- By Joe Gores

Gone, No Forwarding

  • Title: Gone, No Forwarding
  • Author: Joe Gores
  • ISBN: 9780446403153
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Gone No Forwarding With the state threatening to yank their license over a slight infraction the investigators at DKA eager for fast cash must track down a prostitute on the run Reprint

    With the state threatening to yank their license over a slight infraction, the investigators at DKA, eager for fast cash, must track down a prostitute on the run Reprint.

    1 thought on “Gone, No Forwarding

    1. Another solid entry in the DKA Files series, this time with the gang all swinging into action to unravel why the State of California wants to yank their license over a relatively minor collections matter. Gores' style is exactly what it says on the cover: tough, taught. Very much like something his idol, Hammet might have written. But the DKA files are somewhat unique among hard boiled mysteries because they feature an ensemble cast, as opposed to your standard lone wolf PI. I'm surprised they n [...]

    2. Repo agent retraces the steps of a fellow agent, assaulted and left for dead, in order to find out why. Shares a chapter -- told from a slightly different point of view -- with Richard Parker's "Plunder Squad", as the detective drops in on a robbery crew's meeting with a few questions in his unrelated search.

    3. I enjoyed this fast paced detective story. It is part of the DKA set, about a company of repo-folk. Here the agency is being prosecuted by the state over alleged misconduct, but WHO is setting this all up. A long chase brings down a mob lawyer and assorted bad guys. Lots of idle time fun.

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