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Nirvana: The Biography

  • Title: Nirvana: The Biography
  • Author: Everett True
  • ISBN: 9780306815546
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nirvana The Biography As the assistant editor of Melody Maker Everett True was the first journalist to cover the Seattle music scene in early and interview Nirvana He is responsible for bringing Hole Pavement Sound

    As the assistant editor of Melody Maker, Everett True was the first journalist to cover the Seattle music scene in early 1989 and interview Nirvana He is responsible for bringing Hole, Pavement, Soundgarden, and a host of other bands to international attention He introduced Kurt Cobain to Courtney Love, performed on stage with Nirvana on numerous occasions, and famouslyAs the assistant editor of Melody Maker, Everett True was the first journalist to cover the Seattle music scene in early 1989 and interview Nirvana He is responsible for bringing Hole, Pavement, Soundgarden, and a host of other bands to international attention He introduced Kurt Cobain to Courtney Love, performed on stage with Nirvana on numerous occasions, and famously pushed Kurt onto the stage of the Reading Festival in 1992 in a wheelchair Nirvana The Biography is an honest, moving, incisive, and heartfelt re evaluation of a band that has been misrepresented time and time again since its tragic demise in April 1994 following Kurt Cobain s suicide True captures what the band was really like He also discusses the music scene of the time the fellow bands, the scenes, the seminars, the countless live dates, the friends and allies and drug dealers Drawn from hundreds of original interviews, Nirvana The Biography is the final word on Nirvana, Cobain, and Seattle grunge.

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    1. Just from the title (Nirvana: The True Story - geddit?) I should have known - this is another self-promotional exercise a la Nick Kent, in which the writer attempts to convince us that he's as important as his ostensible subjects. His justification? He knew Courtney Love, drove around in the van a few times with Nirvana, even got up and sang with them on occasion. All well and good, and the fact that he was a Beat Happening fan from way back is great too, because he's able to put the whole Olymp [...]

    2. All right, i'm a huge fan of Nirvana, and I do enjoy picking up books that have to do with music. The downside is they usually fail me, unless they are written properly.This book is MASSIVE, in my opinion, a Nirvana book does not have to be 500+ pages. They had a short-lived career; Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic went on to prusue other careers in music, and Kurt Cobain died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. I mean, we don't need another biography on Nirvana. 1989-1994, FIVE YEARS. [...]

    3. fucking everett true. don't waste your time on this shit. everett is way more entranced by his own imagined celebrity than anything else. this book was outrageously long--over 500 pages, & it was published on that irritatingly thick paper that weighs like three timesmore than normal paper, so the books weighed like ten pounds. ten fucking pounds of everett true bragging about being friends with kurt cobain. no one gives a fuck, dude. read this is you are an obsessive nirvana fan, maybe, or i [...]

    4. At one point it had really felt we could've changed things, but with his suicide it was finally proved to me, irrevocably, this is what happens when you try to fuck with the system.Everett True was - pretty much - there from the start. Working for Melody Maker at the time, he was the first journalist in the UK to delve into the music scene of Seattle and the surrounding area. He travelled around the world with Nirvana, performed on stage with them multiple times, spent hour after hour with them, [...]

    5. Easily the best Nirvana biography I have read. I was initially interested in reading this book because it was written by Everett True, who dedicated music fans might remember as the guy who "broke" Sub-Pop into the national consciousness with his early Melody Maker profiles. Of course, if you were old enough and cool enough you probably knew about that whole world much earlier, but I was young enough and uncool enough for it to be news to me. I remember one time in high school these older kids c [...]

    6. My own interest in grunge music has been delayed. I was probably a little too young for Nirvana to truly appreciate them "back in the day". I was 9 years old when "Nevermind" was released. I remember seeing a "big kid" wearing a t-shirt with the "Nevermind" album cover, and thinking that it was just mean. And then there's the fact that I come from the "opposite side of the train tracks" from Kurt Cobain. My parents were extremely stable, educated people. Democrats, for sure, and surely concerned [...]

    7. “Sister [Sonic Youth’s 1987 album] is more bad acid trips I never took,” stated Courtney Love to me in 1992, “plus physics or psychics, Philip K. Dick, astronomy, best bending of English and football, no boyfriends at all, no girlfriends either, lots of cigarettes and bad drugs, a frozen spring in a room all alone for six months not talking to anyone except the regulars at the strip bar. Bad wine and the same old stinky old nightie and trench coat, big holes in my shoes all over NYC, unt [...]

