- By Eric Ives

The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn

  • Title: The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn
  • Author: Eric Ives
  • ISBN: 9780631234791
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn This definitive biography of Anne Boleyn establishes her as a figure of considerable importance and influence in her own right A full biography of Anne Boleyn based on the latest scholarly research F

    This definitive biography of Anne Boleyn establishes her as a figure of considerable importance and influence in her own right A full biography of Anne Boleyn, based on the latest scholarly research.Focusses on Anne s life and legacy and establishes Anne as a figure of considerable importance and influence in her own right.Adulteress or innocent victim Looks afresh at thThis definitive biography of Anne Boleyn establishes her as a figure of considerable importance and influence in her own right A full biography of Anne Boleyn, based on the latest scholarly research.Focusses on Anne s life and legacy and establishes Anne as a figure of considerable importance and influence in her own right.Adulteress or innocent victim Looks afresh at the issues at the heart of Anne s downfall.Pays attention to her importance as a patron of the arts, particularly in relation to Hans Holbein.Presents evidence about Anne s spirituality and her interest in the intellectual debates of the period.Takes account of significant advances in knowledge in recent years.

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    1. This is a biography of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII. It chronicles her beginnings, her first days at court, her long wooing by the king, her rise to the crown, her sudden fall from grace and her execution. Despite all that has been written about her, in many ways, the life of this complex woman is still a mystery. Her beauty was not really above average--in fact she was said by some to be blemished and deformed--yet she impressed many, and not only the king, with her culture, charm [...]

    2. "To us she appears inconsistent - religious yet aggressive, calculating yet emotional, with the light touch of the court yet the strong grip of a politician - but is this what she was, or merely what we strain to see through the opacity of the evidence? We shall never really know."Known as the Anne Boleyn Bible, The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn is the most detailed and well researched book about Anne out there. Eric Ives knows what he's talking about, and has the credentials to back it up. He r [...]

    3. Claimed to be the best bio on Anne Boleyn to date, and I agree!I think I like Anne best portrayed as she really was, not based upon all the myths and, let's face it, downright lies that surrounded her rise and ultimate destruction.Everything is well researched and the supporting evidence is facinating, ranging from letters, artwork and the royal accounts, to songs and poetry. Ives gives an amazing insight into life as it was in the Tudor Court and the major personalities within it (Henry VIII, t [...]

    4. Ives feels like the best of both worlds: his credentials as a legal historian make him detailed an analytical enough that he's a authoritative source on Anne Boleyn, while his well-supported admiration for her makes the sometimes dry, dense writing style worth it for anyone more accustomed to "popular" historians like Alison Weir and Joanna Denny. Considering the lack of solid historical documents or artifacts from Anne herself (even trying to establish her birth year causes controversy), Ives d [...]

    5. Exceptionally well-researched, but written in dry style with an overwhelming amount of detail. Excellent political analysis of her rise and fall, but very little about her personality/motives/essence come through. I could have done with a little less of Thomas Wyatt's tedious verse too. It's quite a feat to make Anne Boleyn boring, yet Ives manages to do so here. I had to push myself to finish it.

    6. I think it's fair to say that I've read a lot of books about Tudor history and Anne Boleyn specifically. This is one of the best, most well-researched, and most well-written that I have come across.Eric Ives goes far deeper than the trite "Henry fell in/out of love with Anne and thus had her killed"--and instead looks at the life of one of the most intriguing (and briefest) lives to affect the crown. Instead of dismissing old arguments, he looks at the facts and goes through each source, pointin [...]

    7. As far as I am concerned this book is THE last word on Anne Boleyn's story. I read Ives' first edition 20 years ago and even though I have read other author's takes on Anne, I always return to this one. Ives revised this edition after Henry's Inventory was published so there is more detail and if you are not into detail you may find its a bit dry in places but honestly I love the details. Anne was very aware of her Image but this was an essential part of a person's power in court. Back in those [...]

