- By Hans Peter Richter Edite Kroll

I Was There

  • Title: I Was There
  • Author: Hans Peter Richter Edite Kroll
  • ISBN: 9780140322064
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • I Was There A young German boy narrates his experiences in the Hitler youth movement during the early years of the Third Reich

    A young German boy narrates his experiences in the Hitler youth movement during the early years of the Third Reich.

    1 thought on “I Was There

    1. The book gives you a light insight into time turmoil of being a youth during Hitler's rise to power. I felt like it needed to include more back story within the story instead of the glossary at the back of the book. A good leeway into reading more information about WWII.

    2. This follows the lives of 3 boys as Hitler took power in the early 30s through 1943. Hans, Gunther, and Heinz all are growing up in Germany and have decidedly different upbringings. Hans parents seem to be a typical German family, not really for Hitler, but not against him either, and have Jewish friends. Heinz's father is an early member of the Nazi party, and Gunther's father has been arrested for publicly speaking out against Hitler. Hans looks up to Heinz and eventually joins the Jugenvolk s [...]

    3. “I Was There”, by Hans Peter Richter, Is a story about a boy growing up during the years before and during World War 2 in Germany. The narrator and his friends join the Hitler Youth and devote their childhood to Germany. The narrator had to decide between doing what he thought was right and what other people thought was right. As the story progresses, he must survive in a world full of hate, nationalism, and discipline.I would recommend this book who like to read about the time period, but t [...]

    4. So far I had read the book up to page 40. I know that Hitler started off as a nice guy then ended up being a terrible man. So one of themes I think would be cleverness. Another thing is that Hans was suspicious and does not like Hitler from the start. So another one I think would be questioning. Because he makes an assumption that he is a bad man. I also thing there will be another one, judgmental because Hitler thinks that all Jews are bad. I also think that Something bad will happen soon with [...]

    5. A companion novel to Richter's Friedrich. Where Friedrich told the story of the friendship between the narrator and his childhood pal Friedrich, this story tells of the narrators compulsory membership in the Hitler Youth.

    6. I found this childrens' book when I had no book on the go. I was surprised that it was an engaging read which tackles an important subject well. It gives some useful insight into the generation who grew up under Hitler's tutelage.

    7. Read this with my 6th grader for his LA class. very interesting and gives a good view into the Hilter Youth.

    8. La jeunesse dans les jeunesses hitlériennes d'Hans Peter Richter avec ses deux amis Heinz et Günther.Roman autobiographique.

    9. made a big impression on me as a teenager keen to track down a copy and see if I still love it as an adult.

    10. Eine sehr traurige doch wahre Geschichte die Einblicke in das damalige Geschehen bat. Die Story hatte mich ziemlich mitgerissen obwohl in damals noch nicht so viele Bücher las. Jedem zu empfehlen!

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