1 thought on “Grateful Dead: The Music Never Stopped

  1. I almost abandoned this about 20 or 30 pages in because it started off as just a bunch of happy horseshit about the "phenomenon" of the Grateful Dead and dead shows and deadheads, etc and like it was written for a sunday newspaper's magazine section to introduce the phenomenon to people who didn't know anything about it. But I'm glad I kept reading because (except for the final chapter--more fluff) it turned into a pretty good and serious history after that, albeit only up to 1983 (when the book [...]

  2. Grateful Dead: The Music Never Stopped by Blair Jackson (Putnam Publishing Group 1985) (784.5). Here's a good take on the history and culture of Jehovah's Favorite Choir written by one who was in the know. My rating: 7.5/10, finished 1989.

  3. An easy, enjoyable, light read. Informs of their long strange trip and gives enough to make you want to listen to the music. Pitifully, for a psychedelic band , no colour pictures. Fun but not essential.

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