- By Penelope Casas

Discovering Spain: An Uncommon Guide (New, Updated Edition)

  • Title: Discovering Spain: An Uncommon Guide (New, Updated Edition)
  • Author: Penelope Casas
  • ISBN: 9780679765691
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Discovering Spain An Uncommon Guide New Updated Edition Revised and updated

    Revised and updated

    1 thought on “Discovering Spain: An Uncommon Guide (New, Updated Edition)

    1. (Refers mainly to the book's section on Galicia) I would highly recommend reading through this book while planning a trip to Spain, as well as taking it with you for the trip, perhaps along with a more updated, fact-based guidebook such as the Eyewitness series for opening times, costs and maps. It is a well-written, opinionated guide to the best that Spain has to offer and sets each area in its historical and cultural context well.

    2. if you go to spain, bring this book! if nothing else, forget your toothbrush your underwear, even your mascara, BRING THIS!!!!!! a friend gave to me and i'm not really even big on guide books, love to find things, but this book takes you to places you may easily miss as you wander & makes your wandering a delight!!!!!!

    3. This is the best book out there for planning a trip to Spain that I've read so far. Meticulously describing each of the unique and independent regions of Spain, the author guides you through the history, culture, foods, holidays, and best places to stay. Extremely helpful and interesting!

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