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The Twelve Days of Randy

  • Title: The Twelve Days of Randy
  • Author: Heidi Cullinan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: ebook
  • The Twelve Days of Randy Sometimes the grandest stunt is the simplest one Randy and Ethan are ready to enjoy their first Christmas at home together but of course Crabtree can t resist the chance to cause trouble When the ga

    Sometimes the grandest stunt is the simplest one.Randy and Ethan are ready to enjoy their first Christmas at home together, but of course, Crabtree can t resist the chance to cause trouble When the gangster ropes Randy into wily holiday antics, Ethan feels left out in the cold But when Herod s new owner discovers his husband only plays at being an imp to hide a ChristmasSometimes the grandest stunt is the simplest one.Randy and Ethan are ready to enjoy their first Christmas at home together, but of course, Crabtree can t resist the chance to cause trouble When the gangster ropes Randy into wily holiday antics, Ethan feels left out in the cold But when Herod s new owner discovers his husband only plays at being an imp to hide a Christmas spirit bigger and tackier than Las Vegas, Ethan vows to find a way to have his cake and eat it too Especially if Randy s the one jumping out of the middle.Warning This short contains naughty elf costumes, chronic one upmanship, and surprise guests.

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    1. 3.5 Stars. Randy!!!! Damn, I love this guy! This was a kinda kinky Vegas Christmas short. You truly must read the pre ious book to truly appreciate Randy. This version had some edits from the previous edition.I was hoping for more fun times, but we did get a nice foursome with Ethan, Randy, Sam, and Mitch. Also a threesome with Lance the bartender in Ethan’s office. Here’s where I had a problemey took pictures and filmed some of it on Lance’s phone. Really??!!!! Not very smart there Ethan, [...]

    2. This is a review for the 2nd edition of this shortish novella, which was expanded prior to re-release. I read this for the first time quite a while back, shortly after reading Double Blind, because I simply had to know how Randy and Ethan would handle their first Christmas in Vegas together. Ethan now owns and runs the Herod Casino, and Randy still works the floor, and bakes cookies. They both miss spending time with Mitch and Sam, and are preparing for the Christmas shenanigans at the casino.In [...]

    3. I think I'll stop with this series!!! Craptree is getting on my nerves. Causing trouble all the time with Ethan and Randy. I don't like it. :(I'll add a naughty elf picture instead. There's that

    4. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsSo Heidi Cullinan’s story Special Delivery is one of my all time favorite books and I have read it a million times. I am also a huge fan of the series as a whole, so I was thrilled to learn Cullinan has taken two of her formerly free, super short stories set in this world and turned them into longer novellas. Cullinan has also re-released all three of the main series novels, so now these former shorts have a more solid place within the series. In the case of Twe [...]

    5. This was so much fun. How could it not be with this bunch of boys? I loved seeing Randy and Ethan so settled in their lives but there always has to be that one to make the boysabby. Yeah, I am talking about you Crabtree! I kinda like you but enough already. Randy and Ethan were perfect. They were so sweet and sexy just how I like them. Ethan's present was TO DIE FOR and he knows his man oh so well. That end? *swoon* Gah. Loved it. Great follow up to Double Blind and a great way to catch up with [...]

    6. HOT HOT HAWWWT!A Randy and Ethan short story. It was cute and it gave a great ending to Double Blind.Ethan the high roller *sighs happily*Randy covered in cake *hyperventilating* Wish we could get more of these two.

    7. 3.5 rounded up because it's Randy and Ethan!I love these guys, and Sam and Mitch. I wasn't so happy about the off page sex, though

    8. This was a cure follow up to Double Blind, Book 2 of the Special Delivery series.While I always liked Ethan, Randy was a tough sell for me, especially in book 1. He's needy, obnoxious and self-indulgent. However, my resistance began to break down when I saw that he was also insecure, sensitive and loving. In this enjoyable short, we get a peek into Ethan and Randy's life around the holidays, with the story picking up about a year after book 2 ended. As always, it's fun to catch up with MCs that [...]

    9. I think I really needed to read book 2 to fully understand some things in this story but I was able to muddle along and figure most things out fairly well. It was a cute short read with a bit of personal angst with 1 MC.

