- By Judith Ivory

Angel in a Red Dress

  • Title: Angel in a Red Dress
  • Author: Judith Ivory
  • ISBN: 9780060555832
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Angel in a Red Dress REISSUE of STARLIT SURRENDER by Judy CuevasAT FIRST THEY KISSEDFrom the instant she set her thick lashed gaze on handsome Adrien Hunt Christina Bower knew he was like no other male He was as graceful

    REISSUE of STARLIT SURRENDER by Judy CuevasAT FIRST THEY KISSEDFrom the instant she set her thick lashed gaze on handsome Adrien Hunt, Christina Bower knew he was like no other male He was as graceful as a panther, as confident as a lion and as lusty as a tomcat But no matter how much the golden haired innocent told herself he was a rich, abhorrent womanizer, she couldn REISSUE of STARLIT SURRENDER by Judy CuevasAT FIRST THEY KISSEDFrom the instant she set her thick lashed gaze on handsome Adrien Hunt, Christina Bower knew he was like no other male He was as graceful as a panther, as confident as a lion and as lusty as a tomcat But no matter how much the golden haired innocent told herself he was a rich, abhorrent womanizer, she couldn t resist his sensual, practiced advances And even as her sweet lips protested each caress, her womanly curves eagerly welcomed his arousing embrace AT LAST THEY LOVEDWith danger his constant companion, hot blooded Adrien Hunt lived life to the hilt His days were fraught with plots, pistols and swords, and his nights were filled with warm and willing wenches But when he first saw the spirited nymph Christina Bower, even the experienced knave had to admit she was enticing than any of his previous conquests Ignoring her modest, prim no, Adrien began his gentle assault on her senses, liberating her passions, setting free her inhibitions and guaranteeing that in a moment they d share the magic of her Starlit Surrender

    1 thought on “Angel in a Red Dress

    1. What a sorry excuse for a romance. I can't believe I wasted so much time reading it. I kept hoping it would get better, the hero more hero like, some semblance of a romance but nope. I would not classify this as a romance or the hero a hero.

    2. I debated long and hard about whether I was going to give this book 4 or 5 stars, but in the end, the ending left me dissastisfied. Yes, Adrian and Christia got their HEA, but after what we as the reader had been put through I wanted to read more after the fact. After the I love yous, but no I won't marry you, after almost getting caught in France as a spy for England, after getting shot mutiple times and trying to be killed by a madman, after surviving the opium, the ex wife, the ex husband, th [...]

    3. First, there is no angel and not one in red dress.Second, it is one of earlier Judith Ivory attempts' and a lot of things are not historically correct. However, the story other than the romance is fairly interesting in itself.And Adrien HuntI don't like him but I can't dislike him either. Early and down to mid story, you actually dislike him.A womanizer, who seduces, who doesn't take no for an answer, who does as he pleases cannot be an honourable man and no matter how the author tries to potray [...]

    4. That's enough. I can't take it anymore. I just really dislike the h and h.The last straw was when the heroine did this completely odd thing that I felt was too ridiculous for me to continue with the story.I'm afraid I have a hard time with Judith Ivory. She writes so so beautifully that I just want to drink up everything she writes. Her ability to capture moments in time and create a scene that I feel as if I can reach out and touch astounds me, but then the characters always leave me feeling co [...]

    5. Adrien Hunt is a spy for the English crown during the French Revolution. He is in love with Christina Bower but refuses to acknowledge this even to himself. Christina is in love also and very concerned about Adrien's covert operations. She doesn't know that he is a spy but she's figuring it out from the many clues given inadvertantly.I enjoyed this book. Christina and Adrien were both very likeable characters. I'm not much on war and whatnot but Judith Ivoy kept to the minimum on the historical [...]

    6. A favorite author recommended this book to me, which I should recognize as a warning the characters are going to take on an emotional roller coaster. Set against the back drop of the reign of terror, their personal struggles with themselves and each other echo the tumultuous time they live in.The hero and heroine are two of the most complex, difficult, emotional people I've ever read about. He's a tortured, strategically brilliant man. Name the vice and he's done it, usually with a self-destruct [...]

    7. Judith Ivory's 1988 debut. Reading this was like time travelling, back to the days when books were books and we could sink into them for a few evenings. Ivory/Cuevas wrote so very well. She brought all the scenes alive without a single cliche. But she was writing in the '80s, when there was a reason people called Romances "bodice rippers" and the "romance" in this book is far too rape-like for today's reader. The heroine is too passive, too, and the historical facts upon which the otherwise well [...]

    8. It's heartening for a would-be writer to read the first book a truly accomplished author wrote and discover that it is not nearly as good as her later novels. It tells you that you can improve, you can get betterANGEL is a reprint of Judy Cuevas's first book, STARLIT SURRENDER (1988), after which it appears she didn't publish a second book until 7 years later. One can understand why -- lots of melodrama plot, historical inaccuracies (two divorces? really??) and a really yucky rape trope (if I ma [...]

    9. 2.5 stars.Huh. A Judith Ivory book I didn't care for much. Wonders never cease. I'm sort of relieved that it's the re-release of her debut, because it's certainly not up to the standard I expect from a Judith Ivory book. So, if you're new to Ivory, don't start with this one, because the relationship is not gonna last long. I didn't care for the characters or the plot. The writing wasn't bad, but definitely not as good as I know Judith Ivory can be. Also, it's like the author didn't care for the [...]

