- By Gulshan Esther Thelma Sangster

The Torn Veil: The Best-Selling Story of Gulshan Esther

  • Title: The Torn Veil: The Best-Selling Story of Gulshan Esther
  • Author: Gulshan Esther Thelma Sangster
  • ISBN: 9780310256885
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Torn Veil The Best Selling Story of Gulshan Esther A true story of freedom and miraculous healing as a Muslim girl finds faith in Christ When Gulshan Esther a devout Muslim girl was six months old typhoid left her a cripple Her loving father took h

    A true story of freedom and miraculous healing as a Muslim girl finds faith in Christ.When Gulshan Esther, a devout Muslim girl, was six months old, typhoid left her a cripple Her loving father took her from Pakistan to England to find a cure, but the only hope the British specialist could offer was prayer Gulshan and her father made a pilgrimage to Mecca and begged AllaA true story of freedom and miraculous healing as a Muslim girl finds faith in Christ.When Gulshan Esther, a devout Muslim girl, was six months old, typhoid left her a cripple Her loving father took her from Pakistan to England to find a cure, but the only hope the British specialist could offer was prayer Gulshan and her father made a pilgrimage to Mecca and begged Allah for healing, but it was not until her father s untimely death that Gulshan began to receive an answer In her grief she wanted to die, but as she called out to God, for the first time in her life she sensed she was being heard She heard a low, gentle voice say, I won t let you die I will keep you alive I am Jesus, son of Mary As Gulshan began reading the Quran, her interest in Jesus grew, until one amazing night he appeared to her in her bedroom in a blaze of light He restored her crippled arm and leg and taught her The Lord s Prayer He told her to go to his people now her people and tell them what he had done Since that time, and to this day, she has been a joyous, obedient disciple of Christ.The Torn Veil is an amazing story of faith and determination This moving autobiography was first published in 1984 and has sold over 200,000 copies worldwide.

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    1. When John MacLean, my America pen friend, came to visit me at my village in Egypt and I was still a Muslim, I took advantage of the opportunity of his visit to Cairo to mess with his backpack and check it out and see what "conspiracy" this American might have in mind for me. You see, for us Arabs, everything is conspiracy, somebody must be plotting something averse to our good. So, anyway, I kept going through his stuff and I read his newsletters and lo and behold, there was this book. It caught [...]

    2. Fantastic, uplifting book that shows a different side to the Muslim world and the Islamic faith. I read this in a day, the story of Gulshan Esther was so gripping: how she went from a pampered, disabled cripple who was unable to do anything for herself, was healed by Jesus and went on to face prison, guns held to her head by her own brothers, poverty, and sorrow to emerge as a shining witness who refused to give up her faith. It is also a balanced view of two worlds and even allows us to see the [...]

    3. I read this book in a Spanish translation which wasn't terribly good (apparently it went to press without being proofread At All, and someone trusted Microsoft Word's grammar checker faaar too much) and even so it gripped me from first to last. Though a convert to Christianity myself at age 30 (from a faux-Christian cult), I have never tended to read much "testimony literature" as the ones I run across always seem to be the kind that might give the unwary reader the impression that once you meet [...]

    4. As Christians in the United States, we tend to neglect or ignore how to share The Gospel with the Muslim world. To be effective in sharing The Word, we must educate ourselves on Muslim culture and faith. Gulshan Esther shares her Christian testimony which is powerful and awe inspiring while being extremely respectful of her Muslim roots. Let me preface, that I find it difficult to justify spending time reading any book other than the Bible. God has a great deal of work to do in me and I hate to [...]

    5. Gulshan grew up in Pakistan, the daughter of a devout Muslim family. Typhoid as a child left her paralyzed on one side so that she needed help with even the most basic of tasks. Her father sought healing for her and it was a trip to see a specialist in England that was pivotal. The doctor indicated that the only hope of a cure for her was prayer. They then made a pilgrimage to Mecca seeking healing, which didn't happen. But it made Gulshan hungry to seek God further, particularly after her fathe [...]

