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  1. The plot sounded interesting, and somewhat unique. For some reason, I wasn't a huge fan of Sophie and Julia. They got on my nerves during the novel. This book confused me because it seemed like there was an underlying romance between Julia and Monty, but nothing developed. It didn't make sense to have the "romance" if nothing came from it. I felt like there were too many different plots going on in the book, and many of them kept randomly showing up. It was a good light read, but one I wouldn't [...]

  2. Julia is asked by her employer to go to Manila to organize a rescue team to find his kidnapped granddaughter. Julia hesitates, but decides the assignment is just what she needs to keep her mind off her deceased husband and her comatose son. Little did she know how involved she'd become.It took me awhile to get into this story, probably due to all of the details on the location and the different groups of people who live there. The information about the author made it sound like she loves the Phi [...]

  3. The fascinating details of the beautiful Philippine Islands are woven into this story but do not dominate it. The story holds center stage and moves at a rapid pace with lots of action. Some of the similarities of names is a little confusing, but overall The Assignment is a well-crafted LDS adventure/suspense novel that will be enjoyed by both men and women.

  4. A frightening (to my sensitive mind) tale of a hostage situation by a terrorist group in the Philippines. I know, I don't usually read such action packed books but I had no choice 'cause I was in bed with the flu. There I lay on BookMobile day unable to get out of bed except for the frequent needs of my little ones. So all I could do is call my neighbor and ask her to bring me some books. Of course I have an old trunk full of books and under my bed is all books, but I needed something new to kee [...]

  5. Very realistic fiction. My husband who served in the Philippines has been wanting to go back and after reading this story it just doesn't seem like a safe place to visit even for the beauty of the land or people.The Philippine government is one of corruption due to it's taking bribes to turn their head if they get the right amount. Terrorist groups take hostages, some for ransom, some for their political influence in making a statement of their power, because the AFP, the soldier that try to sto [...]

  6. I learned a lot about the Philippines in this book but I felt like the author took every detail ever learned about the country and crammed it into the story. Not sure I needed every little detail. I felt like I was getting a school lesson instead of reading a novel. And it really made me feel like I never want to go to the Philippines because it was all corruption all the time Because of all the cultural lessons it took a long time to get into the story at all and was very slow moving. I was int [...]

  7. I saw an advertisement about this book in a magazine, and since it is set in the Philippines, I thought I should read it. I am glad I did. It deals with the abduction of a US citizen who happens to be a nurse (the reason she was captured) and the granddaughter of a wealthy businessman. I gained insight into the politics between the US and the Philippines in regards to people who are taken captive by Islamic groups. It can be tricky, which is frightening! I learned about the different groups of t [...]

  8. The beginning of this book was rather scattered to me. It was a little hard to follow at first and took me a little while to get into. Once the story smoothed out it turned into a very interesting story. Others have complained on their reviews of this book that the ending didn't really feel complete but that is because there is a second book. So if you want to find out what happens to Julia and Monty you have to read the sequel Precious Cargo.

  9. I liked the realistic adventures of the kidnapped women and the treatment to them by there capturers. With the stories that you hear on the news, it seemed quite true to life. I also liked that the two main heroines of the story were brave and courageous, without losing there necessary feminity needed to make the characters believable.

  10. It was OK. The story wasn't terrible and the characters were likable enough but the ending was really disappointing. I know life isn't perfect and things are always romance based but there was potential there and the way it was just dismissed was almost annoying. The characters were a little boring to be honest.

  11. The Assignment is a very suspenseful story of an American nurse who is kidnapped by a terrorist group. Her grandfather has one of his employees go to the Phillipines to find her. It was very informational about the Phillipines and the different social and terrorist groups there. It was almost like watching an action movie.Content: violence.

  12. This book got a little boring and monotonous at times, but I did really like it. I can't imagine something that scary happening to me but I really liked that the LDS girl was so strong in sticking up for not only her beliefs but for the other captors as well. A good read but probably not as intense as a book about this topic could be.

  13. I actually started reading Precious Cargo by the author, and realized I wanted to read this one first, so I had to put the other one aside. I'm gad I did. I think it could be stand alone, but I really wanted to find out more about Julia and her relationship to Monty. Excellent book with lots of plot twists! I have been learning a lot about the Philippines while I read, and I'm loving it!

  14. Julia, a middle-aged director of a charitable foundation, is asked by her boss to find his granddaughter who has disappeared while nursing at a children's hospital in the Philippines. Interesting. Assuming that the author knows what she is writing about, it was an introduction to this country I know so little about.

  15. I'll say right now, I didn't liked the ending. The ending did resolve everything in a very nice way, but I still thought that it was weak.There was stupid characters so I didn't feel any sympathy towards the individuals. Over all I thought that the book was interesting enough for me to finish it.

  16. The story really kept my attention, but it did not feel finished at all. She left a lot of loose strings with the romance and with who killed Monty's wife and son. I really feel this should have been part of a series loosly following all of these people vs a single book that does not give you any real closure.

  17. Took a little while for me to get into the book, but it got better towards the middle of the story. The author definitely did a great job representing the terrorist aspect. The ending was kinda left open which makes me think there will be a sequel soon.

  18. This book really opened your eyes to what is going on in other parts of the world with kidnapping as a common occurrence. The book was suspenseful with all of its twists and turns, plus left you a door open for book two.

  19. I really enjoyed this little gem. I learned a ton about the Phillipines while being completely entertained. The fast-paced action was well-written, and the ending was unexpected. I'll looking forward to reading more from this author.

  20. Editing and writing not stelar. Glad I am done so I can move on to something else. My mom loaned me this book. She really liked it. Apparently we don't have the same taste in books.

  21. This is a story of a kidnapping and the rescue effort. It is filled with a lot of la de da and no real surprises.

  22. The story flowed along well, and the action was very intense. The characters were very likeable. The ending was such that it could very easily have a sequel.

  23. I would give it 3.5 if I could.Good read with a mystery and suspense. Well done but I would have liked a little more character development. It kept my attention though and I liked it.

  24. Good book, but I was disappointed with the ending, who knows though, it might just mean there will be another to go with this one.

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