    10. I expected much more from this book. The idea in general is not bad in the beginning. All this spying moments usually turn to be interesting, BUT. The female character is awful and inadequate. I looks like the author enjoyed just her male protagonist. However the man who falls in love with THAT woman just can't be normal. I'm so disappointed!

    11. This was a good book until he gets captured and put in that yucky prison in the dog pens. Then the details of the stuff he does to him. Yuck!

    12. But there is no angel in a red dress! More descriptive would be: The Scarlet Pimpernel: A Psychological Portrait.

    13. Still not dead?Fascinating book. The characters were hard to figure. They were complex and continually developing, which is true to life I suppose. The plot was built around the French Revolution, sometimes with horrendous details sometimes skipping months. It was tough to understand his attitude toward his bastard children, which I'm sure was common, then. The ending was a satisfying conclusion with justice served and romance firmly attached.

    14. So yes, I had stumbled with this book before, but after reading the reviews and seen that they were so low I decided to skip it and not read it. But then two days ago I stumbled into a good review of this book on and I decided to read it, not remembering that I had already decided not to read it in the past.So hence my review. i fell in love with this book, not only with the book but with Adrien, who to me has all the characteristics that i love in a hero. He is smart, witty, dominant, funny, s [...]

    15. A surprisingly tense tale, I found. Still haven't unravelled the red dress from the title - which was apparently not the original title. There's a red scarf, but it doesn't belong to anyone who could be qualified as a an angel I remember a vivid description of a blue dress though. On the whole I enjoyed this but at a time when I was grabbing a few minutes of light reading between a mountain of work, it wasn't always the entertainment I would have hoped for. The perspective on the political situa [...]

    16. Did I miss a red dress? THE red dress? Who wore it and when? That aside I liked this book well enough. There are numerous info dumps which I first skimmed and later ignored. The plots complexities have complexities and the book goes on forever. All well and good for there are those who like this sort of thing. Unfortunately the heroine is difficult to like. She has her moments but, in general, she is self-centered, self-absorbed, willful, given to tantrums. A woman whose only goal is to have her [...]

    17. This will be a good book for re-reading,t here's just so much going on in it. Caught in the midst of the French revolution as an Englishman turned operative, Adrien Hunt, earl of Kester leads a complex life, one that has no place for love, let alone marriage in it. Then he meets and becomes obsessed with Christina, a barrister's daughter and soon to be divorcee. There's a lot of emotional grappling on both sides here - she doesn't want to be a mistress, and all that that title implies. He is use [...]

    18. I read this book for the first time a couple of years ago, without reading any reviews, and I liked it, but it left me feeling a little uneasy. Nevertheless it become one of my favorite books without knowing exactly why: the writing was good, the story entertaining and intense. Now after my third read I finally know why: it is the incredibly realistic portrayal of the relationship between Adrien and Christina and that the book took almost a year's of their life. I like that the H/ h were flawed. [...]

    19. One of the best books I've read in a long time. Christina Bower is being divorced by her husband for infertility. She meets divorced Earl, Adrien Hunt, who is a charming rogue and libertine with several illegitimate children. He likes the idea of her being infertile as she is 'safe'. She becomes his mistress. He is also saving aristocracy in france from the gullotine. Very detailed characterization which I really liked. Neither of them were 'perfect' and had many flaws and ups and downs in their [...]

    20. I didn't like this one as much as the other Judity Ivory books I've read, though as I said in another Ivory review, I don't think she can write a bad book. This one was just annoying. Annoying, dramatic characters. It had plenty that was good about it to keep me reading to the end, though. Since there are so few Judith Ivory books, fans of hers should certainly read this one -- keeping in mind that it was her first book published, almost 20 years ago.

    21. I really enjoyed the book! I love the fact that it was told over a long time period and that the characters knew what they were getting themselves into. In part two christina was fully aware of what the relationship was all about and was willing to enjoy it if she did not think it would not last. (but I must say was confused with her behavior in France!). All in all it was a good and interesting book. She could have toned down the torture scene at the end.

    22. One of the blackest black moments I ever reador succession of themd complex, compelling characters. The new title didn't make sense to me (did I miss an important red dress in the story?)so I'm remembering this under the original title, Starlit Surrender (under the Judy Cuevas name.) Now I need more Ivory/Cuevas, and *now.* This is what I want in historical romance. Ms. Ivory/Cuevas, come home, all is forgiven. We will leave the light on.

    23. I adore Judith Ivory aka Judy Cuevas, but this renamed reissue of a very early novel is the only thing I've read by her that I don't wholeheartedly recommend. Since I'mlabeling this as her worst, allow me to steer you to her best: The Indiscretion, a wholly delightful and delicious Victorian-era romance with two beautifully rendered protagonists.

    24. This book had heated romance and passion, elements I love in a book :P. Although I found the story hard to get and keep up with, I still enjoyed it and will be buying more of Judith Ivory's novels in the future.

    25. Got about half-way through and gave up on it. At that point the plot and the heroine became quite stupid, and I wasn't engaged enough by the characters to want to carry on regardless. Definitely not an "unputdownable" book.

    26. A reprint of one of the author's early titles, this is a Scarlet Pimpernel inspired story and so much more I really enjoyed it and would recommend it for any Judith Ivory/Judy Cuevas fan, despite its flaws (in this case too much exposition about politics, pacing problems, etc.).


    28. Good. A lot of jumping around. Like all Ivory books, some plot details seem unrealistic. Last one for now. Waiting for another from this author.

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