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Quiet Bunny's Many Colors

  • Title: Quiet Bunny's Many Colors
  • Author: Lisa McCue
  • ISBN: 9781402772092
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Quiet Bunny s Many Colors The brilliantly colorful follow up to Lisa McCue s best selling Quiet Bunny Quiet Bunny loves the bright colors of spring the yellow ducks green frogs and blue jays everything but his own mousy brow

    The brilliantly colorful follow up to Lisa McCue s best selling Quiet Bunny Quiet Bunny loves the bright colors of spring the yellow ducks, green frogs, and blue jays everything but his own mousy brown fur It takes the help of a wise old owl for Bunny to realize that it s the rainbow of colors including his own that makes the world so beautiful.

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    1. Quiet Bunny's Many Colors is a wonderful book to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Quiet Bunny sees the many colors that make up Spring and then notices that his own color is not as vibrant. Everywhere he sees the yellowest yellow flowers, the bluest blueberries, the greenest green frogs, and much more. Each color, Quiet Bunny tries to become in silly ways such as rolling around in a patch of blueberries. In the end, Quiet Bunny spots an owl who is the same color as he is and realizes that while [...]

    2. Lisa's book, Quiet Bunny has been a huge hit with my kids at bedtime since it first came out, so when I saw her newest release I had to get it. Quiet Bunny is a fun bunny to get to know. His stories often have him in some sort of mishap and this time things happen as he tries to become a color of spring. Quite Bunny's Many Colors pages are full of vivid bright colors and wonderful illustrations. We enjoyed learning about the different colors of spring and what animals, bugs and plants have those [...]

    3. This is another book that Gavin frequently requested before bedtime. The story's sweet, and I absolutely loved the illustrations. Quiet Bunny is convinced that his coloring isn't appropriate for spring, so he tries all kinds of crazy ideas to change his hue: covers himself with yellow flowers, drapes himself in lily pads, stains his fur with blueberries, and spackles himself with red mud. None of these ideas work out, and ultimately Quiet Bunny learns that "We are all different colors, and we ar [...]

    4. Very rarely does a sequel surpass the original work. Aliens, The Road Warrior, Assassin's Creed 2, Terminator 2, Half-Life 2, and now Quiet Bunny's Many Colors.A sharp contrast to the original Quiet Bunny, in which the titular character broke rank and shook up his society, this novel instead finds Quiet Bunny trying to emulate others before gaining self-acceptance. Viewed as a larger story arc between the novels, a greater message about balancing between the two extremes as needed is found. Trul [...]

    5. "This book is a total gem and such a delight to read with my daughter! It’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning their colors, and the story is meaningful as well. And the colors! Well, let me tell you that each time we turned the page I had to just stop for a minute, the artwork is so gorgeous."See full review (and page spreads) here: kindredspiritmommy/childre

    6. Quiet Bunny is a beloved character in our house (despite starring in just 2 books). This second title starring the sweet bunny added to our admiration with a fun, easily read-a-loud story and adorable illustrations showing bunny discovering color in nature. Children will love the visuals! Quiet Bunny is a modern classic character and both titles are highly recommended for the home book shelf and the library's storytime collection.

    7. Quiet Bunny is back, trying on new colors, since bunny brown & white isn't pretty enough. The illustrations aren't exactly my style, but I have to admire them. The sheer amount of flowers painted for this book is mind-boggling. Also, QB's fuzziness defies belief.

    8. This book is about a bunny who loves all the bright colors around except for his color. Until one day, an owl comes along and helps him realize that he is beautiful also! This book can be used in the classroom if a child is having image problems or if there are others bullying their peers.

    9. LOVED THIS BOOK! This message hits home to kids at a very early age appreciate the variety of life! I also like how it introduced the concept of just this other type of "child" who might be quiet and shyd still gets into mischief! Great read!

    10. Had to paraphrase a bit when reading this to a large group, but I love the color concept, and how it relates to Spring. It would be a great book for one-on-one reading because of all the discussions you could have about the detailed pictures.

    11. Heavy on the message (but yes, a valuable message) and heavy on the cute (but yes, really well done cute). Lots of detail in the illustrations, lots to look at. I did like the two-page "color" spreads, and I liked the hints of the next color to come.

    12. A fun story. My 2-year-old daughter requests this one quite frequently and has all but memorized the basic plot. She really enjoys telling the story as she flips through the pages looking at the colorful illustrations.(She also loves the Quiet Bunny plush bunny that came with our gift set)

    13. This is the most beautiful book I've ever seen. The story is sweet, and the illustrations are perfection. True works of art.

    14. The art in this one reminded me of The Golden Egg by Magaret Wise Brown. Cute story about colors, too.

    15. A lovely follow-up to the first quiet bunny book. The illustrations are magnificient. One of the best children's books available.

    16. Cute book about a bunny experiencing the colors and wonders of Spring, and how he discovers that he doesn't have to be the same color as daffodils or blueberries to be just right.

    17. As the follow up to Quiet Bunny, this is another of my young daughter's favoite picture books due to the beautiful colored illustrations and warm message about being happy with who you are.

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