- By Amber Kell

Soldier Mine

  • Title: Soldier Mine
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: 9781920501471
  • Page: 491
  • Format: ebook
  • Soldier Mine This edition is no longer available When Kreslan is attacked in the cargo hold he bonds with a shapeshifting beast who turns out to be the reincarnated leader of an entire planet Will Kreslan be willi

    This edition is no longer available.When Kreslan is attacked in the cargo hold he bonds with a shapeshifting beast who turns out to be the reincarnated leader of an entire planet Will Kreslan be willing to give up an ordinary man to partner with an extraordinary creature who just happens to hold Kres heart in his possessive claws READER CAUTION This title is an expandedThis edition is no longer available.When Kreslan is attacked in the cargo hold he bonds with a shapeshifting beast who turns out to be the reincarnated leader of an entire planet Will Kreslan be willing to give up an ordinary man to partner with an extraordinary creature who just happens to hold Kres heart in his possessive claws READER CAUTION This title is an expanded, re edited release.

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    1. oh my lord and butter—that was horrendous was fun for a while; like the other two amber kell story outlines books i have read this week, the premise was okay-to-pretty-good.but the prose is terrible. comprised entirely of cliche, hysteria, and senseless blathering after the lulz ended i was left a bit unmoored, and no longer impressed at how utterly devoid of storytelling magic any of it was, unto sex scenes that reminded me of saturday night live sketches, wondering if i was really gonna fini [...]

    2. I really can't understand why this book is getting such high ratings. The plot inconsistencies drove me nuts. At the beginning of the book, she stated that Thresls are cat-like creatures who only assume another form when they've bonded to a human and that this form very rarely is human-like. But later in the story all the Thresls look humanoid, even when they're not bonded yet. There were a couple more but I'd rather read a good book than spend my time listing all the stuff the author got wrong. [...]

    3. I loved the initial set up and the characters were so interesting and different but it lost me when it morphed into a convoluted reincarnation story. I felt the two MC's became very different personalities from what really attracted me in the beginning of the story. Too bad because it had an interesting hook.

    4. hey, it's a real thing or a joke?This title is an expanded, re-edited releasewhat? This is the "better" version of the book good Lord!I hate to be a bitch, but I think this book deserve a bitchy review like all women in the book. All bitches and lunatics and so,I'm authorized to be a bitch too (Yeah, it INFURIATES me a book with ALL bitches, neither one female character pleasant. Nope all, bitches).I didn't like:*the world building (There is none. Facts just happened, rushed, not enough time to [...]

    5. The pdf opened and it scared me. I mean, look at the texture of that skin. And all right up in yo' face. I almost felt like I was getting abrasion burns from the rough metalbut then it was skin. And now the imagery won't leave.Thresl are peculiar. They come off as a weird cross between an animal, a shifter, and a bio-engineered weapon. They're regarded as either tools or pets. They seemwell, like animals.Even Muir, the humanoid one, doesn't quite seem like a sentient human-like being. Hmm androi [...]

    6. I loved the premise for "Soldier Mine". I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of this story and then halfway through I pause every chapter looking for the Kreslan and his Thresl I started the book with because they seemed to have vanished somewhere along the way. I did not hate this story because I do believe Mrs. Kell has a winner on her hands with her Thresl series. And with how this story ended, I expect there will be a crop of different couple potential. But Kreslan's Threslhe was an alpha bre [...]

    7. This was a really good book. It wasn't overly complicated and I loved seeing Kreslan trying to accept the fact he had a Thresl. There were some things I hadn't seen in a shifter book before that kept me interested while I was reading. One of those being that a Thresl stays in cat form until they find their bonded. Or in Kreslan and Vohne's case, their mate.The book was kind of short, though. I would have liked a longer, fleshed out ending. It felt like I had been waiting for something incredible [...]

    8. 3.5 starsI remember when Ms. Kell posted this as a blog story. I only read half then (although I'm not quite sure why) but this story is probably one of my favorites from her so far. The story starts off strong with a bit of a spin on mates. Where Vohne is a Thresl (a strange type of cat) and can't transform to a human until he meets his mate. Kreslan is that mate and while not wanting to be mates isn't as original, I liked the way Kres and Vohne handled the mating and everything associated with [...]

