- By Barry Lyga Colleen Doran


  • Title: Mangaman
  • Author: Barry Lyga Colleen Doran
  • ISBN: 9780547423159
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mangaman SHRRRRRRRIPPPPPPP Nighttime Castleton It s dark and murky out when the Rip tears open the fabric of reality and it s even darker when Ryoko Kiyama falls through it and into a strange and unusual world

    SHRRRRRRRIPPPPPPP.Nighttime Castleton.It s dark and murky out when the Rip tears open the fabric of reality and it s even darker when Ryoko Kiyama falls through it and into a strange and unusual world.But Ryoko soon finds that he s the strange and unusual one.This Mangaman is indefinitely stuck in our real world untilif Dr Capeletti a scientist working for the fSHRRRRRRRIPPPPPPP.Nighttime Castleton.It s dark and murky out when the Rip tears open the fabric of reality and it s even darker when Ryoko Kiyama falls through it and into a strange and unusual world.But Ryoko soon finds that he s the strange and unusual one.This Mangaman is indefinitely stuck in our real world untilif Dr Capeletti a scientist working for the feds gets The Machine up and running In the meantime, Ryoko knows that if he ends up stuck in this strange, real world, he s got to learn to live in it as the ultimate high school outsider.To make matters even difficult, Ryoko s eyes turn to hearts for Marissa Montaigne the most popular, beautiful girl in the school who just so happens to have a very popular, very jealous ex boyfriend ready to knock Ryoko s block off Just as turmoil ensues in the real world, something dark and menacing lurks on the other side of the Rip, waiting for Ryoko.Will Ryoko get beaten to a pulp by some high school jock rats Or will the darkness from his own manga world get to him first

    1 thought on “Mangaman

    1. Actual rating: 3.5 stars. Four stars for the initial premise and the hilarious and clever parody of manga techniques, 2 stars for the wispy plot and minimal resolution.Yo, man, this book is so awesomely meta.Ryoko, a bishonen (beautiful boy), is from a typical manga world, where the norm is demon attacks, high school rumbles, and dudes dressed as girls because they magically change sexes. He accidentally falls through a Rip and ends up in our world, where he’s baffled by the different (Western [...]

    2. Ryoko Kiyama is sent into the real world of western comics when he stumbles into an inter-dimention rip from a government machine. Can this manga man return to his own universe before he is stuck there forever? Read on and find out for yourself.This was an interesting concept mixing Japanese manga with western comics. The artwork was great and I loved the story in this. If you enjoy graphic novels, check this out at your local library and wherever graphic novels are sold.

    3. I really didn't like this. I am honestly surprised by how much this just missed every mark it was aiming for. We start off with an interesting concept. Creating a story about a manga style teenage boy in a comic book style world after he accidentally crosses a dimensional gateway. But the execution of this concept fell flat on its face. When I read graphic novels, manga, or comics the first thing I judge the book by is the art, then the characters, then the plot. In Mangaman none of these aspect [...]

    4. I'm going to be up front with you, the reader. This is worth reading but I'd check it out from the library rather than purchasing it sight unseen. There's some great jokes in here but like others have said, the story is very thin. Let's start off with what I liked. I enjoyed the art style & I loved the little jokes here & there about how various manga antics would be portrayed in the real world. The art really is wonderful to look at. The manga does tend to suffer from "Drawn by an Ameri [...]

    5. The premise sounded fascinating, but the execution left me cold and uninterested. Perhaps I am entirely the wrong audience, and is better suited for newcomers to the world of manga, rather than someone who's been involved since the 90s and is no longer amused by wacky manga conventions. I've followed Colleen Doran's blog for some time, and while I admire her work ethic and knowledge garnered from years of experience, I don't particularly like her attempts to play chameleon with her art style. I [...]

    6. This was my own fault - the audience for this book is obviously younger than me, and I don't mean that as a derogatory comment. I think this would be a real delight for someone who is new to the Japanse comics genre or to the idea of metafiction; unfortunately, I am neither. Actually, given Doran's old school manga influence - the Mangaman character's design stems from the pre-1990 romance manga style - it might even be a nice hit of nostalgia for some readers who are quite familiar with that hi [...]

    7. This is why I don't read American comics.The good: Clever premise and interesting idea about "the world between the panels."The bad: There is so much yellow face in here. While some of this is all in good fun, like Mar wearing a kimono in the beginning, mostly it felt like out of touch pandering from creators who only understand manga and Japan on a surface level. I have never read a Japanese comic where all these motifs were used together (or at all) or the character talked like that. The windo [...]

    8. Oh, now this is clever: take a manga character and drop him into an American comic world. Said character not only looks like he's ripped straight out of a manga, he even embodies many of the conventions used in the manga format. He's referred to as an "extra-scientific event" by scientists, viewed as a threat to his fellow male high-schoolers, and simply can't seem to find a way to fit in. I suppose that's to be expected when giant drops of sweat appear on your forehead when you're embarrassed o [...]

    9. Cute idea, interesting to look at, but feels somewhat unfinished. Setting us up for a sequel? Also not sure why we need a "graphic" sex scene between high school students in a graphic novel that is labeled "middle grade," because now I need my 9 yr old nephew to get a little older before I pass it on.

    10. A scifi/manga retelling of Romeo and Juliet? With a nod to Flat Stanley? If you are a manga fan, try to imaginge a manga character rocketed into our world from the two dimensional pages of a comic book world. Every thought bubble actually appears beside his head. Motion lines appear when he runs, then fall to the ground. And that thing they do with their eyes! Clever, fun, and beautifully drawn.

