- By Ana Novac Myrna Goldenberg

The Beautiful Days of My Youth: My Six Months In Auschwitz and Plaszow

  • Title: The Beautiful Days of My Youth: My Six Months In Auschwitz and Plaszow
  • Author: Ana Novac Myrna Goldenberg
  • ISBN: 9780805050189
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Beautiful Days of My Youth My Six Months In Auschwitz and Plaszow On scraps of paper hidden by friends and strangers until their dying moments young Ana Novac kept a diary in Auschwitz a testimony that deserves to become one of the most treasured books of our time

    On scraps of paper hidden by friends and strangers until their dying moments, young Ana Novac kept a diary in Auschwitz, a testimony that deserves to become one of the most treasured books of our time.

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    1. If you've ever read The Diary of a Young Girl and felt like you'd like to read more about that time and age, The Beautiful Days of My Youth is the book for you. But be prepared for a story that will take your breath away and probably break your heart as well.Ana Novac survived Nazi Germany. She said she thinks that maybe she's immortal. Because she went through so much and still never died. This is the story of a survivor.And maybe the reason why she survived was her writing. She managed to get [...]

    2. Moving story of life for one who lived through the the Hallocaust. Some of my favorite quotes from the book that tells the sickening story and survival of Ana Novac." tears are the first thing to dry up.""Nothing stimulates the imagination like hunger.""The idea occurs to me that beggars aren't aware of their humiliation, or don't care about it. It exists only in the minds of the well fed.""When does the silence between to people begin to 'smell' sneaky? At what point do you start to dodge your [...]

    3. "Mi chiedo se esista, in qualche luogo, un altro buco come questo, nel quale Dio è praticamente sempre sul banco degli imputati." (p. 64)"Ho attraversato l'inferno e ho incontrato un essere umano. Forse riuscirò a diventare adulta." (p. 126)

    4. Enigszins cynische beschrijving van de persoonlijke ervaringen gedurende de maanden die een 16jarig meisje in de concentratie kampen doorbracht. Ze kan beslist schrijven, al is dit de zeer geeditte versie van zeer veel jaren daarna. Gruwelijk natuurlijk. Ze heeft het overleeft omdat ze -al in dat woord hier niet op zin plaats- af en toe geluk gehad heeft dat iemand zich enigszins over haar ontfermde. En een karakter heeft dat zeer goed kan doorzetten. Mogelijk heeft ze gelijk, en is het juist om [...]

    5. While it was interesting, I thought that it was very confusing It gives insight into a different part of the concentration camps. A lot of the women were killed upon entrance to the concentration camps, but obviously, some made it through. It seems to me that they were treated nicer than the men, but they were still exposed to suffering that no human should ever have to experience. About 400 pages are missing from her account of the concentration camps, and that makes this a very confusing book [...]

    6. As a librarian, I see a lot of books go through my hands. I'll be the first to admit that there are some books that look better to me than others. As soon as I saw this book I KNEW I had to read it. I cannot even begin to describe the roller coaster of feelings I went through while reading it. The end was very abrupt, but the Epilogue helped to give a better sense of closure. I consider myself a very empathetic person so some of this book was very difficult for me read, but I COULD NOT stop. It [...]

    7. I think what turned me off the book, was this endless comparison to The Diary of Anne Frank's, Schindler's list, etc, it is a well written story, it simply did not grab me, some thoughts seemed incomplete, now I realize the book was written from notes of which some were in bad condition.I cannot begin to imagine or comprehend the horrors of life in a concentration camp, as well one needs to be careful, not to be considered an Anti Semite, as only those persons who survived these horrors would kn [...]

    8. Through luck,divine providence or just being in the right place at the right time with others to help her this young girl was able to survive the WW II holocaust. Somehow the scraps of paper and notebooks on which she kept her journal survived or enough of them survived for her to reconstruct the time she spent in concentration camps. It is a relatively quick read and though written with a light touch the horror of the treatment of a minority by a brutal majority (not just the perpetrators, but [...]

    9. I did a book report on this in fifth grade and it's interesting to see how my perceptions have changed. As an 11 year old, I was mostly impressed with how she preserved her diary through memorization and hiding scraps of paper in her shoes, now I focused more on the words. I don't understand how this is not more known.

    10. This book was very easy to read. I find many holocaust books to be heavy (and rightfully so) but Ana Novac found a way to keep it light. Her writing style is beautiful, playing on my emotions without me expecting it.

    11. It's hard to rate this book, because it's really someone's personal journal that somehow (mostly) survived 6 months at Auschwitz and other internment camps. It was an interesting perspective into the mind of a teenage girl in a horrible situation. Sad and enlightening. A quick and easy read.

    12. While this book should have been great, it failed miserably.Very disjointed.I could read all the words, and I could read all the sentences, it just didn't tell much of a story. Especially for a true account.

    13. In the four-page author's foreword, she looks back at her childhood/adolescent self who started writing during two years in a convalescent sanatorium, where she wrote to her mother in the form of a journal "in a place where besides meals, the only events were your thoughts."

    14. Ik ben halverwege gestopt. Het is een onderwerp waar ik enorm veel boeken van heb en dit heeft me niet echt bekoord.Ondanks dat wat ze heeft beleefd heel heel erg is,toch vond ik het heel moeilijk lezen.

    15. verschrikkelijk wat hier gebeurde maar het boek kon me niet raken en ik geraakte er ook helemaal niet in.

    16. Quick reada little difficult to follow at times as far as dates / places go. At the end there is an appendix that elaborates on specifics (dates / places) mentioned in the diary.

    17. Deník čtrnáctileté slečny z koncentračních táborů. Věku slečny odpovídá i vyprávění. Ana byla v deníku jednou z těch, kteří neměli nasazené růžové brýle, ale kteří viděli.

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