    9. I am in LOVE with this book.The first few pages are a bit cliche army guy on a ship who is constantly taunted by the admirals homophobic asshole of a son. I was sitting there going OH NO! its going to be another one of those same old same old books.Then it got to about page 7 and I sat up.Hang on, I thoughtis is defiantly new. Then I was hooked. It was action packed, interesting, funny, sexy and simply totally FUN.I even took my kindle into the kitchen and read it while standing there stirring t [...]

    10. Just the cheesy space romance I was in the mood for. The characters are fun, and I'm glad Amber Kell doesn't subscribe to the dominant, controlling mate, and that both characters are strong in their own right. I really liked Kreslan he could give lessons in backbone to many of the characters in other shifter type novels. This might not be great literature, but it's an enjoyable, fun read, and sometimes that's just what I want.

    11. rating: 1/5 Oh, boy! Where do I start?I was seduced by the word "soldier" in title (I have a bit of a fetish for soldier love) and a description of an interesting alien species (I have a thing for aliens too). It started decently, a bit melodramatic, the "bad guys" being one dimensionally bad and idiotic but I rolled with it to get at the gooey goodness at the core. Except it never came.The transformation of alien to human-like lasted all of a few pages. There was no interesting ways of communic [...]

    12. First, I really did enjoy the unique world that Kell built, how Thresls can only shift into their final forms from their feline one when they meet their mate, and how the forms that Thresls do take are a mirror of their mate's spirit. The premise for the book was just so unusual, at least for me, and I do love destined mates stories, so this definitely pushed one of my buttons.Ummis story also tumbled into the sappy and saccharine territory, like toothache-inducing sappiness. There were terms of [...]

    13. This was such a fun, sexy book. I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed this! I think I was giggling hysterically all throughout it. I was looking for the second book even before I got up to 30%!Vohne and Kreslan are such a wonderful and adorable couple. I wish this book was longer!This truly is such a wonderful book and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genreA: hum-de-hum, the sequel has been published!

    14. What a mess! The writing is immature, the story is full of holes and contradictions, it's all over the place trying to envelope every scenario ever possible. Characters are unbelievable and not in a good way.Good thing the book was short and I was able to complete it for a challenge within a couple of hours. I am going to read Lisa Henry to try and clear my head out.

    15. First half or so is a solid 4, but later on things get rushed and jumbled with most of the magic turning into something predictable. Still, it is a very good story, one of the best by this author.

    16. I have to agree with Gail. This book was just bad.I also usually ignore Amber Kell's typical writing style that sounds like a teenage girl writing fanfiction, because her stories (mostly the shifter ones) can be kind of engaging and fun to read. I can even ignore that her characters break character all the time, and even the overly butch alpha sounds like a hormonal woman on crack sometimes.This time I think Amber Kell went a bit too far. I just couldn't imagine a soldier (the epitome of thoughn [...]

    17. Out of all of the Amber Kell books I've read, this one one may be the most fun-filled. Kres and the Thresl, Vohne, were very cute. Kres is a fierce but slightly small soldier who, while being attacked, accidentally bonds with the Thresl who saves him. Right from the time the Thresl kicks some butt with Kres this story was full of action. Long story short:-Kres is minding his own business when fists start flying, body parts are broken, blood is spilled and a million dollar cat goes on a small kil [...]

    18. 3.5*I'm not normally a sci-fi/ futuristic fan, but this sounded good, so I went for it.I liked it. Kres is a soldier who has to keep dealing with abuse and BS from another soldier who happens to be the son of an admiral. When he is volunteered to guard a Thresl , which is a cat like shifter who transforms when he bonds/mates with a human.Ok, you guessed it, Kres is his human, and not only that Vohne ( the newly transformed Thresl) is a long lost alpha king of all Thresl .It was a fun read, I was [...]

