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Playful Learning: Develop Your Child's Sense of Joy and Wonder

  • Title: Playful Learning: Develop Your Child's Sense of Joy and Wonder
  • Author: Mariah Bruehl
  • ISBN: 9781590308196
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • Playful Learning Develop Your Child s Sense of Joy and Wonder Children are natural scientists artists mathematicians authors and scholars From the time they are born they seek out information about the world around them in an effort to construct meaning and

    Children are natural scientists, artists, mathematicians, authors, and scholars From the time they are born they seek out information about the world around them in an effort to construct meaning and further their development While children have an inherent drive to make sense of their reality, parents have a unique opportunity to harness their children s curiosity and cChildren are natural scientists, artists, mathematicians, authors, and scholars From the time they are born they seek out information about the world around them in an effort to construct meaning and further their development While children have an inherent drive to make sense of their reality, parents have a unique opportunity to harness their children s curiosity and channel it into a love of learning Playful learning is the magic that takes place when we meld a child s sense of joy and wonder with thoughtfully planned learning experiences Through easy to implement, hands on projects you can engage your child in fun and creative ways that encourage learning and impart the joy of discovery With a little bit of information and forethought, you can play a pivotal role in the cognitive and creative development of your child Mariah Bruehl has worked in the field of education for over a decade She has taught in the classroom, developed curriculum in many different subject areas, trained teachers, and implemented programs across many grade levels She is the mother of two girls and the owner of Playful Learning a retail space and education center in Sag Harbor Learn at playfulearning.

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    1. Educating your children is one of the most meaningful and rewarding jobs, but it’s also a very challenging one. How often have you felt all excited about teaching them a new letter or showing some law of nature at work, but were disappointed becausetheir enthusiasm didn’t match yours? The thing is,teaching and being taught can be either an exciting adventure or a dreadfully boring chore. Children are naturally inquisitive and eager to learn, but the manner in which the knowledge is presented [...]

    2. This is a wonderful and creative resource for homeschooling students from preschool through 2nd grade. I found several new ideas for projects for science, reading, writing, art, math, social skills, and geography. What I really like is that each subject is broken into three stages, stage 1, 2, and 3. You use the different stages to gauge your child's learning progress; lessons, readings, and projects are given for each stage of learning. The last part of the book is printables, which go hand-in- [...]

    3. The kind of book I originally took out of the library but definitely want to keep on my shelf. It's not exactly groundbreaking, but it's a good compendium of ideas that I may have seen before but that have slipped into various recesses of my brain. In other words, it's a good reference that's also very pleasurable to read. Lovely!

    4. I ended up skimming this book since I picked it up from the library without realizing that it is geared for ages 4 - 8. That said, I'm giving it 5 stars and making a note to pick it up again in the future! (Maybe even purchase it.) The author includes so many great ideas for learning experiences: how to implement, books to enhance the lessons, etc. I also really appreciated the section at the beginning about "playful learning spaces" and how to cultivate independent learning in our kids. Excited [...]

    5. Review At: I Read, I Think, I ShareReview Date: 5 Feb 2011Review URL: littlemermybooks/This book offers fun and engaging learning-based activities for children ages 4 to 8. The subjects covered in this book including reading, writing, math, science, art, music, multiculturalism, and social and emotional development. Through the hands-on projects, parents can engage their children in the fun and creative ways. At the same time, it creates good bonding time for the parents with their children. Eac [...]

    6. When I started reading Playful Learning, I expected to read about a homeschooling mother or a teacher implementing new techniques into her classroom. I was very surprised to find out that this book is written from the perspective of a mother whose child goes to school, but supplements that learning with an almost unschooling philosophy. In the description of the book it states:Current research demonstrates that children learn most effectively when they are actively engaged and enjoying themselve [...]

    7. I recently read Mariah Bruehl's new book, Playful Learning. The book contains some lovely photographs, and the concept of playful learning in itself, while not a new one, is worth speaking of. Play is an important part of learning, not only for children but also for adults. When we persue education and learning by choice and persuant to our individual interests, we are much more perceptive to learning.However, after reading the book, I was left wondering with what purpose it was written. The aut [...]

    8. Ever since college, I've always wanted to apply what I learned about curriculum development to my life as a stay at home mom. This book is an excellent example of how to do that and I was excited that the author had experience in the Reggio Emilia model of early childhood since that's what I studied. The book is organized by areas of development with a summary of developmental stages followed by several lesson plans for activities. It's geared toward parents of kids ages 4 to 8 who go to school [...]

    9. Loved all of Bruehl's "playful learning" ideas, and wish I could devote one room in our house to all these activities, as she suggests. This is not a homeschooling book, but just a bunch of ideas (ranging in all subjects) to supplement your child's school education. I'm happy to say my daughter does most, if not all, of these kinds of things at school - but these are great ways to keep their interests alive at home with YOU, which is so important! Love the sheets/printables in the back and her e [...]

    10. The ideas in this book are great and very simple to do. It reminded me of little ways to bring letters and numbers to life for my younger children, and to provide them with opportunities to create. It doesn't have to be hard or involved to be fun AND educational.P.S. I made a little writing basket (like the one pictured on the cover) for my 9yo daughter. She LOVES it!! It was so easy to fill a simple utensil basket with pens, papers, stickers and stamps. Now, she can make cards or write letters [...]

