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Thief of Hearts

  • Title: Thief of Hearts
  • Author: Teresa Medeiros
  • ISBN: 9780553563320
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thief of Hearts From the storm lashed decks of a pirate schooner to the elegant grounds of an English estate comes a spellbinding tale of love and deception only the remarkable bestselling author Teresa Medeiros can

    From the storm lashed decks of a pirate schooner to the elegant grounds of an English estate comes a spellbinding tale of love and deception only the remarkable bestselling author, Teresa Medeiros can tell it.An Innocent BeautyPrim and pampered, Lucinda Snow knew little of men and nothing of danger, until the fog shrouded night she found herself abducted and at the meFrom the storm lashed decks of a pirate schooner to the elegant grounds of an English estate comes a spellbinding tale of love and deception only the remarkable bestselling author, Teresa Medeiros can tell it.An Innocent BeautyPrim and pampered, Lucinda Snow knew little of men and nothing of danger, until the fog shrouded night she found herself abducted and at the mercy of the legendary Captain Doom Ruthless and mocking, tender and virile, the notorious pirate awakened all Lucy s passionate longings, then abandoned her with nothing but a kissA Pirate s PrizeNow safely at home, the alluring waif is tormented by treacherous memories and by the presence of Gerard Claremont, her mysterious new bodyguard Everything about him, from his forbidding size to his impertinent manner, sparks her defiance And even when Gerard s smile turns seductive, no one can make her forget Doom Yet only when Lucy s path crosses the captain s once , will she learn who is on a voyage of retribution, and who is out to steal her heart

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    1. May 15 2016 Re-read: oh how I adore Gerard Claremont!! I really think this book has potential to be even better than it is, even though it's a fantastic book as it is now. I would so love another chapter or two which tells us more about how Gerard and Lucy reunited. A few pages aren't enough!! Still one of my favorite pirate stories. 5 stars all the way!Original Review:I have read quite a few books from Teresa Medeiros and liked most of them. So to begin the review I have to say she is my kind o [...]

    2. This book had me at hello, great beginning. When Captain Doom says with a hand flat over his chest. "Your mistake, man," he said softly. "The little wench damn near got my heart." I do believe folks this is called foreshadowing.I delight in stories where the characters conflict with each other and you can literately see as you read the characters change, grow, and come together. I can already sense Lucy is going to have a lot of growing up to do and I can't wait to see how Gerard pushes her into [...]

    3. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 5 parts.Just read 2 chps or so. Couldn't read more today, was busy. The basic of the novel I understand, nothing so uncommon but the prologue was very heart wrenching. Let's see how this one goes. :)**************I'm not exactly unhappy with this one since I really like TM's writing but I'm not exactly excited about it yet. The plot is good but nothing new, the whole bodyguard thing with the dash o [...]

    4. Really enjoyed this story about a 19th century pirate who falls in love with the daughter of his enemy (after much resistance). The H Gerard and the h Lucy; both have tragic back stories and were quite relatable and human. Gerard is a former street urchin turned naval officer who eventually becomes a pirate because of a betrayal and is out for revenge for most of this story. He also believes Lucy to be a hindrance to his plans for retribution and fights his feelings for her rather convincingly. [...]

    5. I loved it! Will write a proper review once I am able to stop smiling :) ;)------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oh, what a lovely little gem of a book! It was just as a story should be- a solid characterization, which made the characters feel real and their actions believable, a storyline that was never predictable, two strong main characters that grew and matured over the course of the book and above all, Medeiros beautifully woven words, her writing a c [...]

    6. So this might be the most difficult review that I've ever written. I want to say so much, but to avoid any spoilers, I'll have to say very little. I found it a bit difficult to originally get in to this book because Lucy's love interest changes from her pirate abductor to her bodyguard within the first four chapters. I found it difficult to change gears. This book is laced with action and mystery. I never knew exactly what was going on, who was good, and who was evil. Lucy was a spirited heroine [...]

    7. Lucina Snow has her world turned upside down when her voyage, of which she went in place of her father, is interrupted by the notorious Captain Doom. When she's kidnapped she fears the worst. But when Doom, a young and bearded man, shows restraint and, gasp!, even gentlemanly treatment, she's intrigued. When she stabs him in the shoulder she leaves a lasting impression. He forces her overboard to be rescued by the navy with the point of taking a message to her father: Captain Doom is coming to c [...]

    8. Not a bad book, the twists were predictable but interesting none the less. The problem I have with it is, now that the book is over I have a feeling that within a boring week with each other the couple would become bored and restless and split up.Good thing the book ended when it did.

