1 thought on “A Short History Of Air Power

  1. A very good overview of the history and development of airpower from the Wright Bros. first flights at Kittyhawk, North Carolina, to the Royal Navy's use of Sea Harrier jump-jets in the conflict with Argentina over the Falkland Islands.

  2. This would make a passable "Part I" of the history of airpower, but it leaves much to be desired as an overall history. It goes in depth, almost too much in depth, into World War I-era airpower, even as the author continually reminded the reader of the limited impact of airpower on the outcome of events. He then glosses over the interwar period, not covering the important theories and developments except by briefly glossing over them. He then again analyzes airpower in great depth through World [...]

  3. Slightly outdated. However, a very simple, concise, short history of air power. This book mainly focuses on interesting tidbits and technological innovation without getting into the politics/policy of history. A fun, quick read.

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