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Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God

  • Title: Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God
  • Author: David McCasland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Oswald Chambers Abandoned to God In Oswald Chambers Abandoned to God you trace the life of this servant of God from his boyhood home in Scotland through an astounding journey of faith and trust in God s provision From the United Kin

    In Oswald Chambers Abandoned to God, you trace the life of this servant of God from his boyhood home in Scotland through an astounding journey of faith and trust in God s provision.From the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and ultimately to a YMCA training camp in Egypt during World War I, you ll find Chambers to be a man utterly devoted to God, His Word, and to sIn Oswald Chambers Abandoned to God, you trace the life of this servant of God from his boyhood home in Scotland through an astounding journey of faith and trust in God s provision.From the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and ultimately to a YMCA training camp in Egypt during World War I, you ll find Chambers to be a man utterly devoted to God, His Word, and to sharing the timeless wisdom of the Bible with others.The last six years of his life were spent as principal of the Bible Training College in London and as chaplain to British Commonwealth troops in Egypt during World War I After Chambers died, at age 43 in 1917, the books that bear his name were compiled by his wife from her own verbatim shorthand notes of his talks.Chambers never lived to see the book for which he is best known, My Utmost for His Highest, published He left a spiritual legacy that has touched men, women, politicians, and preachers ever since Now you can read about this remarkable life well lived and find inspiration to persevere for the sake of Christ.

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    1. Apostle of the HaphazardThe only thing one can say after reading a book like this is: I wish I knew Christ like Oswald Chambers seems to have done. What a faith and what a life. He was kind of like an intellectual Keith Green who said, "I refuse to worry" because his life was truly hid in Christ. And like Keith Green, he was a part of what is loosely referred to as the Holiness Movement except Chambers was in at the beginning. Oswald Chambers said “I feel I shall be buried for a time, hidden a [...]

    2. I find audio-books difficult, I lose focus and forget to pay attention. This book was a great audio-book, and it kept my attention. My argument this time is that I heard things I wanted to write down and meditate on but couldn't given where I was and that the recording just kept going.The book covers his birth, early years in Scotland, his time in London where he accepted Christ as his savior. Then the years when he struggled to understand what God would have him do. Oswald was 27 before he had [...]

    3. The author has written a definitive life of Chambers complete with correspondence, poetry, art and photographs. While the very comprehensive nature of the book attracts by its thoroughness, it makes for somewhat choppy reading. The story of Chambers shortened life is one of breadth in interest—reading novels of Balzac, plays of Ibsen, stories of George MacDonald, theologies, interest in art, love of children. His life also resonates with a passion for Christ, a simple faith, and a pervasive de [...]

    4. Read this book to see how God really works, as he did in Oswald Chambers' life.Here are examples of what I mean:"Unless the life of a missionary is hid with Christ in God before he begins his work, that life will become exclusive and narrow. It will never become the servant of all men, it will never wash the feet of others."What any humand being has done," he had heard a preacher say, "any other human being is capable of." Though I have never been able to confirm a source, this sentence made me [...]

    5. I knew next to nothing about Oswald Chambers before listening to this reading of his biography. All I knew was that a) he was the author of the excellent book, My Utmost for His Highest, and b) he was a Scottish theologian with a similar approach to other Scottish theologians that I am coming to admire: John MacLeod Campbell, the Torrances, and George MacDonald. So I had no idea about his academic brilliance in theology and philosophy, or about his personal zeal for life and God that infected ev [...]

    6. This book, more so the second time through, is the single most life-changing book, next to my Bible, that I have ever read. The example which Oswald and Biddy Chambers set of the surrendered life, the manner in which it is written by McCasland, O.C. and Biddy, is incredible. I have spent the past week in Egypt during WWI, in the YMCA hut, in the sandstorm, right there in the ministry with them.How they ever, by the grace of God we know, and by the prayers of His children, accomplished all that t [...]

    7. I had read My Utmost for His Highest for years as a devotional and often wondered how the man that wrote it came to have such deep spiritual insight. Now I know. This is an amazing book about an amazing man that accomplished amazing things for God in only 47 years. It contains many excerpts from his personal journals that describe his own spiritual journey and ulitmately his conversion. But more than that it describes how he came to be abandoned to God and how that shaped every aspect of his lif [...]

    8. This is a deeply moving story, chronicling the brief life of the author of My Utmost for His Highest and the work of his widow which endeared him to the world. It is easy to see from McCasland's excellent portrayal why Chambers was adored by his students and soldiers. Passionate, intelligent, and playful, Chambers' ardent love for his Savior sparked passion for Christ in many whom he encountered. "Brighter, clearer and more exquisite is the spiritual within becoming, and my whole being is ablaze [...]

    9. Good to read the biography of a man whose words have so long spoken into my life.One of the most remarkable parts was learning how his wife had labored so carefully to learn record-speed shorthand as an early teenager. This in turn allowed her to write down Oswald's sermons word for word! After his early death, she spent the rest of her life transcribing his words which have now catapulted millions of people around the world into closer walks with the Lord. So awesome!I liked the biography but f [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book because I found it very comforting to read a true life story of Christians who experienced some of the same things we experience in our culture today. Things such as the uncertainty of living through tumultuous world events, and the grief everyone felt at the untimely death of a dear Christian leader. Those were the things that pulled me into this book.The book ultimately made me think quite a bit about Oswald Chambers' devotion to living his life for God, and showed me the c [...]

    11. The immense life of Oswald Chambers, cut short by sickness during the first World War. His life, though short, was well lived and spent fully for God. His wife, Biddy, shadowed him, living a sacrificial life for God, who was at the centre of their marriage and their lives. It's a wonder not much is known about Biddy, who, after his death, published all his sermons, from her short-hand notes. Through their lives is an immense testimony to the faithfulness and grace of God, evidently seen in the w [...]

