival stories, thinking to myself, "i will know what to do if this happens - i will have tips and tricks and i will be the last one standing." that's pretty much bullshit. while its true i probably could survive, i wouldn't want to. i'm a fat lazy american - i don't want to have to scavenge. i don't want to have to hunt and skin deer or build a shelter or defend myself from others looking to eat my delicious arms. i don't want to have [...]

    3.  Okay, I was really looking forward to this book - I've been reading a lot of dystopias lately and they've surprised me in a positive way. Not this one.Why? SCIENCE. Listen, if you're writing fantasy or sci-fi that's not based on Earth you can go all out, like, "That asteroid knocked Zhogenaqn, our moon, out of orbit, which caused all the feueldndao plants to release zignhnwp, a deadly virus." It's cool. You can do that, and I won't even bat an eyelash at it.BUT when you say "oh all the astron [...]

    4. Opening Line:“Lisa is pregnant. Dad called around 11 o’clock to let us know.”I loved this, easily one of my top reads this year; although maybe love isn’t the right word because this book scared the crap out of me. It also depressed me, made me very cold and gave me OCD about stockpiling food. I mean just how long could I survive on what’s in my cupboards? Not very. Three boxes of Kraft Dinner and a jar of spaghetti sauce are hardly going to see me through a wintery apocalypse now are [...]

    5. Now I know a one star is pretty bad but when I put my cursor over the one star it says didn't like it and I did not like this book at all. I'm not going to go into full detail because it would torture me but heres the plot: You are reading about a family that lives in Pennsylvania and the character Miranda is a teenage girl living with her mom and brother. Scientists say that a meteor is going to hit the moon, and everyone doesn't really care about being a doomsday because the scientists say the [...]

    6. I'm all for the "survival of the fittest when tragedy strikes" novels. I normally like the hardcore kind. Given this was a young adult novel, I didn't expect it to be graphic, violent or truly horrific which is why I went into it expecting more light-hearted fiction -- and that's what I got. Nothing too clever or deep, but it did make me sad a few times. The characters are basic, the plot typical for this type of novel. The science of it all could be valid; I'm not exactly sure what I'd expect t [...]

    7. Die Idee hinter der Geschichte fand ich toll, was daraus gemacht wurde aber nicht. Alles war so belanglos und oberflächlich, Miranda merkwürdig, die Mutter verrückt und das Ende, darüber sprechen wir am besten einfach nicht.

    8. I warn you, this is going to make me sound a little odd, if not insane: I read this book in bed, on the way to work, whenever I had free time. I’d be walking along the road thinking about how it’s probably good that someone shared their lunch with me today because we need to save food. And it’s really grey today. Damn those volcanic ash clouds blocking the sun. I imagined all the food we’d stock up on. What would be like to bring back cars full of tinned and jarred food? I need to rememb [...]

    9. I don't usually give 1 star unless I really hated the book. I really hated this book.I'm a sucker for dystopian/end of the world books, let me tell you. I picked this one up at Barnes And Noble last summer in the hopes of finding another book I really loved, but unfortunately that was not the case. The most important part of an end-of-the-world thriller, in my opinion, is it's ability to make you think that it could actually happen. I found Pfeffer's story of the moon being knocked out of orbit [...]

    10. 3.5 StarsThese books always make me a bit paranoid, I start hoarding tins, toilet roll, candles. I need to buy a bunker in Alaska or something.

    11. This is one of the most psychologically terrifying books I've ever read, and I think that's because of its hyper-realism. I don't know if I'd class this as dystopian. I think I'd class this as a survival tale. And a terrifying one at that. It's a smooth progression from a completely normal situation to a freakish horror scenario. Miranda's world progresses so slowly, so smoothly, that it's hard to even realize how nightmarish her life has become. Don't expect any jump scares, or explicitly scary [...]

    12. For someone who doesn't always like YA, I really liked this book. It wasn't because of the writing style (which was simple), it was because the plot was so engaging. This post-apocalypic book gave me the heebie jeebies big time. I think the reason why this book really grabbed my attention was the fact that it didn’t seem so far fetched. I mean maybe the specific catastrophe of a asteroid crashing into the moon and pushing it much closer to Earth is far fetched, but any kind of disaster could h [...]

    13. This one has been so popular with the sixth graders I actually snagged it from the "return" box so I could finally read it! What a strange, depressing-yet-hopeful story about a family's struggle to survive after the moon is knocked out of its orbit and closer to Earth. It is definitely a page-turner, but I would also find myself kind of down after reading it. The one thing that bothers me about this book is that Christianity is portrayed in a horrible way. The main character (Miranda) has a best [...]

    14. Life on Earth changes suddenly for humanity when a large asteroid strikes the moon, knocking it closer to the planet. The tides change, weather gets more violent, and volcanoes begin erupting. One day 16-year old Miranda is a typical teenagerd the next she finds herself fighting for her life. What would happen if society ended? Miranda keeps a daily diary about what happens after the abrupt end of modern society.Life As We Knew it is the first of four books in the Last Survivors series. I enjoy [...]

    15. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooIf you're looking for one of the best books of 2006, then look no further than Susan Beth Pfeffer's LIFE AS WE KNEW IT. A wonderful tale of family love, loss, and survival, this is one story that will stay with you long after you've turned the last page. There have been lots of changes in sixteen-year-old Miranda's life recently. Her older brother, Matt, is away at college. Her mom is still adjusting to being a divorced parent. Her younger brother, Jonny, is obsess [...]

