- By Todd Strasser

Blood on My Hands

  • Title: Blood on My Hands
  • Author: Todd Strasser
  • ISBN: 9781406329933
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blood on My Hands A powerful and uncompromising thriller not for the faint hearted Some girls are glamorous beautiful and deadly Found kneeling by a dead body with a bloody knife in her hand can only mean Callie Cars

    A powerful and uncompromising thriller not for the faint hearted.Some girls are glamorous, beautiful and deadly Found kneeling by a dead body, with a bloody knife in her hand can only mean Callie Carson is guilty of the brutal murder of Katherine Remington can t it Joining the in crowd is tough leaving is a killer.

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    1. Rating: 5/5This is the second standalone installment in Todd Strasser's Thrillogy and this was my favorite out of all three stories. Blood on my Hands is the story of Callie. One night she is at a party and notices that Katherine, a friendenemy of hers is nowhere to be found, so she decides to start looking. What she finds is her lifeless body with a knife sticking out of it. Without thinking she picks up the knife and that's the moment when everyone from the party finds her. Holding a bloody kn [...]

    2. Ugh.I had decided to read this because Wish You Were Dead had some interesting twists and I had thought this book would be the same and even hoped it was actually better.But it's worse.Callie is an idiot. I sincerely felt no sympathy. She has no common sense. I wanted to smash her head in after reading the part where she, not only MISTOOK Katherine lying down bloody with a knife on her as a prank, she also HAD to pick it up even after finding out that Katherine was dead. Is she that retarded? Yo [...]

    3. Trigger warnings: murder, parental abuse, bullying.Oh jeez. This sounded like it was going to be a pretty intriguing YA thriller, albeit slightly Christopher Pike adjacent. Buuuut it was basically a big ol' hot mess. - Callie is frustratingly dense. LikeGIRL. If you already look guilty, you're gonna look ten thousand times more guilty if you spend multiple days hiding from the police. - The romantic relationship. Likea kid who's still in middle school dating a sophomore? ICK. Hard pass. And even [...]

    4. 3.5 starsI really liked the story, but the characters disappointed me. I liked the Callie, the main protagonist a lot in the beginning. I feel like I understood her action and the decisions she made because it was a highly emotional and shocking time for her. But my patience and understanding quickly wore thin. I feel like she made some glaringly stupid choices, not just after she was accused of murder, but even before it. The parts of the story retelling past events made me see her as weak and [...]

    5. Blood on my Hands is a book about a girl named Callie who was accused of a crime she didn't commit. When she finds her friend Katherine dead and picks up the knife that was used to kill her, everyone thinks that she murdered her and took her picture. Callie doesn't want to be arrested for something she didn't do, so she goes on the run. With the help of her ex-boyfriend, Slade, Callie sets out to find Katherine's real murderer. Callie has to keep disguising herself and hide from the police as sh [...]

    6. This just didn't work for me. I really should have abandoned it a few chapters in, but my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to find out who the killer was. (It wasn't who I expected, but that doesn't make up for the story overall.)The writing was so disjointed--it skipped through time every chapter (present tense vs. past tense). While this created suspense and kept me reading, it also felt very uneven because I just wanted the writing style to be consistent.Callie's flight from the po [...]

    7. Fand ich überraschend sehr gut! Nachdem ich wish u were dead gelesen hatte, was ein bisschen wiederholend wirkte in der Handlung, war ich diesmal sehr mitgerissen. Teenysachen sind normalerweise nicht mein Fall, aber hier störte es mich nicht. Es ging auch viel um verstecken, Identitäten aufbauen und nach Vertrauen und Glauben kämpfen. Muss ich mir schrecklich vorstellen, wenn man am Tatort geistesabwesend die Mordwaffe berührt und daraufhin ein Leben voller Angst und Einsamkeit beginnt. Ic [...]

    8. This was definitely my favourite book in the trilogy. It kept throwing surprises at you and kept you on the edge of your seat. The book was so carefully and cleverly constructed that I was surprised when the killer was revealed. Amazing book.

    9. 2 stars - YA HorrorThis is an honest and highly subjective review, proceed with caution. You have been warned.One thing in this book that had my interest is the plot - Who/why killed the victim, the mystery and the suspense. That was why I stuck, stayed and finished it. I could've DNF this book because the rest of the story though was shite.Let's rant. Woot woot!Especially the main character. Reading those flashbacks were excruciating because there, you learnt about the heroine and she was the m [...]

    10. Blood on My Hands by Todd Strasser is a mystery novel about a teenage girl named Cal who is being framed for a murder she did not commit. Cal is the protagonist in the book and she is not in a very good emotional state before the murder. Her boyfriend Slade is leaving for the army in a couple of days and they decided to break up. Cal is devastated by this and decided to go to a party. As she is walking in she sees a girl on the ground with a knife near her side. Cal decides to pick up the knife [...]

