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Ambani & Sons

  • Title: Ambani & Sons
  • Author: Hamish McDonald
  • ISBN: 9788174368
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ambani Sons From the author of Polyester Prince Ambani Sons is the riveting story of one of the wealthiest families in the world The Ambani tale is integral to the bigger story about modern India as an economic p

    From the author of Polyester Prince Ambani Sons is the riveting story of one of the wealthiest families in the world The Ambani tale is integral to the bigger story about modern India as an economic powerhouse

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    1. I have been trying to find a copy of 'The Polyester Prince' ever since I watched Guru, but I couldnt find it in any bookstore, not even in any of the websites dedicated for the purpose (the biggest shock, was when I didnt even find it on Kindle store). Almost by accident, I came across this title, and I HAD to pick it up. The book lives up to the promise, of exposing the ground beneath the 'first class fountain'. An interesting tale of the rise of a determined entrepreneur, but more importantly [...]

    2. It leaves impact on the readers. Very good book to know how to tackle various mindsets around us. Highly recommended.

    3. it was a average booke book seriously suffered from lack of depth of the events have been written wothout much detailingjust provides you with a generl sense of idea

    4. The book is not an easy one to read. It took me 11 days maybe. The pace of the book and its overall content and last 25% is why I gave it 5 stars. Once Reliance enters the year 2002 things start happening and the writing is simply exquisite and thrilling.I enjoyed the ineraction and rivalry between BOMBAY DYEING and INDIAN EXPRESS. WADIA and GOENKAS make for worthy adversaries. In this book, the protagonist is often antagonistic and villain-like to most men. Yet he practices on the surface a mos [...]

    5. An indepth account of times of one of the great businessmen of India. Very well written. Gives ample descriptio of the Reliance way and the controversies surrounding the Ambani family. Organized and fast paced.

    6. Bought the book in 2011, tried reading. Had nothing that made me come back to the book. But, since wanted to finish it (had spent good money on it!) read a few pages once in a while and somehow managed to finish it.If you have read The Polyester Prince or the Indian Express/ other publications of the time or seen the movie Guru, give this one a miss. Actually give even the Polyester Prince a miss! Spend your money on bhel puri rather than buying the third book, called Mahabharata or something.Yo [...]

    7. A fantastic read. I believe the book is largely balanced covering events as is, without any serious allegations or an unabashed admiration to the Ambanis. A large part of critical events covered in depth, but folks with little background on debentures and financial markets in general might find it a tough read. The context under which Reliance became what it is today is clearly explained. Its difficult to believe that the sons will be able to have a strong hold on policies like their illustrious [...]

    8. A decent book portraying the grey shade of the Ambanis. The book is bold enough to bring out the dark incidents the silver lining in this dark shade. The Ambanis adopted the principle that if there corrupt officials and politicians, who are ready to favour us, given the right amount then why should we not exploit the person to get passed rule and regulations by which we can benefit more and more.Provides a good insight of what one can achieve if one has a decent intelligence and is willing to be [...]

    9. 'Ambani & Sons' starts with Dhirubhai's career and how his machinations and skill in managing work and people led to building a successful empire. Much of the text is from McDonald's more controversial work 'The Polyester Prince'. In fact, 'Ambani & Sons' can be claimed to be a well-disguised version of 'The Polyester Prince' since the latter is banned from being published and sold in India. Dhirubhai himself would be pleasantly amused at Hamish's most Reliance-like strategy of finding a [...]

    10. Struck me as possibly being a watered down version of the original book, The Polyester Prince, which is banned in India.A prosaic, so-so biography, with the subject leaving you rather confused as to what to make of him.

    11. Good insight on what is already known in popular culture, but the way McDonald paces his story is fascinating. Must read if you want to peel the layers of India's most notorious business house and personality.

    12. This isn't the story of just one family but the story of what gave rise to the corporate India we know today.

    13. The book is not only the biography of Dhirubai Amabani but more importantly about the business and methods that he crafted.

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