- By Alan Schroeder John O'Brien

Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom from A-Z

  • Title: Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom from A-Z
  • Author: Alan Schroeder John O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9780823419500
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ben Franklin His Wit and Wisdom from A Z Benjamin Franklin devised armonicas and bifocals helped bring us the Constitution and signed the Declarion of Independence and even experiment with electricity and invented the Franklin stove He ama

    Benjamin Franklin devised armonicas and bifocals, helped bring us the Constitution and signed the Declarion of Independence, and even experiment with electricity and invented the Franklin stove He amassed enough noteworthy acccomplishments to cover the entire alphabet from A to Z This nontraditional tribute has information about a Founding Father who was as amusing as heBenjamin Franklin devised armonicas and bifocals, helped bring us the Constitution and signed the Declarion of Independence, and even experiment with electricity and invented the Franklin stove He amassed enough noteworthy acccomplishments to cover the entire alphabet from A to Z This nontraditional tribute has information about a Founding Father who was as amusing as he was amazing.

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    1. While there is no shortage of books available on Ben Franklin and his amazing life, Alan Schroeder’s new picture book biography, written in an unusual almanac format uniquely suited to Franklin’s encyclopedic interests, is an attractive addition to books available for elementary school aged children. Written by Schroeder, author of other notable picture book biographies such as Minty: A Story of Young Harriet Tubman, and illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist and children’s book illustrator [...]

    2. I think this book is intended for an intermediate child even though it is 32 pages long, illustrated, and is probably considered a picture book. Even though it has really nice pictures, there is a lot of information displayed on each page and it may be overwhelming for a child in primary grades. Due to all of the information provided on each page, I don't think that reading it aloud would be beneficial to a class. It is a book that a child needs to sit and read to themselves and take in all of t [...]

    3. Loads of interesting tidbits about this famous first American from A to Z accompanied with fantastic cartoon-like illustrations. Here are some of my favorites:H---Hardening off: When Ben was a baby, his mother dunked him in cold water three times a day. Babies were dunked all the time in colonial America. "Hardening off" was thought to keep infants healthy. L---L is for Library: Ben loved reading so much that he started the first subscription library in America. For a small fee, people could bor [...]

    4. Making reading about history enjoyable for middle school aged children is a difficult task, but I believe Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom From A-Z pulls it off quite nicely. Covering every aspect of Franklin’s life from his inventions, travels, his family, to his career as a politician, the text gives students a fairly complete picture of Franklin’s life. In the format of an alphabet book, the pace of the book is fast by the nature of moving from letter to letter. This keeps students from g [...]

    5. Ben Franklin, His Wit, and Wisdom From A-Z is an unconventional nonfiction book that alphabetizes facts about Franklin’s life and splices them with the wisdom of Poor Richard’s Almanac. O’Brien employs ink and condensed watercolors in a muted color palette reminiscent of days gone by to create highly textured full-bleed, double-page spreads that are as rich and diverse as the subject himself and serve as a backdrop to vignettes and frames of text. Moreover, the informality of the text’s [...]

    6. Written by Alan Schroeder and illustrated by John O'Brien (2011). Published by Holiday House. Illustrations are done in ink and condensed watercolors. This is a wonderful ABC nonfict book about the life and times of Ben Franklin. It gives a lot of history from the time period he lived in, his inventions, famil life, and quotes of what he said sprinkled throughout each page. It is easy to read and understand with a huge amount of details given abou his life. I am amazed to read about all the thin [...]

    7. This book is listed in Mackin for grades 2-5. I would lean to the upper level for this text. It follows an ABC pattern with letters of the alphabet representing two or three things that Ben Franklin is remembered. It includes big inventions and little known things such as the love of swimming that Ben had. It explains each of his inventions (bifocle, Franklin Stove, and a wooden chair that turned into a stepladder). I covers several of his witty sayings from Poor Richard's Almanack. It also shar [...]

    8. What a clever way to learn about Ben Franklin! This alphabet book has all sorts of Franklin-related or Franklin-period-related words for each letter, but also includes some of his sayings, some amusing and some pointed. It surprised me to realize how many of our common sayings originated with this man. His passion for reading and creation of the first subscription library are mentioned as important parts of this incredible American. The ink and watercolor illustrations fill the pages with vivid [...]

    9. Schroeder's book is a rich collection of Franklin miscellany neatly arranged as an entertaining alphabet book that touches on the personal, professional, and political life of one of America's most talented men."A" covers almanac (Franklin's Poor Richards Almanack), his apprenticeship in a print shop, describes the glass armonica (Franklin's musical invention) and includes a mention of Abiah (Franklin's mother).The text is enriched by the inclusion of quotes and sayings related to the various to [...]

