- By Derek Anderson

Gladys Goes Out to Lunch

  • Title: Gladys Goes Out to Lunch
  • Author: Derek Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780689856884
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gladys Goes Out to Lunch At the zoo Gladys eatsbananas for breakfast bananas for lunch and even bananas for dinner But one day Gladys smells something even better than bananas Could it be pizza Ice cream Or something altoge

    At the zoo Gladys eatsbananas for breakfast, bananas for lunch, and even bananas for dinner But one day Gladys smells something even better than bananas Could it be pizza Ice cream Or something altogether better

    1 thought on “Gladys Goes Out to Lunch

    1. This book is such a favorite in our house. The kids love the different voices I make when reading it eg pizza parlor and ice cream truck. It's lasting power is true because last week when my husband and I went to our youngest daughter's class to read books and brought bananas, I pointed out that we totally forgot about Gladys. If you have kids under the age of five or even older, definitely get this book for them.

    2. Gladys the Gorilla only thinks she is tired of bananas when Gladys Goes Out for Lunch, she is tempted by many, many delightful, enticing aromas. But it isn't pizza or French food that she craves it is (Silly Gladys) Banana Bread!Used for "Going Bananas: Fruit" Storytime-April, 2010,

    3. I truly enjoyed this story. Wonderful illustrations. At the end of the book is a yummy recipe, nice touch.

    4. This is a really fun book. Gladys loves bananas more than anything until one day she smells something even more amazing and follows the smell pizza. I was like, of course! pizza! Who wouldn't like that better than bananas? (it's probably my favorite food) But no, that was not what she smelled. We follow Gladys as she tries a few more things in her quest. And we are not the only ones following her--two zookeepers are in the background, following her to presumably to take her back to the zoo. Even [...]

    5. OK, let me get this out of my system. This book answers the age-old question: Where does a two hundred fifty pound gorilla go? Answer: Whereever she wants to go for lunch! It's a really appealing book about food. Don't let this tasty treat slip past you. Ah, now I can continueGladys Goes Out to Lunch by Derek Anderson tells the tale of a banana-loving gorilla who follows her nose on a trek to discover something to eat that smells delicious.Anderson's bright, cartoony illustrations are rendered i [...]

    6. Cute book for my 6-year-old. At the end of the book you'll find a recipe for Banana Bread.Excerpt from the book:Gladys loved bananas. She ate bananas for breakfast, bananas for lunch, and more bananas for dinner. One day the most delicious smell came drifting through the zoo. It smelled even better than bananas. So Gladys went out to lunch.

    7. Gladys, a gorilla, lives in a zoo and eats bananas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and while she loves it, she cannot help but be intrigued by the smell of something different to eat outside the zoo. This brightly illustrated book follows Gladys as she tries to locate the smell that caught her attention.

    8. Gladys the gorilla smells something delicious but can't figure out what it is. She eats her way across the zoo but can't find the smell. What could it be? Cute but for older audiences to get allt eh humor.

    9. Gladys (the purple gorilla) wonders if there is something better for lunch than just bananas. After sniffing out various options, she stumbles on the source of a wonderful smell. Recipe included so you can have the same wonderful smell at your house. Cartoon-y.

    10. I've been reading this for years at storytime and it is a classic to me; one of my favorite storytime books. Funny story, great colorful and engaging illustrations. Works best for toddlers (as the first/longest book) or preschool/family storytime groups.

    11. could this be my new favorite book, even though it is old? gladys goes in search of food, drawn by scents. preschool groups will enjoy the illustrations of the adorable gorilla on her quest beyond bananas.

    12. Really cute toddler and preschool storytime book. Excellent pictures, delightful story for: food, sensory, animal, zoo themes

    13. Gladys the gorilla is tired of eating nothing but bananas, until the day she smells something wonderful that lures her from the zoo in search of a new treat.

    14. Frank really loved it, and was even ask to make Banana Bread after reading it. I think we read it 4 or 5 times this week.

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