    11. Okay - it definitely didn't go where I was expecting it to. Mostly though it made me want to dig out my old "Distant Soil"s and catch up on the ones that came out after I stopped collecting comics.

    12. This was fun and imaginative. The story was very YA, very fast faced, a little superficial, but good. The art is great. Yay, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for putting out a graphic novel!

    13. This was so bizarre but in all the best ways!! Honestly, this reads like it should be the introduction to a kick ass graphic novel series (which unfortunately I don't think it is).

    14. Writer Barry Lyga has created some wonderful characters and a great story. What if a boy from a world that looks and acts like a manga somehow came to a reality much like ours? How would he or could he fit in and what happens if he falls in love with a girl from this world?Ryoko was a teenager growing up in a world of speedlines, kaiju and giant mecha. When a warp opens he finds himself on a world where the physical restraints are quite different. However, he doesn't follow those new limitations [...]

    15. Ryoko is a typical manga character - ultra skinny, shiny eyes, sweat beads, blush marks and surprise lines shooting off of him wherever he goes. And where he goes in this book is through a rip into a typical American high school. This is exciting because Ryoko has always wanted to be a stereotypical teenager, and in this world he meets and falls instantly in love with the beautiful, blonde Marissa. But it's also a problem, because he's a manga character! He's the butt of jokes (some very funny v [...]

    16. The book starts off with a boy named Ryoko. A manga character, falls through a mysterious hole in the space time continuum or a "rip" to enter the real world of high schooler. In this school he is a total outsider and he contently apologizes for being different. Even though its not really his fault. While in this school Ryoko meets this girl, Ryoko's eyes turn to hearts for Marissa Montaigne, the most popular, beautiful girl in the school, who just so happens to have a very popular, very jealous [...]

    17. This idea was so insane! I mean - it’s not like nothing like it has ever been done. But it was just presented in such a fresh way. I’ve never been much of a Manga fan (I still don’t know if it’s pronounced with a long or short a), but I fell in love with this story pretty quick. I guess I have read enough Manga to get some of the hilarity. It was funny, and interesting, and just really engrossing. And then it gets really good.

    18. 3.5okay so this one is a little wackadoodle but I enjoyed it. Ryoko falls through a rip in his world, which is a magna world and ends up in ours.Best part is the typically magna items: heart eyes, sound effects, seeing what you are thinking. All these things show up in the "human" world. He falls in love with a human girl and she with him.

    19. My seventh book for #bannedbooksweek this year and a banned / challenged graphic novel, according to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.cbldf/2017/03/fifteen-bannFun.

    20. Picked this up on a whim, and maybe it just wasn't for me. I liked that it offered a new perspective on reality, but I didn't find the characters actually interesting as individuals. Not being a passionate fan of manga, maybe I'm not the target audience for the book.

    21. Ryoko is from a world that looks exactly like a Japanese Manga. Known as the government secret, Ryoko makes his debut and his peers are not sure what to think of him, especially when he comes to their Homecoming party with beautiful long hair. Marissa, who just broke up with her boyfriend, is very intrigued by the new guy; whether she wants to admit it or not, she is definitely a cosplayer. When Ryoko meets Marissa, he falls madly in love with her and will do anything to win her affection includ [...]

    22. 3.5 instead of 4. Worlds collide when Ryoko Kiyama is transported to a new land through an inter-dimensional rip created by kaiju. This new world (the "real world" to its inhabitants) looks like Western cartoon Mary Worth & works very differently from the manga-sphere that Ryoko comes from. While the government of Maryworth-land figures out how to send Ryoko back, he tries to assimilate & attends school, where he meets Marissa Montaigne, a pretty, popular girl whose trying to figure out [...]

    23. I wanted to like it, but Mangaman was as flat as its main character.Cool premise, right? Manga character falls into the "real world" (AKA an American-style comic book), and hilarity ensues at all the differences between styles. What manga fan hasn't thought of that at some point?And the storyline was kinda contrived, but we can live with that, right? You have some interdimensional alien/boy fall into your world and determine he's not a threat, so in case you can't send him back, let's introduce [...]

    24. MangaMan is a homage to both American Graphic Novels and manga. Oddly enough I used to pen pal sporadically with the artist, Colleen Doran back in the 80’s (and wow, she had a bigger career than I knew, how cool). In many ways, this is cute, almost too twee for my tastes in some places.Ryoko is from a manga world but a rip in interdimensional space has deposited him in the ‘real’ world. He’s being helped by Dr. Capeletti, scientist, Army major, manga fan. Capeletti encourages him to go t [...]

    25. 2.5I see what the author was going for with this, but ultimately this book fell flat for me. What should have been hilarious, exciting, and fun is dark, boring, and disappointing.C'mon! A manga/real world crossover almost writes itself. This book missed the mark completely.The female lead, in particular, is probably one of the book's weakest points. She's a bored, beautiful, popular white girl with no problems other than that she's.d? Too many people love her? Ho hum."Mangaman" himself is just a [...]

    26. When I saw the plot of this book--I thought that *I* would be the one with surprise lines coming out of my head. I was waiting for this for months, and when I was told--there it was in the flesh/binding, I was EXCITED! I couldn't wait to get home and start to read itd read it I did. I finished it in half an hour and I wasdissapointed. I mean, I don't know what I expectedbut it sure wasn't this. For one, I wasn'tloving the artwork. It was beautiful at times (usually when there was a tenderor race [...]

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