    10. It’s been many years since I read the original, free short edition of this story on the author’s website. I loved it then so when the opportunity came to explore an expanded version, I was all but jumping for joy. I’ve never made a secret of the fact that Randy is my favorite character of the series and probably is in my top twenty most favorite characters of all time. There’s something so delicious about the way he plays with people’s minds and how every once in a while he lets his gu [...]

    11. 4 stars (re-rated upon second reading)I loved Special Delivery and Double Blind so am happy to re-visit this short about Randy and Ethan. Ethan is still running the casino with supervision by Crabtree, Randy’s ex lover. Ethan and Randy have been married for a year and it’s their first Xmas together in Vegas and they want to do it up right. And so what if Crabtree still tries to find ways to come between them?Randy’s ‘twelve days’ are a tradition of raunchy stunts that he puts on at the [...]

    12. Awwwhat a great short story about Randy and Ethan spending their first Christmas together in Vegas. Crabtree instigates trouble and instantly adds stress to their lives and feeds Ethan's insecurities, which really are not many, except for where Crabtree is concerned.Of course, all ends well with Randy and Ethan, and it is great to catch another glimpse of them. Sam and Mitch show up as well, and I really just love the four of these guys together. It's completely unconventional, but for them, it [...]

    13. 3.5 StarsChristmas has never been my favorite holiday. In fact, my feelings about it kind of mirror Randy's at about day 6 of his shenanigans. None the less, this was a short and highly entertaining read. Crabtree just can't help himself when it comes to needling Ethan in regard to Randy. Crabtree is the only person that Randy has slept with in the past that Ethan feels any jealousy toward and Crabtree loves to poke at him about it. And, not really helping, is that in years past, Randy was prett [...]

    14. I probably need the context from Book #2 to understand all the nuances here, but this was good, very good. Nice tug o' war with Randy in the middle, or is it? I don't envy Ethan's position here, and as much as we might hate it jealousy isn't something we can control--in fact, it's the exact opposite and why it's such a pisser. Crabtree has smacked down a challenge that Ethan can't ignore and Randy is the tasty bone they're fighting over. Trouble is everyone knows the outcome before it starts eve [...]

    15. 3.5 starsShort, sweet, and little bit raunchy follow-up to Randy/Ethan's story that takes place approximately a year after the end of book 2. Randy's used to public displays of Christmas smexy; Ethan is still jealous over Randy's past relationship with Crabtree. The kissing scene at the end was awesome. And it's free! Thanks, Heidi.

    16. Never will I tire of reading about Randy/Ethan and Mitch/Samlove them, and love this story. I wish Heidi would write a follow-up story/novella about the further adventures of this gangMiss all four of these boys and really miss Randy's POV.good cause, too :)

    17. Anything that gives us extra insight into Randy is a good thing imo. Wish we'd 'seen' the cake part from Randy's pov though

    18. This one was a disappointment.The writing is good. The characters were flat. The plot was ridiculous. Crabtree is ridiculous and the most useless cardboard character Heidi has ever written.Randy was a disappointment. He is becoming more and more the character that the series needs here and there for the plot to flow the way the writer wants it to go than the character that he started out to be and that I loved.Randy on the 1st book had potential, and on the 1.5 book he was perfect. On the second [...]

    19. Hot, kinky fun with a holiday helping of HEA-affirmedI was in the mood for Christmas-themed novellas and I hit the jackpot! This novella continues the tale of Randy and Ethan. I have not read Double Blind, though I just purchased it to read next.😁 The novella can be read as a stand alone; the author provides enough back story to understand the basics. Expect threesome, foursome, and mild BDSM action with the sexy MCs.🔥🔥🔥I give this 4.5 stars and can't wait to read the full-length nov [...]

    20. If you've read Special Delivery, and Double Blind, you're ready for this story. You'll probably enjoy it without reading them, but it'll be so much better, mean so much more, if you read the novels first. It's important you know where Ethan came from, and who Sam and Mitch are to each other and to Randy. It's why I loved it so much. And I can't get over that cover. It's so perfectly Randy.

    21. Plenty of Randy and his humor. Plenty of kink. Too much tug-of-war between Ethan and Crabtree over Randy. I loved that Randy knew it was Ethan, even blindfolded; I loved even more that Ethan finally got that he didn't need to grapple with Crabtree, he already won Randy's heart.Highly recommended author and seriesAdult read

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