    8. Of the recent biographies of Anne Boleyn, I'd say this is the best and for that reason, I've held on to as a reference. I particularly like the fact that Ives is careful to note his attributions, or at the very least the texts on which he is basing his ideas. There are assertions made by the author that I don't entirely agree with -the available evidence on Anne Boleyn's early life is quite slim and as a result almost all biographies on her are largely extrapolated. Overall a well-researched bio [...]

    9. This is one of my favourite all time non-fiction books. The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn is like the Holy Grail for any Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII/Tudor Court fans. It is the most thorough and though provoking biography I've ever read. I had read other books on Anne Boleyn before, most of them were focused on all of Henry's wives. This one only glances over the other wives in relation to Anne.I would give this book 5 Stars if it wasn't for the actual writing. The grammar was amazing, don't think th [...]

    10. Overall, this is a thoroughly researched, well-reasoned approach to the life of Anne Boleyn. Ives presents the reader with a cornucopia of information from a variety of sources, while simultaneously making judgments on who is more reliable than others. He quotes extensively from original source material and isn't afraid of analyzing the implications. He also gives excellent background on the period, the convention of courtly love, and the status of England with regard to the rest of Europe at th [...]

    11. ISBN? - 9781405134637General Subject/s? - Anne Boleyn / History / Tudors / BiographyTitle? - Exactly what it says on the cover, life and death of Anne Boleyn.General Analysis? - Eric Ives is a historian of Anne Boleyn who I can endorse. His arguments are clear and he looks at all aspects of Anne's life in a lot of detail. This book has almost been the cornerstone of my dissertation and will be incredibly useful in my Masters degree next year. He also puts a lot of words into talking about aspect [...]

    12. If you read only one book about Henry VIII or his infamous marriage in serial, make it this book. It's a rare thing to find a book written by a historian who A) knows his subject backwards and forwards, B) can write a compelling narrative but without being too dry or lacking in substance, C) challenge the historical reputation of even somebody written about to the extent that Anne Boleyn has and offer a new and nuianced perception of the person and the culture they came from. While most modern p [...]

    13. Eric Ives' biography of Anne Boleyn's life is a very thorough and accurate fact-filled account of her life. While it reads more like a text book, it really provides the reader with an intimate look at the person she was, and follows her from childhood through her rise, then fall from greatness in Henry the VIII's court. After reading many historical novels surrounding Anne Boleyn and Henry the VIII's court, I was curious about how much I read in the novels' was actually fact vs fiction ~ this bo [...]

    14. This is an excellently written and very thorough account of Anne Boleyn's life. The focus is only on her, not like in other biographies which also tell the story of the decline and fall of Catherine of Aragon. The author reaches some surprising conclusions, but backs them up with sensible and persuasive arguments. I would give it five stars but for the fact that it's a little TOO detailed. The middle section, which goes on and on and on and on about the details of Anne's coronation, and her arts [...]

    15. Excellent. This historian carefully examines the life of Anne, placing her firmly within the context of Tudor politics and religion. He's the first I can recall illustrates how Anne's fervent devotion to the cause of religious reforms made her a target. Along with her sharp tongue, opinionated nature. But she was a force to be reckoned with at court. Ives carefully examines what is known about Anne so that we get a more accurate picture of the woman behind the tragedy.

    16. A very thoroughly researched book on Anne Boleyn. The author references letters and notes that were written in her time by those who knew her. He also takes into account the opinions of those who loved and hated her, while keeping in mind that their writings were most likely biased and forms an logical opinion based on these notes. Very well researched, though a bit dry to read at times. But if you're looking for a true biography of Anne Boleyn, this would definitely be a book to read.

