- By Deb Brammer Grace Kim

Peanut Butter Friends In A Chop Suey World (Light Line)

  • Title: Peanut Butter Friends In A Chop Suey World (Light Line)
  • Author: Deb Brammer Grace Kim
  • ISBN: 9780613839914
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Peanut Butter Friends In A Chop Suey World Light Line None


    1 thought on “Peanut Butter Friends In A Chop Suey World (Light Line)

    1. Soooo I accidentally stumbled upon this book. The only thing I remember about this is that it was like my favorite book in fifth grade lol.

    2. About this book:“When Amy's family moves to Taiwan to begin missionary work, she is determined to be a good missionary. But the neighborhood girls laugh at her, and Sunday services at the Chinese church become an ordeal. It seems that the only place she feels comfortable is at the English-speaking school with her peanut butter friends.”Series: As of now, no. Spiritual Content- All about being missionaries & the mission field; Prayers, blessings over food & thanking God; Scriptures ar [...]

    3. This book has had 7 printings and has been used by various mission agencies to prepare MK's for the mission field.

    4. This is an excellent book. It’s about a girl whose family moves to Taiwan to become missionary’s but what she didn’t know is what’s it gonna be like. She struggles with something. If you want to find out then read the book! So funny!!

    5. This book was a really good story about a MK whose new life wasn't at all like she expected at first. The reading level is probably around 5th grade, but I would recommend it to any age level.

    6. In many ways, I understand how Amy felt. I once moved to a new country, but I at least spoke the language and had some family there. I had to deal with making new friends, and with feeling very left out. I liked looking at things from Amy's point of view. The transition between two countries is very difficult, but I thought Deb Beamer handled it well. The story was pretty good, but the writing was just okay. Amy was very mature, and very independent. I'm not sure I liked that. I like it when kid [...]

    7. This was a very realistic book; I think I would probably act the same way the MC did if I were in her place. I like how the MC learned to not try to change people, but to let God do that.

    8. Amy Kramer's family moves to Taiwan where her parents plan to work as missionaries. Amy and her brother attend the international school where Amy meets her "peanut butter friends," people she can understand and relate to. But she would also like to make "chop suey friends" with the Chinese girls in her neighborhood and perhaps bring them over to the church. This proves difficult since Amy only knows a handful of words in Chinese and the only seem to want to call her names like "a-tok-a" or "big- [...]

    9. One of my favorite novels in elementary school. Simple, but still allowed me feel like I was grappling with real problems and think about those things.

    10. This book was pretty good. The only disadvantage is that, being a 5th grader, it was kinda "little-kiddy". Of course I'm not being picky about the books that I read, I enjoy all books. I rate this book A+.

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