    19. Unfortunately this one isn't very good. I can usually ignore Kell's awkward writing because the story is entertaining enough that I don't care too much, but this one feels like badly written fan fiction. Things happen out of nowhere with no particular explanation. It's as if the author was thinking: "Let's see, what happens next? I know, an explosion would be good!" and so there is an explosion, and a fight scene, and then it's never explained who those fellows were, or why or how they got there [...]

    20. It started out really nicely and grabbed my attention but somewhere in middle the author lost me and towards the end the book becomes a joke The premise is good and had a lot of potential but i felt that the author didn't know how flesh things out or create a fantasy/alien world thus dissolving strong male characters into giggling silly little girls by the endo :-\Disappointed!

    21. The first chapter or two were interesting enough, but the book steadily went downhill after that. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, it did, and I couldn't even look away from this train crash. And, oh my God, those dialogues! Just remembering them makes me shudder. Awful, just awful.

    22. 4.5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/Whoa! Damn, what a fascinating book, what an idea and an incredible world has Ms. Kell created here. I abso-freaking-lutely loved this book.Kreslan is a low ranking soldier who is having quite some difficulties in his current task as the spoiled, brat son of an Admiral keeps pushing his limits and abusing him every chance he got. It is like that Kreslan finds himself in another difficult position, when said brat along w [...]

    23. ** This text refers to the 2013 revised edition. **To my science fiction fans who enjoy a little man love in their space adventures.This dedication really says it all. The main interest lies in the story; the romance is only secondary at best. We do not even get particularly lurid sex scenes. I like that.Something else I liked is how this book kept surprising me. For example, I did not see the explanation of how exactly a Thresl picks his shape coming. And even less the (view spoiler)[reincarnat [...]

    24. I love getting my little book loving hands on something unique. That is exactly what Amber Kell has given readers with the Thresl Chronicles. When readers first embark on this futuristic sci fi journey Kres is assigned to guard the beasts that are contained on this ship he is stationed on. He knows little about the Thresl’s. In fact that is the way it is for most humans. Thresl’s are a type of cat shifter that many want to own as a guardian. Thresl’s are often sold on the black market. For [...]

    25. This is an interesting book, set in an imaginative future world. Even if the basic premise (shapeshifter adapting to become the person their mate needs) is a variation on an old Star Trek idea, the actual details and additions to this imagined world made it different enough to more than hold my attention. In fact, the way this is written, I was completely mesmerized.Kreslan, or Kres, is a soldier who is being bullied by the admiral's son and can't fight back. Until he meets a shapeshifting beast [...]

    26. My immediate reaction after finishing this book was OMG I loved it, please tell me there's more. But now that I've looked over some of the other reviews and thought about the book as a whole, I revised my opinion. I still love it and will still definitely be reading any coming books of this series. This book seems like the author took two different stories and tried to make them one. Another reviewer mentioned inconsistencies and yeah there are a lot of those. There is also the fact that the cha [...]

    27. I enjoyed this story that was pretty much free from angst and just rolled along at a fast clip. I didn't feel like I got to know either character too much - but I liked what I did know. The way they could telepathically converse (not enough of that BTW.eded much more!) was funny and the sex was hot. At double the size with greater character expansion (both primary and secondary), more world building, and adding some hot rough sex to the mix this would likely be right up there with book of the ye [...]

    28. I think this is the best book Amber Kell has written so far. There's still some clichés and overall issues but it's very well written. The world-building is very interesting and creative. Witty and strong characters. Great plot. There's still some insta-love/lust and their relationship definitely goes way too fast but, for once, it actually made sense because they were soul mates that had been together throughout all their incarnations. I did expect some more action but I wasn't much disappoint [...]

    29. I purchased this book on 2011, I'm reading the first edition because it sat on my computer forever. This is one of those times that I thing I was silly not to read this sooner.I've read so many shifter books that sometimes I feel like they are "the same plot with different actors".If you want to read something unique perhaps this is for you.The ratings are from one star to 5 stars, so you are going to love it or hate it. In my case, I found it pretty good.

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