- By Michael D. Powers

Children with Autism: A Parent's Guide

  • Title: Children with Autism: A Parent's Guide
  • Author: Michael D. Powers
  • ISBN: 9781890627041
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Children with Autism A Parent s Guide This parents reference to autism covers daily and family life early intervention educational programmes legal rights advocacy and a look at the years ahead with a chapter on adults with autism Th

    This parents reference to autism covers daily and family life, early intervention, educational programmes, legal rights, advocacy, and a look at the years ahead with a chapter on adults with autism There are parent statements to help the reader gain perspective.

    1 thought on “Children with Autism: A Parent's Guide

    1. It was a great help, especially the potty training piece. It was given to me my one of his preschool teachers. She did burn out working with him but methods were more crude at the time. They had not realized, the professionals, 50% play therapy needed to be part of play therapy. She did encourage me to place my son in our home school and it made all the difference. The small town embraced him and loved him. It did take a village. Even though his expressive skills are severely delayed people are [...]

    2. As a parent of a child with Autism I have to say that this book is absolutely horrendeous. The majority of the information given is totally and completely false and/or outdated and it is also unnecessarily negative, fully intended to frightent to mention extremely vague. There are also pages of statements made by parents who focus more on wallowing in self pity then they do on the fact that their child has a disability. They talk about trivial matters such as wanting a "normal" Christmas and the [...]

    3. Good, informative book. It gets a bit technical sometimes, but don't let that stop you from reading it if you think it would be helpful for you. Goes over what autism is, kinds of education to help kids with autism (both public schools and Applied Behavioral Analysis), special education rights (if you don't know these and have any kids w/ disabilities I recommend you read up on this because it's very important stuff), rights of individuals w/ autism, some estate planning advice (again read that [...]

    4. Well, it only took me 5 years to finish this book - great info in there though very clinical. I'm afraid to say that the last chapter "The Years Ahead: Adults With Autism" leaves a small spot of fear in my belly. I wonder if I'm doing enough with my son now so he can be independent and productive when he comes of age. *sigh*

    5. One thing about having a child with autism, there is no want for support groups and literature. I purchased this book as a school principal to help me better understand autism and how the school and the home can work together.

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