    10. With an almanac design perfectly suited to the author of the popular Poor Richard’s Almanac, this book introduces children to one of America’s great early leaders. Rather than a straightforward chronological biography, Schroeder presents short entries arranged in alphabetical order on such topics as “newspaper”—an important interest of Franklin, and “turkey”—Franklin’s choice for the national bird. A perfect “browseable” book, each page is bursting with snippets of informat [...]

    11. Such an engaging alphabet book - from the multiple entries for each letter of the alphabet to the incorporation of Ben Franklin quotes on every page. Definitely a lot to digest for an intermediate grade reader. I walked away feeling like I had a complete picture of Ben Franklin - his messy desk, his invention of a stepladder, his ownership of slaves, his thinking that women didn't need an education, his partaking in "air baths".

    12. I thought the alphabetic almanac formula was ingenious. Kids who shy away from reading nonfiction will love opening this book at any page and reading about an invention, a historical fact, or a witty/humorous quote. They will then be hooked and want to read the entire book (maybe even additional books on fascinating Franklin). I always say that a truly good book will undoubtedly add suggestion to my TBR (to-be-read) list.

    13. This is a very "browseable" book with lots of things to look at and small chunks of information to read and absorb. This is not a biography in chronological order; instead, the author highlights various significant contributions Franklin made. The illustrations complement the text very well and give readers a glimpse at colonial life. Many of Franklin's famous aphorisms are sprinkled throughout the pages as well.

    14. Any book about the man that said, "All the little money that came into my hands was ever laid out in books" is a book for me. I have an affinity for high-interest alphabet books, and this is one of the best I've read. I love the Benjamin Franklin quotes that scatter the pages. It's also very informative, often giving three or more words per letter of the alphabet. Wondering how the word 'nude' fits in a book about Benjamin Franklin? Read this book to find out!

    15. An alphabet book that uses letters A-Z to inform readers about Franklin's epic life. I learned soooo much from this book! It was fascinating and exactly the kind of book kids need to get excited about history and historical figures. Illustrations were rendered using ink and condensed watercolors. Grades 3-5.

    16. Packed full of information on Ben. For each letter of the alphabet there is one or sometimes five short paragraphs on an variety topics including apprenticeship, type setting, and the Declaration of Independence. His favorite sayings are peppered throughout the book. This is a must for any nonfiction reader.

    17. In format, this is an ABC book about Ben Franklin. Besides the paragraph devoted to the highlighted letter of the page, at least one of Ben's famous sayings is tucked somewhere in the illustration. Enjoyable for browsing, but lacks both an index and a list of resources used.

    18. Inspired to read this book by a great group of third graders. This is a terrific picture book listing the many diverse accomplishments of Ben Franklin. I can't think of anyone with such a diverse resume! An incredible man.

    19. I loved the fun way this book presented Ben Franklin's life-each letter of the alphabet is used to introduce a facet of his life, with his famous words of wisdom strewn around the pages. Fun illustrations, and a fun way to learn about Ben Franklin.

    20. Nice enough, but there are plenty of other clever books on the always fascinating Franklin.One niggling note--the picture of Franklin carrying Deborah over the threshold in a wedding gown is cute, but incredibly inaccurate, since she was his common-law wife and they never had a wedding!

    21. A good book to add to a picture book library for older readers. It is a great resource for biographies because it shows another way to tell about the life of someone else. It also would allow kids to think about new ways to write an ABC book. Love the facts about Ben.

    22. The girls loved it and I enjoyed the format more than I thought I would. I was worried the information would be too chopped up and random/not detailed enough. Not so! It was one of our faves.

    23. This unique biography in alphabet form was full of interested tidbits about Ben Franklin. The illustrations enhanced the text.

    24. Good as an additional book about Franklin but there was no author's note or opening that actually told me about him so I had to piece together an outline from the random facts offered.

    25. The life and work of Ben Franklin in an ABC book/ almanac format. Interesting quotes and tidbits about Franklin's life throughout. A great model for nonfiction writing and enjoyable to browse.

    26. Awesome nonfiction text describing the life/time of Ben Franklin using an almanac format. Would be a great asset to the classroom and could span a number of grade levels.Good for grades 1-up

    27. An interesting take on the ABC book format--and some very interesting facts I had never heard of about Ben Franklin.

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