- By Yu Aikawa

Butterfly Volume 1

  • Title: Butterfly Volume 1
  • Author: Yu Aikawa
  • ISBN: 9781427818522
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Butterfly Volume In this creepy mystery a guy who despises ghosts lucky charms and all things related to the occult even anyone who is interested in the supernatural is suddenly kissed by a school girl Afterward s

    In this creepy mystery, a guy who despises ghosts, lucky charms, and all things related to the occult even anyone who is interested in the supernatural is suddenly kissed by a school girl Afterward, she informs him that she s going to buy him in order to wipe out every ghost in the world

    1 thought on “Butterfly Volume 1

    1. I have been waiting all through Lent to read Butterfly and it was definitely well worth the (extremely long) wait. Story: When I first read the back of Butterfly I thought it sounded interesting, but not necessarily original. I was absolutely wrong because the story ended up being quite different than I thought it would be. I loved how there was the main story line with how Ginji Ishikawa absolutely hates ghosts and anyone that believes in the supernatural. I'll just tell yu this one thing about [...]

    2. Ginji is a high school boy who hates anything occult. Any mention of the least thing ghostly sets him off. He’s being haunted by his brother’s ghost, which he is trying very hard to disbelieve. As we go along we learn that his brother committed suicide after being accused of a terrible thing.While out with friends, including a girl name Nachi who seems to know him from years before but Ginji doesn’t remember her, they end up at a carnival haunted house. One of the performers says something [...]

    3. I don't have much to say about this one, so I'll get right to the point.The pacing of this one was very fast and easy. The "fake ghost" concept seemed cool, yet might've been a bit confusing to grasp the point. I felt that it held up a thin line between unique and pointless.The references to underage sexual activity is a bit too much for me in this story, given the circumstances. I felt it totally unnecessary to the plot and it didn't even serve the comic relief I think it was meant to.The happe [...]

    4. Not bad, sometimes very funny, but I am bothered with many silly action scenes - this is seinen manga and really for young men mainly (by male author). :o) I understand it, but I am (as woman) still bored because it. This is not interesting for me.But certainly not so bad as Arm of Kannon! I love the other main hero, Ageha, boy transvestite who looks and behaves as girl. :o) He is really sweet. (And some classmates hate him as freak, the others like him as cute boy/girl. :o)) And first main hero [...]

    5. Warning: This review contains spoilers! I really enjoyed the striking quality of Yu Aikawa's artwork in this, the first volume of the manga, Butterfly! The main character, high-school-age Ginji's, torment over his brother's "suicide" and the frequent manifestations of his brother's "ghost" fuels Ginji's disgust for everything "paranormal" or "occult", especially for ghosts and those who believe in them. Ironically, Ginji is essentially blackmailed, by a school girl named Ageha, no less, into ass [...]

    6. cute!It's a bit tame compared to the other animes that i've been reading. watching like Bleach :)Ahhhh, love Bleach!

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