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  1. Streatfeild is best remembered for her children's books, notably Ballet Shoes et al, but last year I read Saplings, her WWII novel of lost childhood, which has been reprinted by Persephone. Much of her other work remains hard to find and even this biography is out of print; hurrah for public libraries.I thought Saplings was fantastic and I wanted to learn more about the writer. This biography answered the basics but I felt it skipped or glossed over parts of her private life. Perhaps this was fr [...]

  2. A fantastic and informative biography about one of my favourite authors. I always identified with her troublesome characters as I was a trouble maker myself and it was interesting to find out that they were based on Noel herself and how the characters from her autobiographical novel "A Vicarage Family" were based on members of her family. I also enjoyed reading about her acting career and how she helped in the war and ended up writing books. Angela Bull's enthusiasm for Streatfeild's writing com [...]

  3. This is a short but serviceable biography, particularly interesting on the differences (and there are a lot) between Streatfeild's "autobiographies" and her real life. This makes me want to track down more of Streatfeild's adult novels, as I've only read Saplings (ETA: and have now read a few others, though they're hard to find). I'd have liked it a little more in-depth in places; Streatfeild's personal life gets rather lost later in the book.

  4. Noel Streatfeild (1895 - 1986) was an English author best known for her children's book "Ballet Shoes". This thoroughly researched biography describes a strong and energetic character who, after a conventional childhood in a provincial vicarage, worked in the London theatre and became a prolific writer of books for both adults and children.

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