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Voice For The Silent

  • Title: Voice For The Silent
  • Author: T.A. Chase
  • ISBN: 9781611240412
  • Page: 115
  • Format: ebook
  • Voice For The Silent Investigating and busting dog fighting rings is what police officer Julio Herendez lives to do Defending the innocent and vulnerable from monsters makes his day So when he meets Paine BB Addison Juli

    Investigating and busting dog fighting rings is what police officer Julio Herendez lives to do Defending the innocent and vulnerable from monsters makes his day So when he meets Paine BB Addison, Julio finds himself wanting to save the abused young man from the cruel world he s also been forced to survive.Paine exists in an environment where the weak and innocent are eInvestigating and busting dog fighting rings is what police officer Julio Herendez lives to do Defending the innocent and vulnerable from monsters makes his day So when he meets Paine BB Addison, Julio finds himself wanting to save the abused young man from the cruel world he s also been forced to survive.Paine exists in an environment where the weak and innocent are exploited for entertainment The men who use him for their perverted pleasure and fight the dogs don t care about the physical or emotional damage they inflict upon their victims, both animal and human Paine lives from day to day, doing what he can to heal the wounds suffered by others, but unable to help or heal himself.When Julio and Paine meet, it triggers a chain of events that rocks both their worlds to the foundations But can they also bring justice for the silent victims

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    1. WarningThe following is a tad long and ranty (is that a word? Lol)(view spoiler)[I’m all for fantasy in my reading, but if you are going to use such a horrific topic then at least give me a little something to believe in.I’m no expert on Dog Fighting, but from the animal rescue shows I’ve seen and the little I’ve read about, most Fighting dogs do not become mild and meek once the fight is over. Yes I’m sure some can be rehabilitated, but there will be some that are just too far gone. B [...]

    2. This story maximized drama to its fullest, bringing the big guns: the bad guys are so bad you will feel disgusted to what they are doing to the victims and the good guy is so very kind that he deserves a sainthood. Whether you like that kind of drama or not, it's up to you. As for me, I don't mind drama but I feel it's a bit too much. Oh, and the sex scene (for those of you who is looking for this) is just short in the end of the story.

    3. 2012 Review:I am weird. In my review file there’s not a single encouraging review of any of this author’s stuff and yet when I stumbled upon this book, I decided to give it a go.Eternal optimist or incurable moron? We may never know.So. If this member of the police, who is investigating the dog fighting, knows that one dude is a killer, why doesn’t anyone investigate that? I am all for animals but it seems like bringing someone in for murder would put him away more effectively, if nothing [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars ~ f you know anything about me then you know that I am an animal lover. Dog-fighting rings are disgusting and show such a level of depravity that I'm ashamed of where our civilization is going. The instant I read the blurb for 'Voice for the Silent' I knew I had to read this book. I needed to be a part of someone actively working against these groups and helping to take them down, not to mention trying to rescue the animals involved.Julio is a police officer who works on the Humane Soc [...]

    5. Oh wow this book is draining, it has both happy and sad with a lot of tough sections to keep the reader gripped. I really loved this book and found it easy enough to read because I have a stronger stomach for violence than most people. Things I loved about this book are- Loved the way it was written!- Julio as an individual character!- Paine as an individual character!- Katie as an individual character (although she was not a massive part of it, her part was still big)!- The way the romance deve [...]

    6. This book could of been wonderful. Unfortunately, it fell short in far too many areas. The writing didn't capture the emotions it was looking for, and considering the horrific subject matter, I just couldn't feel for these characters. It was just too far over the top. The author piled horror on horror, but then failed to have the characters react in any sort of realistic manner.I am sure that this book will appeal to some readers, but I have read other authors who know how to make these sorts of [...]

    7. A love story, yes, but definitely not a romance in the traditional sense.This is a harsh read in many aspects. Animal abuse, rape, child abuse. It was not pretty and is the main focus of the story, with the growing love between officer and victim as a side story.Julio is a saint. Taking in not only Paine but his cousins tood the dogs.The parents are trash, absolute garbage. I was glad they paid in the end.Tough story, but a worthy read.

    8. This novel could have been heartbreaking and horrific at the same time, but the author decided to put a “veil” a top of it, like to tune down a little the raw feelings.Paine is a young man living a nightmare; dumped by his drugs addicted mother when he was only 2 days old in the hands of his uncle, Paine grew up in a nightmare: his uncle started to pimp him to his “business” associates when he was only 12 years old and the nightmare is still on. Paine’s uncle is managing an illegal dog [...]

    9. 3.5 stars. This story is a bit far-fetched in a bunch of different directions. That aside, it's a good story about second chances and finding support and love where none existed before.Julio cracks the case and takes in Paine and his two cousins, all of which were abused, neglected and prostituted by their family. Same family also ran a dog fighing ring, as well as meth lab and a few other horrible activities. Julio helps the kids heal, providing safety and care. He and Paine become involved, an [...]