    8. was this book about Nirvana, Kurt Cobain or Courtney Love? I found myself questioning that through the whole book, while the author seemed very knowledgeable about Nirvana he barley mentioned the members Krist and Dave he seemed completely obsessed with Courtney and even mentions that he had a crush on her , I really wasnoyed by this the only thing ms Love had too do with Nirvana was the fact she was married to Kurt yet she was talked about at length through the book, I did however enjoy the aut [...]

    9. Plenty of interesting Nirvana history here, but discerning fact from fiction amid Everett True's "I was a big part of this story" delivery is problematic. Could just as easily have been titled Me and Nirvana by Everett True.

    10. Like the name implies: this is a story of a band. To get inside the man, read Heavier Than Heaven : A Biography of Kurt Cobain.I recently read both of these books back-to-back because these are the two books out of three that are most commonly described as "accurate" (the third one being Come As You Are). Since Azerrad's book was not available in my local libraries at the moment, and having already seen the documentary "Kurt Cobain: About a Son" which featured Azerrad's audio interviews that wer [...]

    11. I read this book after Cross's, which I loved because it was written very well and made you feel closer to the actual person that was Kurt Cobain. Now I wanted to know more about the bandThis book offered that but it kept going back to the drama that was Kurtney. I know that is the cornerstone of the demise but it would have been nice to get more into Dave and Krist. It was very cool to read the transcripts from the interviews and understand what it was like to travel with them and experience th [...]

    12. I should preface this review by saying I skimmed about 100 pages early on, maybe pages 90-190, because this book is very long and I didn't particularly care to hear a retelling of the part of the story where Nirvana gets signed to Geffen. Using the index, I later went back and perused a few pages in this section, but not many.Is this the definitive Nirvana book? No, for a few reasons. Everett True has tunnel vision; the story he tells is very clearly geared to a limited set of interests: Kurt Co [...]

    13. Everett True was a writer for Melody Maker magazine in the late 80s and helped break 'grunge' in Britain before it was a well known thing in the U.S. He was also personal friends with Courtney Love and to some extent Kurt Cobain, so he brings a personal aspect to this biography that's missing from most other journalist's attempts at understanding the band or Cobain. True doesn't simply tell the story of Nirvana -- he posits that they were misunderstood as a Seattle grunge band, and to truly unde [...]

    14. As a longtime fan of Nirvana, I was intrigued to read this extensive biography about Nirvana. It had some positives and negatives. I think that Mr. True did a nice job interviewing dozens and dozens of individuals close to the band to paint a comprehensive picture of the inner-workings of Nirvana, and share "insider" information. He didn't shy away from pointing fingers at the impact that Courtney Love had on not only the demise of Kurt Cobain, but the poisonous impact she had on the band overal [...]

    15. I didn't believe it was still possible to discover any uncharted waters as it pertains to Cobain and Nirvana, but this book did that. I have volumes upon volumes of books and DVD's of this material, and somehow this bio revealed new dimensions to the tragic saga. This writer brought a personal,much greater in depth touch, to counter most of the self-created mythology around this subject matter.The author is just about super annoying, but he delved way deeper into the very environments that creat [...]

    16. A different style of biography written by the journalist who knew them best. Plenty opinionated and occasionally annoying (enough with the "kurtney" phrase!), Everett True nevertheless gives a real insiders glimpse into the band from the early gigs to the chaotic final days. Jammed pack full of obscure info and endnotes, comprehensive interviews, even True's own Melody Maker pieces, this really is in many ways the definitive take on the Nirvana story. True has no time for the myth-making or lege [...]

    17. Единственная изданная у нас «биография» Нирваны, которую я не прочитал, хотя купил в далёком 2009-ом, когда она только вышла. Тогда начал читать и отложил, т.к. по какой-то причине Эверетт не считает зазорным править цитаты музыкантов, у которых он берет интервью. В результате, [...]

    18. This is the last word and definitely the most respectable biography of the band (until Dave or Krist takes on the task), blowing the likes of "Heavier and Heaven" out of the water. Weaving in accounts from the people most close to Kurt and the band, the man who was the first British journalist to cover the music scene in late 80's Seattle. In his journey, he enlightens die hard fans with reconstituted interviews and unheard anecdotes from the people who truly have respect for the man who was one [...]