    9. 2.5I've always liked the romance between a bodyguard and his protectee (for a lack of a better word). However, this is probably only second book that I've read with this trope (i need to read more!). I enjoyed the first half of the book way more than the second half. The second half kind of dragged.

    10. Wow. I don't know what else to say. This book had everything I love about HR. The writing was amazing, the characters were perfect and the story line was exciting and unpredictable. Well not totally unpredictable, but I still enjoyed wondering what was coming next! I need to make a separate shelf of my all time favorite romances and this will be on it for sure!I think I have finally come to the conclusion that I'm an early 90s HR fanatic haha! Meaning that all my favorite books so far were publi [...]

    11. da sognipensieriparoleNon avevo dubbi sul fatto che anche questo libro della Medeiros mi sarebbe piaciuto.Che scriva romance oppure paranormal (le favolose sorelle Cabot e i loro vampiri), quest'autrice riesce a conciliare azione e passione, con tanta e tanta ironia, e pure un pizzico di malinconia.Lucy è deliziosa, lei e il suo parasole d'assalto!I suoi tentativi di fiaccare il suo tenebroso bodyguard sono spassosi, e Carpenter non le rende a sua volta le cose facili, innescando una girandola [...]

    12. I LOVED it!!! Yes, once again our girl finds HERSELFI do love that in a story.Gerard is wonderful, well, except for when he's NOTCaptain Dooma heart? None? I enjoyed finding out.A secondary character that I loved: SMYTHEYes, I'd read it again.

    13. I really liked this. This is HR with some real substance and action- it's a pirate story set in the Napoleonic era. The main characters are fully developed and likeable, there is a depth of feeling that comes through and keeps you reading, and it does have a satisfying ending. I'm going 4 stars instead of 5 only because there was a time where I felt like the story was moving a bit slowly (in the middle), and Lucy and Gerard both had moments where I felt their actions were a tad silly- Lucy could [...]

    14. I don't typically review the romances I read (although I read a lot of them!), but this one is an exception. The author is a recent discovery for me, and I've enjoyed reading all of her books so far, but this one was a cut above the rest. It's difficult to say why, although I think it's because the hero and heroine are both so well fleshed out in this book. The hero is handsome (of course!) but with a conflicted past, a thirst for (justifiable) revenge, and dark corners in his soul. The heroine [...]

    15. This is the second book I've read of this author, and after this, I will give her another try. I really liked Devil Wears Plaid, but this one was so-so for me. I really liked Gerard, and the pirate thing works for me, but Lucy took some time to get use to, and even after I did get use to her, I didn't really like her. To go from mouse who follows her father blindly, to a defiant and independent woman, I really didn't see a transformation, more of a 'oh, I have a brain' sort of moment.A few thing [...]

    16. I always want to like Theresa Medieros' books more than I end up liking them. This one is the same.Girl meets Pirate. Pirate wants revenge on girl's father. Pirate infiltrates Girl's family to get his revenge. Pirate falls for girl.Sounds like fun, right? But I think that even though Medieros' always has big stakes and huge drama in her books, it is her lighthearted tone that pulls away the impact of them for me. Big, serious issues are written about, but the tone of the writing is almost comica [...]

    17. I wouldn't put this book up with the very greatest of Teresa Medeiros' books -- it's not as innovative and entertaining as BREATH OF MAGIC or TOUCH OF ENCHANTMENT, and it's not as intense as SHADOWS AND LACE. But it's still one of her best early novels. The prologue, where the girl sees a phantom pirate ship bearing down on her with tyrannical intent, is some of the best writing I've ever seen in a romance novel -- incredibly seductive and yet very subtle. Once the main plot starts, things get r [...]

    18. I did give it an overall rating of 4.5 but the book was a solid 5/5. The only reason I didn't give it the 5/5 it deserved was because I felt the ending was a bit too abrupt. I would've liked a bit more about their HEA or a epilogue but apart from that it was simply wonderful!Teresa Medeiros is an amazing author and there isn't a single book of hers that I've read which I haven't enjoyed immensely. She is definitely on my auto-buy list :)

    19. I LOVED this book! It was funny, heartbreaking, sensual, suspensefull that and more. Though there were times I wanted to slap either Lucy, Gerard, or both, I loved them and they were perfect for each other. I especially liked Lucy's interactions with the pirate crew. If you love historical pirate romances, don't let this one go by.

    20. These days it takes a lot for a historical romance to engage my interest. I need a certain mood or state of mind, I guess to devour one like I usually dobut it could also be the busy festive season that distracted me from this book so very often.In terms of plot, this story sure had enough twists and turns. For a pirate hero book, though, I wish they had spent more time at sea. That's what I enjoyed the most. I want to see Captain Doom in action more! There's only one real battle scene to mee se [...]

