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The MacGregor Brides

  • Title: The MacGregor Brides
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373285600
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • The MacGregor Brides The MacGregor clan s patriarch is powerful rich and determined to see his three career minded granddaughters married So he hand picked three unsuspecting candidates as worthy consortsNow all he has t

    The MacGregor clan s patriarch is powerful, rich and determined to see his three career minded granddaughters married So he hand picked three unsuspecting candidates as worthy consortsNow all he has to do is set his plans in motion.

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    1. I liked the story about the three grand-daughters. If I had to rank them then Julia would be my least favourite.

    2. A lovely anthological addition to the MacGregor series.The book is about how Daniel, the 90 year old patriarch grandfather interferes in his granddaughters' lives to get them married. Contains stories of three couples. Laura and Royce This was the insta love between the lawyer Laura and the security expert Royce. Safe Gwen and Branson Really sweet OTT love story between the doctor and the crime writer. The had the most crazy in love gestures.Safe + v card Julia and Cullum Most passionate of the [...]

    3. Oh, Daniel, you old pirate When will you learn? I can't decide whether to be angry for your meddlings, or delighted for bringing together such awesome couples. And your damn speeches about family speak straight to my heart!The MacGregor Brides is a book with a very matching cover. A bow, like it's a special present to us readers, because, technically, that's what it is. Three stories in one book is more than I could ask for. Daniel MacGregor, the old meddling goat we all know and love, is out no [...]

    4. This wasn't the best book, but it wasn't all that bad. I went into this book kind of expecting what I was getting (thanks to other readers' reviews) and so I wasn't disappointed when the 3 short stories all turned out extremely similarly. I was kind of annoyed that the realizations of the couples all occured at Christmastime, it was just to predicatble by the time I got to the third story (which, by the way, was my favorite of the three). Too bad real life isn't as easy as romance novels make th [...]

    5. So Daniel is such a meddiler. but he always know what guy is good for his family. Laura is a lawyer like her parents diana blake and caine Mcgregor. she falls for a security ex-officer named royce. He meets his beloved in her house she's busy hearing music and getting food out of the fridge and shaking her butty when royce finds her she doesnt knowdest until she turn atumatically she gets her knife and warns him if gets any closer she would stab him. He smiles with that crocket cocky smile and t [...]

    6. Here comes the BridesIn the continuing saga of the Macgregors, Nora Roberts introduces us to three grown up granddaughters of the likable Patrioch, Daniel Macgregor. There's Laura, Gwen, and Julia, cousins. All three independent and hard working. Sharing a house, they are very close to each other and family and find that they have now caught the notice of their lovable grandfather. He has decided that they have been single long enough and sets off to put in their paths Mr. Right. What ensues wil [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book. It's actually the first book I've read about the MacGregors. I loved how everyone called the grandpa the McGregor, he really was quite a character and a master manipulator. But it was all done in a loving way. Daniel McGregor has lived a long and happy life with his wife besides him. Now in his 90's. He wants to make sure his three grandaughters are happily married and with families started before he goes. Laura,Gwen and Julie are all quite busy with there chosen care [...]

    8. 4 stars: Laugh out loud, enjoyable summer readI really like this light hearted, humorous series. Great characters. Endearing and hard to put down. I've read almost all of the books in this series and enjoyed them. Not knowing it was a series, I started with this book. It was hiliarous. I was hooked. My favs in the series are the later books (including this one) with three generations of MacGregors and the matchmaking, meddlesome grandfather. I actually think I liked the series more by starting w [...]

    9. I love the MacGregors!!! Can't wait to get started on the MacGregor Grooms! This Book is so fun to read! Each story has its unique qualities and it's similarities. It catches your attention with the first page, and by getting inside Grandfather MacGregors mind with his memoir entries. I love that MacGregor! Mora Roberts has done it again! I will be talking about and recomending her books for as long as I live. Love, love, love them!!

    10. These stories were too RUSHED individually. I would have preferred maybe that they all have taken place at the same time and intertwined with each other. Maybe starting and ending at different points in the book. NOT a favorite in this series.

    11. Review originally posted on Quinn's Book NookI first read The MacGregor Brides by Nora Roberts when I was in college and discovered the Romance genre. I’ve since read this book too many times to count. In fact, if you saw how beat up my copy was, you’d totally understand. There is something about The MacGregor Brides that just puts me in the holiday spirit and makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside.The MacGregor Brides is a collection of three novellas about three of the MacGregor cousins. [...]

