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Catwoman, Vol. 4: Wild Ride

  • Title: Catwoman, Vol. 4: Wild Ride
  • Author: Ed Brubaker Cameron Stewart Guy Davis Nick Derington
  • ISBN: 9781401204365
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • Catwoman Vol Wild Ride A thrilling new collection featuring CATWOMAN After the horrifying events in CATWOMAN RELENTLESS Selina and Holly look for relaxation on a road trip but they re in for way than they bargained f

    A thrilling new collection featuring CATWOMAN 20 24 After the horrifying events in CATWOMAN RELENTLESS, Selina and Holly look for relaxation on a road trip but they re in for way than they bargained for Guest starring Wildcat, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold and .

    1 thought on “Catwoman, Vol. 4: Wild Ride

    1. Creo haberme dado cuenta de que los números en inglés no corresponden con los números editados en español. Lo noté más que nada al fijarme en que las sinopsis de algunos volúmenes dicen cosas totalmente distintas a la que yo leí, pero bueno. Mi coso en español se llamaría Caer no es fácil, y sería la última entrega de Catwoman escrita por Ed Brubaker (si no me equivoco).Yo, como boluda que soy, leí el tercer tomo antes que cualquiera de ellos, así que, sumándole el hecho de que n [...]

    2. Excellent volume that sees Catwoman and Holly travel around the DCU, giving a great excuse for cameos by a whole host of characters as diverse as Wildcat and Captain Cold. Brubaker has an excellent handle on Selina's voice, some great dialogue dotted throughout, and although the central plot is fairly thin, there are enough fun sub-plots to keep the reader happy.The art is very cartoony,very Darwyn Cooke style, but suits the tone well.Recommended by me.

    3. I used to hate this art style when I was little. I can handle it a little better now but it’s still distracting. The story is cheesy, but it’s important for this particular series as it’s Catwoman’s redemption moment. Her first act of selflessness (they say) is discovering the serial killer clayface and trying to show him mercy, which backfires. Only escaping by cutting off clayface’s head and putting it in a freezer, she fetches Batman to dispose of her mess and recruits Holly to help [...]

    4. This is how you pace a series!Wonderful wonderful light and fun 5 issue arc that not only builds characters, but also gives readers a breather from the heavy heavy shit that happened last arc. This is clearly Brubaker displaying his ability to pace and write for a series.World: Well I found out that Guy Davis (one of my favs) did the layouts for this arc, yeah! The art is once again great, It think I don't need to talk about that anymore. The world building this time around is all about well jus [...]

    5. Ed Brubaker and Cameron Stewart take Catwoman on a DC road trip in this fourth volume of the series. In order to help her friend Holly Robinson cope with the trauma of their encounter with Black Mask, Selina determines that its time to leave Gotham. The first stop is an old farmhouse where Holly receives some one-on-one training with pugilist hero Wildcat. The ladies next make a stopover in Keystone City, where Selina and Captain Cold team up for a unique heist. The home of the original Starman, [...]

    6. It's sad that this is the end of Brubaker's run. I often find myself annoyed when Brubaker leaves an ongoing title. He sets up a really big story but he never seems to write them. At least with this run he managed to end it with a storyline that has a chance to be cool as opposed to his ending of his run on Daredevil.The art on this is good but i doesn't seem as great as the earlier volumes. The storyline itself isn't too bad. It's nice to see Wildcat show up and train Holly. I've never really r [...]

    7. This volume was certainly not as powerful as the previous three volumes of Catwoman. I understand why it exists as it provides quite a bit of levity compared to the events of "Relentless" however, in doing so I felt Catwoman lacked the substance that Brubaker has instilled so far.Essentially, this volume was a buddy road trip and was not as grounded in reality or noir as the previous volumes.I appreciate reading this because I am less anxious to complete Brubaker's run on Catwoman because I woul [...]

    8. Ed Brubaker and Cameron Stewart deliver another fantastic Catwoman tale. Its actually more like a Selina Kyle/Holly Robinson tale. Sure, Selina is a in costume at times but this is more of a personal story than a superhero type story. Their friendship seen through stops along a DCU road trip was great. Seeing Stewart get a chance to pencil some of the DCU heroes and villains that normally aren't found in these pages was really fun. This book was easily accessible and a pleasure from beginning to [...]

    9. One of the better versions of Catwoman, with her becoming more Gotham's version of Lupin and Raffles than an actual hero or villain.After a rough mission, Catwoman and her sidekick Holly go on a road trip, and all the cities are DC universe cities, so they get to cross paths with various heroes and villains, as well as having the usual adventures you see in a good road movie.Also a couple of nice interludes, where we get to see what the men in Catwoman's life are up to with her gone.A fun read t [...]

    10. As usual, I ended up getting in late on this particular Catwoman story. I'm horrible with volume numbers. But it's okay, because I loved it anyway, and I know I'd love it more if I had read the previous volumes. Selina is great. Holly is great. Even Ted and Slam were great. And Hawkgirl! I loved Hawkgirl on Justice League. (I still can't take Batman seriously, though.) So I guess now I get to see if I can get my hands on the Catwoman stories before this. Why can't we have a Catwoman movie instea [...]

    11. Since I enjoyed casually reading some She-Hulk a few weeks ago, I picked up some Catwoman stuff at the library. This was the best of what I randomly checked out as it turned out to be a fun girlpower road movie comic more than a superhero comic. I really enjoyed the friendship between Selina and Holly and the little adventures along the way.

    12. Although some readers were put off by the road trip aspect of this volume, I really enjoyed it. It gives you a chance to see the other side of Selina- the loyal best friend. There IS a villain in this one, but you only get hints of what's to come. The main focus is Selina and Holly. Brubaker is the best at writing Catwoman, he really gets inside her character, and it never feels cheesy.

    13. 3.5/5 Wild Ride may not be as exciting and interesting as the previous stories, but it's still a good one. I really love the way Selina surprises Holly. Holly is right, she really has the best best friend in the world.

    14. I enjoyed the story and seeing that side of Selina, but wasn't fussed on the style of artwork. I borrowed it from the library to read - and while I did enjoy it, it's not one I feel the need to own.

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