    10. This is a tough one to review for me. The hero suffers from the classic White Knight syndrome, where he likes to save the damsel in distress. And Paine makes a great damsel in distress. On the other hand, it's a very sweet love story. As others have pointed out, no, there's not much in the way of sex, but that's not really what love is about.The plot is well-devolped, fast-paced, enjoyable, and at times heart-wrenching. The dialogue flows easily. The characters are three dimensional and true to [...]

    11. This book is a hard read, full of difficult topics. Dog fighting, drug dealing, and human trafficking.Paine works for his uncle and his dog fighting enterprises. He loves the animals and is sickened by what his uncle does. He tries to care for the animals and patch them up after the fights. His uncle uses the dogs to force Paine to bend to his will. Paine is sold by the night to men who use and abuse him, but he goes willingly so that his uncle won't hurt the dogs. Julio is an undercover investi [...]

    12. ***2.6 stars***Where to even begin with this review? Honestly the book didn't start picking up for me and flowing decently until Chapter 7, and even then it kept ebbing. At times the dialect of the prose when it’s the thoughts of the character did not meet the education level of the character itself. Not to mention that some of the facts were off in the book. For instance, we are told that Paine is 21, then soon after he is 22 with no birthday mentioned. Also, we are told that the drops out of [...]

    13. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.This is an incredibly gritty look at the consequences of dogfighting and child abuse. Leading man Julio is a cop for the humane society and his love interest is a young man who has suffered a lifetime of abuse and is aptly named Paine.I chose this book because I have loved TA Chase’s books in the past. She is one of the writers who introduced me to the world of m/m romance and I have much to thank her for. However, I have some [...]

    14. As a mom and a dog lover, this book really brought out some strong feelings in me. I could sympathize with how hard it was for Julio to go undercover to bust the dog fighting ring. His instincts were to save the dogs but first he had to gather enough evidence to build his case and that meant watching the dogs continue to suffer. I was also appalled at the way Paine and his cousins were treated by their own family members. The very people who were supposed to love and protect them abused them in [...]

    15. This started off okay but after awhile became over-done. Julio was just too nice, too perfect, too much and the BB a little too fragile, too vulnerable, too childlike for a twenty-one year-old, his abuse notwithstanding. I generally like this type of romances but VFtS was becoming more like a protest against child and animal abuse than a romanced sorry, the later is what I was paying for.

    16. Paine "BB" Addison had a hard life from the start. When he was only two days old, his drug-addicted mother disappeared, never to be seen again, and left him with his alcoholic, uncaring aunt. Paine's uncle holds dogfights, cooks meth and prostitutes not only Paine, but also his underage daughters, Paine's cousins, to every man who's willing to pay for them. Paine's only friends are the dogs which he suffers with through every fight and patches up afterwards, unable to save them when his uncle de [...]

    17. If you're looking for a story that are continuously nothing but sex scene after sex scene then you're barking up the wrong tree or rather book if that's where you're aim is at. I stand true in saying that I was highly impressed with this book that's about coming out on top as a winner even though life has dealt many blows in this innocent characters from the man, to the children and even to the dogs. There's many aspects of compassion, understanding, emotional trauma, acceptance and justice, but [...]

    18. This is the best book by T.A. Chase that I've read so far. It made me cry (a lot) and laugh (a little) and think (hard). I was mentally and emotionally exhausted after reading this book, but I know that once I've let it settled down a little I will be picking it up once more to reread it. Paine and his cousins broke my heart, but thank goodness Julio was there to patch it up just like he did with them. I would love to read more about them and their future or even about Pedro and Santo's story. I [...]

    19. This was really deeply, hard plotted story. Simple excellent written book! All the main characters were truly alive. What an amazing story! I liked how the book was staged and how everything developed. I really loved, that the romance between two main couple, Julio and Pain "BB", was not rushed, undeveloped full of easy sex scenes, but staged with true affection and developed love. I LOVED the story. The romance was truly sweet and real. I could picture every step till the endIS IS DEFINITELY HI [...]

    20. Excellently written story. Paine and his cousin's lives were shocking and horrifying. To be so mistreated and abused by the very people who were supposed to take care of them. Julio was such a great guy; very dedicated to his job and his love, Paine. Paine was such a sympathetic character - but so, so strong to withstand what life dealt him.

    21. While not an easy read due to the subject matter this was a very good read. While it seemed that at times you needed to just put aside a bit of reality overall it was very well handled. For me, it's not my favourite T.A. Chase book by far, it was still worth reading.

    22. I really loved this but wish it was longer - would love to know more about Paine and Julio's relationship in the future. :)

    23. The book had some moments when I cringed due to emotional declarations way too early in the relationship but otherwise I liked the book.

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