    16. Imagine Armageddon directed by Catherine Hardwicke instead of Michael Bay. Life As We Knew It is an end-of-the-world scenario told through the eyes of a teenage girl, who writes down everything that happens in amazingly long and detailed diary entries, which become increasingly implausible as she writes multi-page narratives about how she just dragged her entire sick family out of a smoke-filled sunroom while on the verge of starving to death herself.This is not a bad book -- it's got a voice th [...]

    17. This have been on my TBR for a while and I was really excited that it was available at my library. I have been trying to my TBR down from 2500 (I think I'm down about like a hundred maybe? Who knows.) Either way I was really excited to read this book. Plus, a new author? Heck yes, sign me up!Life As We Knew It was surprisingly good. It did have some boring parts but I somehow overlooked those (wine helps a lot with these sort of problems! or food). The characters can sometimes be likable but the [...]

    18. I'm not sure whether to give this 3 or 4 stars. It's definitely a page turner. I found myself increasingly anxious for Miranda and her family, but unfortunately, I didn't get much resolution. In the end, there is still volcanic ash in the sky meaning there will be no future food production whenever the cans of food that magically appear at city hall are extinguished. It just extended their inevitable deaths. Just a mention that the sky was clearing would have been enough for me to hope. I also d [...]

    19. This is very much a young adult book, but very interesting. Things tend to happen a bit too easy, but still very interesting, a sort of Anne Frank for the apocalypse. Definitely recommend to teen readers and others.

    20. "Life as We Knew It" is a teen book version of disaster movies such as "Armageddon," "2012," and "The Day After Tomorrow" told from a 16-year old girl's POV. Basically, you have a natural cataclysm that affects the entire planet and you follow a girl and her family through their day-to-day struggles to survive the aftermath. The book is compelling in many ways. You find yourself imagining what you would do in Miranda’ situation. Like many have said in the reviews before me, you feel an urge to [...]

    21. I first read Life As We Knew It five years ago when I couldn't get enough of post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction. This time, I was looking for an audiobook to listen to on my commute and after a few failed attempts at reading paperbacks while squished on the train, a re-read seemed like the perfect choice! I loved Life As We Knew It originally because it made me feel like I was surviving alongside Miranda after a meteor collides with the moon, altering the Earth's climate, making it almost [...]

    22. I am so not as prepared for the end of the world as I thought I was! Years and years ago, I had a massive platonic crush on a girl named Micheala. She was awesome…. She had bright orange dreadlocks and rode an orange, sparkly motorcycle (and knew how to fix it!) She grew her own veggies, canned them, made pottery, knew how to knit, how to make paper, how to make her own cat food, she was making a loom so she could make her own cloth for clothes not that she actually did all of this stuff on a [...]

    23. I have to give the author props for a wonderful premise to a book, and after reading it, I took nothing in my life for granted (a drink of cold clean water). I have huge problems however with making fun of the President only to solve the problems in the book HOW? Yea count on the government to get food for you. Last time I checked, the PRESIDENT IS THE GOVERNMENT! How can we count on the GOVERNMENT for the food if the PRESIDENT (who according to the narrator totally messed this whole thing up) [...]

    24. I usually really enjoy a dystopian post-apoclyptic novel more than most, but this one left me cold on several fronts.The basic gist of the story is an asteroid hits the moon and causes immense changes to the teenage heroine's lifestyle.Issue 1: not enough mayhem ensues with the events in the story. I would easily expect more looting and depravity in this type of scenario. Everything seemed too put together. For example, the coastal regions are decimated yet internet access is still available wh [...]

    25. I FINALLY FINISHED !!For my English reading we were asked to read a book that a friend recommend. This was that book for me. Going into it I really enjoyed it!A gripping plot, characters weren't horrible, well the writing could improve but I wasn't the worst. Baiscally I was enjoying the story! Sadly it went no where from there. NOTHING HAPPENS. nothing. I wanted to dnf it so many time but couldn't because a) I was almost done and b) I want credit for my english reading XDI would not recommend t [...]

    26. For some odd reason, I've been reading a lot of end of the world as we know it types of books the past couple of weeks. And they've all managed to convince me that should the apocalypse happen, I am not in any way, shape or form prepared to survive for long. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, I haven't quite decided yet. But that said, that thought as well as the sheer bleakness of several of the novels have led to a lot of restless nights, wondering if its time to start hoarding food and st [...]

    27. ”I didn’t start this diary for it to be a record of death.”CHILLS. That’s what I feel every time I read this book. Straight. Up. chills. Life as We Knew It is unique to other apocalypse books I’ve read, and that makes it even more enjoyable. It’s different because there isn’t really a lot of action at all. The only action/excitement there is happens in the first fifty pages. After that, you just get to see Miranda’s world slowly shrink as things become unsafe, or it’s too cold [...]

    28. I've come to realize why I am addicted to these types of books, for years I've had nightmares about the world ending or some kind of disaster where I'm trying to save my kids and sometimes other people. I do know that I have these nightmares when I am stressed out and overwhelmed and that's what the dream is symbolizing(something in my life is out of control) and me trying to save people symbolizes that I'm trying to get it under control. I used to be huge into dreams and their meanings. But, st [...]

    29. This is the kind of book I love. This is the kind of book I wish more schools were reading. The discussions and papers on this would just be so awesome. Thoughts/questions going through my mind:*Would I want to survive?*Would I leave my home or stay?*How could I leave?*Why did Mrs. Nesbitt not move in?*What would my role in surving have been?*What would they have done without a wood stove?*Will things ever get back to normal?*What modern convience would I miss the most?*What's the likelyhood my [...]

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