    21. Любов, предателство, възмездие. Всичко накуп и много приключения в добавка.

    22. baca ini novel ky nnton pirates of caribbean tanpa captain jack sparrow -gak seruuu- XDada legenda captain doom yg mirip ama davy jones, dia versi ganteng n muda davy jones keknyaPas baca karakter Gerard Claremont aka Doom yg jadi korban khayalan gw so pasti Gaspard ullielrambut item, cakep, suka ngomong french, apalagi y? Pake kacamata > my kind of man, heheheJadi si doom ini perompak trkenal yg di cari2 navy nya UK.Katanya dia suka pake kalung telinga2 org2 yg dia bunuh, trus dia jg kata ny [...]

    23. Lucy Snow is a woman who hides her passions below an icy exterior in order to win her Admiral father's love. The more she tries the less she succeeds as the Admiral is on a power trip to avenge his wife's infidelity on their innocent daughter. Lucy's life is thrown into turmoil when she's abducted by the infamous pirate Captain Doom; thoroughly kissed and then let go in order to send a message to the Admiral. Secretly romantically infatuated with Captain Doom, Lucy finds that her father has hire [...]

    24. This is a great book! One of my favorites by Ms. Medeiros! Now, this book might not be for everyone. It is a damsel in distress type book.Updated 11-25-14Lucina (Lucy) Snow, is the daughter of a retired Royal Navy Admiral who has just hired Gerard Claremont as Lucy's bodyguard because of Captain Doom's abduction of her at the very beginning of the book. Of course, Captain Doom's man mistook Lucy for the Admiral (who is Doom's enemy). Later it all comes out that Gerard IS Captain Doom and the Adm [...]

    25. Akhirnya bisa juga menyelesaikan buku ini. Fiuh. Pada dasarnya saya kurang suka sama tema bajak laut dan entah kenapa tiap baca novel HR bertema bajak laut, ceritanya selalu saja si Heroine diculik sama Heronya. Klise banget. WhewDan di novel ini Heroinenya malah diculik dua kali sama Heronya. Langganan banget diculik nih. HihihiBercerita tentang Lucinda Snow atau Lucy, anak seorang Admiral, yang diculik oleh kapten bajak laut legendaris yang dijuluki Kapten Doom. Tapi hebatnya Lucy berhasil lol [...]

    26. Love the piratey love story. Good points:1) Hero plays a double role. Totally opposite but so noble. Love his wit and charm. Love the fact he wears glasses at times (my weakness).2) Heroine is quirky. A bit of a spoilt princess but she's able to fend for herself quite well. 3) Endearing pirate shipmates. Love the characters. Very colourful. Not slimy and dangerous at all but more like sentimental misfits. 4) Surprise character: hero's younger brother. I love him. Comes across as a fluff, all lad [...]

    27. I read this around 2008 (a junior in high school (or 3rd year in high school), 15 years old, and just newly introduced to the world of historical romance novels thanks to Johanna Lindsey's 'A Loving Scoundrel' (but half of the book I couldn't understand because this adult book is very different from the usual children's/middle grader's books I often read)). I remembered loving the premise, the intrigue on the first half of the book. By the second half I grew tired and skimmed the rest (and skipp [...]

    28. THIEF OF HEARTS - VGMedeiros, Teresa - StandalonePrim and pampered, Lucinda Snow knew little of men and nothing of danger, until the fog-shrouded night she found herself abducted - and at the mercy of the legendary Captain Doom. Ruthless and mocking, tender and virile, the notorious pirate awakened all Lucy's passionate longings, then abandoned her with nothing but a kissNow, safely at home, the alluring waif is tormented by treacherous memories - and by the presence of Gerard Claremont, her mys [...]

    29. This is a solid 3 of a book for me. I love how the author writes in some of her other books, but I struggled with this work for several reasons. One: the overuse of certain words, especially in the early chapters. Two: the misuse of certain words, like "irrelevant" instead of "irreverent", and the continuity errors. And Three: the fact that neither one or two was solved by an editor. I know it's a romance novel, but come on, people.I was looking forward to a pirate adventure but there wasn't eno [...]

    30. I would say this was a 3.5 more than a four, I really liked it stars for me. The main reason being that I found some parts of this one really s l o w. I was able to put it down and leave it (or fall asleep while reading it) and then come back to it.I liked the heroine, Lucy a lot. While she was demure and obedient to a fault with her "father" deep down she had a lot of spunk and wit that the hero, Gerard brought out in her.I also liked Gerard and figured out who he was right at the start having [...]

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