    19. Dear Kurt Cobain;I now know every single thing someone who didn't know you could know. I would have killed myself too.Love Deann(I'm being sarcastic of course). I've read so many books about Nirvana/Cobain that it's impossible to tell fact from fiction. No one will ever know. It's all speculation about every single aspect of this man's life. He could have been born at a different hour than his birth certificate states. He could have never met Courtney Love for all we know anymore. (More sarcasm) [...]

    20. I don't think Everett True is a great writer, but I was fascinated with his presentation of the story, nonetheless. He drew a lot of material from people like Slim Moon and Toby Vail who were involved with the Olympia music scene that Nirvana came from. It was great getting that context. Sometimes, his use of quotes was hard to follow as he did not use a ton of signal phrases indicating who was speaking. I didn't realize how bad things got for Kurt Cobain after the release of Nevermind and the b [...]

    21. I would have given this 5 stars if Everett True had tried to edit a little of his boasting out of the book. Seriously, cutting out his "I was the most important music journalist of the time" crap would have eliminated 100 pages and made the book the perfect length. Other than that, I feel like he did a pretty good job of handling everyone's story instead of making this all about Kurt. I also got some pretty good music recommendations out of this so I'll commend him on that.It's a good read, but [...]

    22. This book was HUGE! over 700 pages and super annoying in terms of how detailed it was. Written by the English journalist that introduced Courtney Love to Kurt Cobain. It was ok, but still did not accomplish the feat of giving the reader any insight into how or who Cobain really was. I think I found it annoying in the same way you find your parents annoying, knowing when it comes down to it, you will probably do it exactly the same. Oh, yeah - the footnotes in this thing were OUT OF CONTROL.

    23. this is a very good book. it is written by Nirvana's good friend Everett True, who is a music journalist who was very good friends with kurt cobain, dave grohl and krist novoselic. Everbody make assumptions when they hear about nirvana and choose to believe rumours. This book tells the truth about nirvana, the 90's music scene and kurt cobain.why i read this book- cause i like nirvana and i wanted to know more about them. I also needed to complete a music assingment about them.who would i recome [...]

    24. Whatever Everett True tells you in his introduction this is NOT a biography of Nirvana. At least not solely. A lot of this book is True's memoirs and a lot is about other bands in the scene. That doesn't mean it's not an enjoyable read -- it is. But if I hadn't read 'Come as You Are' and 'Heavier Than Heaven' I would have been lost without all the other bands. The best bio on Nirvana is still 'Come As You Are' by Michael Azzerad.

    25. Extremely long view into the Life of Kurt Cobain.I couldnt help but feeling sad for this amazing man,it seems his whole life was a parallel fight between his demonse first time i heard "smells like teen spirit" i had a automatic connection with this band and viewing his life closeup through affiliates he worked with makes you wonder what the "dream" is all about.Compelling read Mr True did it good justice

    26. Best bio about Nirvana you will find!Unlike "Heavier Than Heaven", the most popular bio, that focus on Kurt Cobain and was written by a friend of Courtney Love, this one is written by Everett True, a guy that was there in Seattle when the grunge music was born.Full of inside information about Nirvana and the grunge music itself, a lot of pages and rare photos.

    27. If you can get through all of the author's fanboy reminiscing without rolling your eyes too hard, there is some legitimately interesting biographical info about the band, it's members, and people who were part of the Olympia scene at the time. He even managed to get Tobi Vail to go on the record about her relationship with Kurt. Enjoyed it a lot and I'm not even a big fan of theirs.

    28. Yes, we all know this book doesn't exactly promise a happy ending. But the path Kurt and Company took to our eardrums was almost as interesting as the music that changed the world (if only for a little while). No small feat. If only the book had slagged Pearl Jam a bit less and Courtney a bit more

    29. Thoroughly enjoyable. Trailed off a bit at the end, when Kurt was off his tits on heroin, and Everett really in the thick of it. The writing tails off with fun of the book.Good because placed well in the scene, rather than the idea they came from nowhere and changed everything. always good to see sonic youth get their dues :)

    30. Good rambling account of Cobain with plenty of antiheroics and downright stupidity from all involved. A brave attempt at pinning down the unpindownable: the motivations for music makers and followers, and an explanation of their tastes (for which there is no accounting).Could have used some editing. Ah, maybe not.

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