    12. ChallengingReading about someone so dedicated to God caused me to evaluated my own relationship to Him. The read was long as I spent time pondering Chambers decisions and actions. Overall a detailed description of his life , the influence of others on him and his influence on others.

    13. After having read the book, I feel like I know Oswald Chambers and his wonderful wife, Biddy. She is the true hero of the book "My Utmost for His Highest," and her devotion to her husband and to God's message through him is amazing.The book seemed long (I listened to the audiobook) and there was much detail about the ones who studied under Chambers' teaching, but I loved the description of his spiritual life: deep, all-encompassing, but never a barrier in relating to "unspiritual" people.

    14. This book was inspiring to me. It is about a man who strove to know God and teach Him to others. He dedicated his life to learning and teaching the word of God our relationship to God should be. He

    15. If you've ever read Oswald Chambers "My Utmost for His Highest," you will be blessed to read his biography.

    16. What a book!!!! I absolutely highly recommend it! It will be inspiration for years to come in my Christian walk.

    17. This was my favorite non-fiction book I’ve read recently. I’ve been reading My Utmost For His Highest regularly for several years now and I still find Oswald Chambers one of the deepest and most mature Christian thinkers I’ve ever encountered, so I was quite excited to read about his life story and I can’t imagine a better biography than this one. McCasland is clearly devoted to providing an account that maintains the spirit of Chambers’ approach to faith, holiness and cheerful utter r [...]

    18. This book wasn't so good that you couldn't put it down yet each time I got back to it I wondered why I hadn't picked it up sooner. Oswald Chambers life story did inspire me to seek The Lord more and live more whole heatedly for Him.Some of my favorite quotes and ideas:.It takes me a long while to realize that God has no respect for anything I bring to Him. All he wants from me is unconditional surrender.But I know that if what I had was all the Christianity there was, the thing was a fraud. Then [...]

    19. I recently picked up an old copy of Chambers' devotional Disciples Indeed. I was so struck by some of the statements Chambers made on Belief that I wanted to become better acquainted with him. I was pleasantly surprised to find this biography already on my shelf and it did not leave me disappointed.Chambers' short life (1874-1917) spanned an interesting period of church history (if the not so distant past can be so called). As a young boy, Oswald came to faith after hearing a sermon by Charles S [...]

    20. I've read and been blessed by My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers, but I never knew much of his life other than that he was a Bible teacher. This is a fascinating and well-written biography about his life which also shows how the woman who stood beside him as his wife had a vital part in his ministry. Oswald Chambers went through a time of deep depression and struggle with God from which he emerged stronger. At the end of that time, he had what he described as a baptism of the Holy Ghos [...]

    21. A solid 4.5 stars. If you're interested in reading a biography of a godly, brilliant theologian, then check this book out.It's heartbreaking that he died so young (from something as silly as appendicitis). But praise God he fell in love with Biddy who was a talented stenographer and kept notes of his talks/sermons. Without her devotion and skill, we wouldn't have a fraction of the materials we do.I was struck by his 'dark night of the soul' phase. And I love the epiphany he had coming out of tha [...]

    22. A fairly well-written book about an extraordinary man and his extraordinary wife and their relationship with an extraordinary God.Having just completed reading My Utmost for His Highest,I thought it would be helpful to understand some of the back story. My Utmost was assembled and edited by Oswald's widow, Biddy some years after his death.Something like three books of Oswald's work was published in his lifetime, yet Biddy typed and had published over 20 more works over the ensuing years. Numbers [...]

    23. This biography of Oswald Chambers is detailed and comprehensive, making use of his letters, poetry, interviews, and teachings. The title is apt, as it represents the primary message gleaned from the story of Chambers' life--he was abandoned to God, willing to follow wherever he was called, always trusting God to provide. From his childhood in Scotland, to attending college in the arts, to attending and then establishing a Bible college, to four years of dark nights of the soul, to traveling as a [...]

    24. The three stars is what I think of the book, not what I think of Oswald Chambers. It was a detailed book full of excerpts from Oswald's letters and covers where he was and what he was doing (and oftentimes what he thought) for most of his life, and yet I still don't feel like I really have a sense of his personality and I have more questions than before. The book was written far enough out that they could tell us what came of Chrissy Brain. Or, at the VERY least Kathleen. I did like what he had [...]

    25. It's amazing how much insight Oswald Chambers left behind--especially consider how young he diedd the fact that he never wrote any of his wisdom down. (His wife documented many discussions Oswald had, counseling British soldiers in WWI, and chronicled many of his messages.) Chambers was an unabashed evangelical Christian long before that moniker carried such a stigma with it, but I honestly don't think you have to be a "born again Christian" in order to appreciate the abandon with which Chambers [...]

    26. This was a life-transforming book. This biography touched me deeply and moved me to learn more about the man Oswald as well as his mentor Duncan MacGregor. I found a deeper walk with Christ in my own life after having read this book and will recommend it to anyone who seeks to know what it means to walk by faith.Michael Duncan, Author: Shadows: Book of Aleth, Part One

    27. For most of this book I thought it was just a dry biography. Much of it contains Oswald's letters or diary entries which often focus on the facts of his life, the coming and going and when and where, that weren't particularly interesting to me.But Oswald's faith permeates so much of it, even the dull facts. And the delight and unwavering focus of his faith can't be diminished in the telling. It's too wonderful.I think I most enjoyed seeing him, at the end, through Biddy's eyes; hearing her remem [...]

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