    6. Born into high nobility, but with a physical disability, Gulshan is no stranger to pain and suffering. Yet, once Jesus miraculously heals her, her life gets even more complicated. Convinced that it is now her duty to evangelize to other family members and tell of Jesus's salvation, Gulshan faces persecution, being disowned by family members, threats against her own life, and even imprisonment all on account of her faith. Yet, despite all the difficulties, Gulshan remains firm in her conviction a [...]

    7. I received the book from a friend and didn't know what Glorious testimony was holding in my hands till the very moment i started reading it.I loved this book! It really touched me and had tears in my eyes. It is a story of Christ's power in relationship to man's pursuit of Him as the Bible says '' And ye shall seek me, and find me, for ye shall seek me with all your heart,-Jeremiah 29:13So, as the book says she was looking for the Lord Jesus according to the verse from the Surah of Mejrem in the [...]

    8. This is an autobiography written by a former Muslim woman who grew up in a home of privelege but was physically crippled. It is the story of her spiritual journey, of her search for God, and consequent miraculous encounter with the Risen Savior. It is a marvelous book that reminds me every time I read it, that God reaches out to all who hunger for Him and reveals Himself in ways that are utterly astonishing and profound. I am reminded also at what great cost our brothers and sisters in Muslim co [...]

    9. After reading this book on one Saturday back in June I went online and googled The author and found her live testimony on YouTube. What an amazing testimony! What I loved most was the fact her life intertwined with another women from Pakistan who at the time was around 48. In her book "I Dared to Call Him Father" they crossed paths and villages. It was amazing how God cares for each individual and wants a personal relationship with us all. Seek Him and you will Find Him!

    10. An amazing story of how a woman raised in a Muslim family in Pakistan comes to know Jesus through the Koran. She prays persistently to Him for healing from her handicap, and He reveals Himself to her and heals her. She experiences many difficulties in living for Him, due to familial and societal pressure, but stands firm and experiences help and deliverance in incredible ways.

    11. Americans tend to put God in a box and expect Him to do everything within their prescribed norms. This is the true story of a crippled Muslim girl who sought to know the truth of Jesus Christ. With only the Quran to read, and no way to leave her home, God proves once again that His hand is not slack to save to the uttermost.

    12. Books about Muslims becoming Christians have always interested me. I liked the first 3/4 of the book better than the last 1/4; the last part seemed kind of rushed and things stuck in just to get them in the book. It was amazing how she found truth and healing. Her courage despite what her family thought and did was impressive.

    13. I loved this book. It is well written and inspiring. I was also convicted by her excitement over her commitment to her faith and her devotion and reverence and excitement over the Word of God. I need more of that in my life.

    14. When i read this book, i felt what its like to be a Christian in the Muslim world. It's very inspiring for me as a person who grew up in a Christian family. This story of courage and faith is really life-changing.

    15. Absolutley stunning. I still cant forget the description of how the Lord Jesus appeared to young Gulshan, how Patros (Peter) gave her a ride on a horse chariot!! Just like old testament times !!Iam deeply touched and speechless

    16. Obviously sincere, but one has to wonder if some of the signs of radical break with her family background (name change, dress change, haircut) were necessary and may have made things more and unnecessarily difficult

    17. I very much enjoyed this book and found it inspiring. It is a story of God showing Himself in powerful ways to people who otherwise would never have had a chance to hear the gospel. It's also a story of being willing to be fully dependent on God.

    18. It was an most revealing account of the miraculous work of the Lord Jesus today. I read this book in 2007 I believe and can yet bring to memory many of its facinating details. A must read for anyone even remotely interested in the culture of muslims.

    19. Such a touching and beautiful true story. At first it seemed a little bit boring but when I read it further and further I barely could stop reading it until I finished. Very emotional and wonderful. Worth reading.

    20. Powerful message and one of the best biographies I have ever read. Radical story! God is so faithful!

    21. This is such well known story but that does not detract from the tale when you read it for yourself.Faith CAN move mountains.Inspiring.

    22. Enjoyed reading about Muslim customs and of Gulshan's miraculous conversion to Christianity. Powerful book!

    23. Such a blessing to read of this young lady's walk with our Lord Jesus! And to see how the Lord led her life, is such an encouragement to me.

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