    11. Blood on My Hands was a very good book. It had lots of suspense. I couldn't stop reading it. It had a really good plot. The ending was great because I didn't expect it. The book was about a girl named Callie. She was friends with a bunch of popular girls at her school. She was at a party when one of her friends tells her to look for another girl who has been gone a while. She goes looking for her and she finds her dead body. Someone murdered her. It is dark and she can't see that well. She sees [...]

    12. Why I decided to read this book:I decided to read this book because I like crime/mystery books as they really interests as because they get my mind very involved with the story.Which category on the bingo this book completes:A book written with a female main character.What I liked about this book:I liked how this book hooks you into never wanting to out it down in the very first sentence, the mystery of what has happened is not revealed to the very end changing your thoughts of what's going on s [...]

    13. I loved this book. It was so suspenseful, and I was always on the edge of my seat. I think this book is good for anyone who likes mysteries. Throughout the book there were flashbacks that led up to the reveal of the real killer.In the beginning Callie decides to go to a party. While she is at the party she realizes that her friend Katherine is missing. Dakota, her other friend, tells her to go look behing the dugout. When she gets there she sees Katherine on the ground dead. She tries to feel if [...]

    14. This book was really entertaining. But, I find it kind of cheesy how Callie would pick up the knife and stand up right behind Katherine. I know people get blamed for things they didn't do but this one was kind of preposterous. After she gets accused, she goes into hiding in the town. If it was me I would just go straight to the police and tell them what happened. That would make it seem less suspicious. Also, if you were going to hide, you shouldn't just stay in the town. If she wanted to hide s [...]

    15. Katherine the high school queen bee is stabbed and killed during a party and "ex friend" Callie is at the crime seen holding the knife and hoving above katherine's dead body. Someone who showed up at the sceen takes a picture of callie holding the knife which sends callie on the run from the police to prove her innocence.After everything that katerine has done to callie, callie isnt to upset over the death but is not going to let someone frame her for the murder. she has to figure out a plan and [...]

    16. I decided to read this book because the cover court my eye when I was trying to find a book to read from the school library. I also enjoy reading crime books. This book fits into the category on the bingo book as a book written in 2011. My favorite quote from the book is ''in fact do me a favor, okay?'' because in the end that seems to be why there was blood on Callie's hands because of a little favor. My favorite character from this book is Callie because she not afraid to speak the truth. The [...]

    17. Totally unexpected ending. Didn't see it coming. I thought it was a really good page turner. Just had a problem with one bit at the very first of the book. A little bit did not make sense but it all turned out good.

    18. The book Blood on my Hands, takes people through a heart pumping secret that makes good friends hate each other.Main character Callie is a high school student that goes through a rough time and gets in trouble by the police.But something tells her to go and find out what happened to a friend of hers.Also Callie stays in hiding for a good while and ask someone for help. Characters: I really liked seeing what happens through Callie.She is smart,brave,and wants to see what things went on.Not just C [...]

    19. In Blood on My Hands, the main character Callie is facing a large problem; She’s being blamed for the murder of her so called best friend. Callie does not know what to do so she does what she has always done best, run. “They say I always ran. From the time I could walk. It was almost like I went straight from crawling to running.” (3) “Always” shows this isn’t a one time thing and situations have stirred up in the past causing her to run away. “Straight from crawling to running” [...]

    20. Callie is at a party when she discovers the body of her former best friend Katherine - and the knife that stabbed her. Suddenly others are there, taking incriminating photos of her with knife in hand. So Callie runs. She isn't sure who to trust. Lots of people had grudges against Katherine, from her best frenemy Dakota to Mia, a wanna-be popular girl Katherine humiliated. Callie turns to Slade, her ex-boyfriend who she broke up with to please Katherine. But with the police hunting her down, can [...]

    21. This book was okay up until the ending. I just did not like the romance or the way it ended and it completely wrecked the book for me. I mean, I already wasn't caring for the writing style and how it flipped back and forth between current events and past events, but then the reveal of who it was (not a surprise) and some other things just didn't work for me. I will still read the next book and hope that that story is more like the first book (which I loved).

    22. Loved it. I picked up this book to read during my classes' silent reading time, but I caved (after getting asking my 4th period if it was ok) and I just finished reading this book after class. I'm normally very good at figuring out the whodunits, and this book had me second guessing myself right up until the last 30 pages.

    23. 41% and then NOPE. Can't finish. So boring. Don't care enough about the main character (or any of the characters) to discover who the real murderer is. Callie just makes one dumb decision after another and it's like whyyyyy. Also, none of the teenagers sound like actual modern teenagers? Weird dialogue. And super icked out by a high schooler being interested in an 8th grader tbh.

    24. The story was interesting and pulled me in. I wanted to solve the mystery. I definitely didn't figure it out before the end.

    25. This book was definitely a page turner, I liked everything but the ending! The ending made me so mad!

    26. i was MIGHTY shook'd at the end. Katherine is lesbo??????/ qhta??? where did that come into the stroy?? Murder is wilt jrgsfjkdks

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