    11. I wanted to love this book. I thought I would. The ideas are sound and the pictures are inspiring, but there is too much breadth and not enough depth for any of the subjects covered. If someone were just starting to think about learning at home this might be a good primer, but for a thoughtful parent, homeschooling or otherwise, there just isn't a lot of new material. I'd love to see her Playful Learning Spaces ecourse as a book - I can't afford the class but would love the inspiration for an in [...]

    12. Playful Learning: Develop Your Child's Sense of Joy and Wonder by Mariah Bruehl is a great source of ideas and inspiration to parents that want to instill a love of learning in their children. As I was reading the book I because excited and eager to get started in reorganizing and testing out some of the projects included in the book with my own children. This book is due for release on August 9 2011. My complete review is available here on Associated Content.

    13. Purchased this for our parenting collection. It is organized and written as though you are teaching your child as a student rather than experiencing art/learning. I do not see many parents wanting to do art projects with the child taking this out. Perhaps those who home school might be more interested. I do question some of what the activities and the age appropriateness. I do not think I will be quick to suggest this book for fun filled carefree days with your child. Much more for a structured [...]

    14. really a 3.75. great ideas for incorporating learning through play. at first I thought the book was for more school aged kids but as I skimmed through it and saw the different stages for each topic I realized she put together a great resource that can grow with the child. borrowed this from library but may consider buying it as a future reference for teaching things like mapping, data tables and graphs. loved the resources in the back that are reproducible.

    15. Not a homeschooling bookere are ideas that everyone can use. There was a little too much perfection and organization in the pictures for my taste. They LOOKED fabulous, but totally staged (at least compared to my house of preschoolers). But like I said, some lovely ideas. I especially was sucked in by the introduction in which the author shares her journey in learning that no school can replace a mother.Definitely worth checking out and browsing through the ideas.

    16. I am practically vibrating with enthusiasm for this book! Moms, teachers, caregivers -- this is like pinterest between covers. Here's me wishing my children were small again and I could use the ideas here with them as pre-schoolers, during our summer "family learning connection" forays, or even "home-school" them. There are loads of photos, chatty how-to's, printables, and more! Visit playfullearning/blog to see what I'm talking about.

    17. This book is written by an educator and mother of two young girls. She created a beautiful learning room for her girls full of activity corners: reading, science, writing, art, etc. Everything is very aesthetically pleasing, simple and beautiful.I've read portions of the book and have most recently been using her idea of a writing center, to encourage young children to write real letters. I'm excited to put other ideas from this book into use over the next few years with my young children.

    18. Great projects for you to do with children in a playful manner. It covers a wide range of subjects from math, science, to art. Although my children are a bit older, 9 and 7, we were still able to enjoy some concepts like the "word jar". Spending time to decorate and choosing words to put in the jar. My children jump in and grab words to make poems and such.

    19. Excellent and comprehensive. Each section has an outline of the various stages children will go through when learning about that area (writing, maths etc). These development outlines are the most valuable part of the book. It also has suggestions on how to set up writing, mathematics and science centers in the home.

    20. It was cute but it wasn't anything terribly original. Lots of good ideas for learning activities, but most of them were things I've seen before. Still, this volume does a nice job of gathering a bunch of good activities and putting them together, and the photos and templates are beautiful and will inspire parents to try some of the projects in the book!

    21. Lots of good ideas for activities in this book. It covers a pretty wide range of ages as well. I love all the picture book selections to go along with the activities, and the learning spaces are beautiful and well thought out. I plan to implement several ideas from this book in my home soon.

    22. I thought this book was very interesting. It would be a great resource for parents, teachers, and librarians to teach early learning hand-on activities in math, science, writing, etc. for children from ages 3 to 8.

    23. I love this book simply because I had so much fun doing some of the activities in this book with my kids. It is a book I think I'll buy and keep on my bookshelf to pull out every once in awhile when I need something fun and educational to do with my kids.

    24. This book was just what I needed. I got lots of good ideas for this next school year, which I think the kids are going to love. It also helped me put things back into perspective and add some more fun to our homeschooling adventure.

    25. Visually appealing book. Many great ideas for activities to do at home with girls! Definitely a good resource to check out from the library for new ideas.Other thoughts: lonestarsigners/2

    26. This is definitely a book that I will use as a reference throughout my boys' different developmental stages. I love the variety of subjects covered, from reading, to scientific exploration, to global awareness. I'm looking forward to exploring the many wonderful activities presented.

    27. This book has tons of ideas of how to teach children different subjects. I like reading this kind of book. I loved that all of the subjects came with a list of books to read. The more I read, the longer my reading list gets.

    28. Good basic ideas for creating an at-home learning environment, much of which I've learned from experience. This book would have been more helpful to me a couple of years ago but did give me some good ideas going forward including a number of kid lit recommendations!

    29. Great overview spanning range of basic subjects and stages (ages 4-8). Appreciated that she covers both the general underlying concept of each subject as it relates to the real world, as well as gives specific activities and project ideas.

    30. Didn't end up finishing this one. It was more of a reference for specific projects than a book about a theory of teaching. I gleaned a few things from the chapters I read, but then had to return it to the library.

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