    12. I really enjoy this book. It has all you want for a Christmas read, great characters, snow, romance and fun.This book consists of three stories, each story follows the life of one McGregor Grand daughter that Daniel McGregor (the Grand Father) thinks should be settling down. Daniel is a great character whom you fall in love with even though he is a rogue (but a loveable one) and who you want to see get what he wants. He thinks his grand daughters should be finding their life partners but they ar [...]

    13. I am not going to review every Nora Roberts book that I have read in the past because she is quite prolific and it would get redundant and I honestly cannot remember all the plots. I think someone finds someone else attractive but at least one cannot admit it so there is sexual tension, then lots of sex, and then they live happily ever after? Sometimes there is some magic , a family legacy, or a mystery. Certainly not great works of literature (however still 100% better than “the grapes of wra [...]

    14. Ok so a Mills and Boon book ( my first ever) and I loved it, I adore Nora Roberts doing Romance so this worked well for me! Laura , Gwen and Julia have a matchmaking grandfather who is determined to see them married off to " good stock" ( hate that phrase lol) and the book is split into three parts, each covering how their romance pans out. Nice easy read, and I think I have a few more of that series kicking about, time to dig them out I think!

    15. The MacGregors are Roberts most beloved family (in my personal opinion). I have read almost all of their saga. The MacGregor is the a real charater. The way he manipulates his family into finding the loves they deserve is priceless.

    16. 4.5 stars Daniel Duncan MacGregor is at it again. Planning and scheming to get his three granddaughters married off and start making a family. A must read. Cant wait to read the next book

    17. Bueno, en este libro las cosas han sido algo diferentes. En apenas treinta páginas más que los anteriores nos cuenta tres historias de amor, de las tres nietas de Daniel MacGregor. Mi problema aquí es que no han ocurrido a la vez, sino una detrás de la otra. Cada historia contaba con sesenta páginas para desarrollarse y permitirnos conocer a los personajes, lo que no es mucho. Eso sí, la última historia, la de July y Cullum es, hasta ahora, la que más me ha convencido de toda la saga. Si [...]

    18. Oh, this was a perfect book for a romantic like me. The MacGregor clan is a perfect family, love and care in everyone's heart for eachother. The three stories here about Daniel MacGregor's granddaughters, Laura, Gwendolyn and Julia are all warm and fuzzy with a pinch of spice. The schemer grandpa, Daniel, have chosen Strong Stock of lads for his beautiful and smart granddaughters. Even though arranged he let them meet and fall in love, for he loves his family and their happiness is his happiness [...]

    19. Daniel MacGregor is the 90-year-old patriarch of the illustrious family. His son is an ex-president and he has 3 grand-daughters he feels ought to be married. The three novellas tell of his plans to pair them with the men he wants. Laura is a lawyer and she gets put with an ex-cop security expert Royce. Gwendolyn is a surgeon who gets paired with a famous mystery/detective writer. The final is Julia, a real estate/rehab expert who he pairs with a rehab/contractor. All dislike the interference, b [...]

    20. Honestly, this was one of the worst things I have ever read. It was so boring and choppy and unbelievable that I feel like this had to be published as a joke, because if someone actually thought this was decent, much less good, they probably have a degree of brain damage.

    21. Romanul Norei Roberts aparut in limba engelza in anul 1997 a fost tradus si publicat de editura Litera, in colectia " Carti romantice" , cu titlul " Miresele MacGregor", anul acesta, 2016. Romanul ofera o lectura placuta si odihnitoare, avand de fapt trei povesti de dragoste sub acelasi titlu. Batranul Daniel MacGregor ajuns la venerabila varsta de 90 de ani, decide ca a venit timpul sa se ocupe de casatoria celor trei nepoate mai mari care nu par decise sa faca acest pas cu toate ca se apropie [...]

    22. Mais um excelente livro. Não fugindo aos livros da saga, Nora escreve sobre as netas de Daniel MacGregor, no entanto o mais gosto em todos é que as histórias são sempre diferentes, há sempre uma nova pripécia

    23. Another Nora Roberts series I missed, The MacGregors. And again, what can I say? She writes with many twists and turns with great character development. Love her books as she usually ends all her books with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Looking forward to rest of series.

    24. If you love Daniel Macgregor and his determination to find the perfect match for his 3 grandaughters,this is the book! I loved the three little stories of love and passion, a reminder that true love is still out there and that it can last no matter how many years or obstacles pass by.

    25. I am SUPER LOVING this series! 😄 I think it might be one of my top 3 favorite Nora Roberts' series. 😄😍😄

    26. Daniel MacGregor is a funny and crafty ole coot. It is so fun to see how his scheming turns into lasting romances with his grand-daughters.

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