    17. This is the bible of Anne Boleyn. It is the first book I ever read completely dedicated to Anne and even today it is the first book that I refer back to when I am researching or learning about Anne. My poor copy is dog eared and tattered but to me that only gives it more character and life. If you want to know about Anne Boleyn, want to learn who the woman was who rose to be the jewel in Henry VIII’s eye and then fell shattering into history then this is the book to read. I would recommend thi [...]

    18. Eric Ives's book is considered the best and definitive biography of Anne Boleyn, and rightfully. True, it is not an easy book by any means, and I struggled through some parts, but it definitely is a splendid research and it has everything you would like to know about the controversial queen (which we know of, at least). It is also clear that Ives was deeply passionated about the subject, so even in the most difficult parts it was easy to be carried by his enthusiasm. My favourite parts were the [...]

    19. Not all scholastic volumes are as hard to take as this one was -- I know, I read a lot of biography & history -- but Ives makes it hard to remember why you are reading the book in the first place. In fact he deliberately makes things abstruse when they could be otherwise. I know there are both fashions and coteries in academic writing and must presume this is an extreme of a kind I cannot find, as the French say, convenable.

    20. Re-read in Nov-Dec 2015Still the best biography of Quene Anne.I love how Eric Ives doesn't give a prejudiced look on Anne. He only tell the facts. Unlike some authors; Weir for instance, who wrote as if everything that happened was carefully planned by Anne herself, which is ridiculous!After reading it twice, I'm still left without any concrete opinion about Anne, whether she was an adulterous or a saint. All I know is that I like this extraordinary woman a lot.

    21. By far the best biography of this tragic queen to date. A must read for any one interested in Anne or the Tudors.

    22. It's accurate and very thorough account of Anne Boleyn's life. I thought it was liuttle too detailed in some parts which made it kinda boring in some parts.

    23. 4.5/5Also on my blog, Luthien Reviews.Frequently referred to as the “Anne Boleyn bible,” Dr. Ives’ book is the most extensive biographical work dealing with the second wife of King Henry VIII to date. He argues that Anne is “the most influential and important queen consort [England] has ever had” and makes a compelling case, though even his dedicated scholarship has difficulty resurrecting Anne’s personality. As a result, this biography–while fascinating, enlightening, and very oft [...]

    24. Anne Boleyn is one of Henry VIII’s most famous wives, simply because she was executed and was the mother of Elizabeth. She was also an important figure in English history because of Henry’s break with the Catholic church and the start of the Protestant reformation. This biography shows Anne as woman of power who was greatly feared. It would take a coup to bring her down, even if the conspiracy was based on a lie. Thus, Eric Ives portrays Anne as a true Renaissance queen. I have read many bio [...]

    25. I was very much looking forward to reading this book when I first heard of it. When the book arrived I was surprised at how thick it was. But I was excited to read it anyways. I must say getting into it was way harder than I imagined. Ives really goes into the smallest details and give many options and digs deeper and deeper. I must admit that at times it was hard to follow - I didnt really know where I was at. But I got through it and I'm very glad I read it. Ives gives so many informations and [...]

    26. A very concise and interesting read of the life, or what we know of it, of Anne Boleyn. Having said that, Ives does have a tendency to make himself her personal champion. The number of times he used the phrase, "but this wasn't really the case" was borderline annoying. Overall this is a good read, but more of an attempt to write historical wrongs than just to detail the life of an extraordinary woman.

    27. One of the best books written about Anne Boleyn, which is saying something when one considers how many books have been written about her. Eric Ives comes up with some fascinating research on the birth order of the three Boleyn siblings, and the various prejudices and conflicting interests of her jurors which ensured that she and the men tried with her would never receive a fair trial.

    28. it took me so long to read this because of school and shit but I'm finally done and I feel weirdly empty! this book has been with me for so long. anyway it was amazing and well researched and so so interesting and Eric Ives is clearly so passionate about Anne Boleyn. this was such a great read

    29. Why is Anne Boleyn usually pictured as attractive? Deeper histories report crossed eyes and a bulky body.

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