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Cautionary Tales

  • Title: Cautionary Tales
  • Author: Stephen Tobolowsky David Chen Mark Crilley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cautionary Tales Actor Stephen Tobolowsky has appeared in over movies and television shows He has played everyone from Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day to Sandy Ryerson in Glee He has amused thousands with his true st

    Actor Stephen Tobolowsky has appeared in over 200 movies and television shows He has played everyone from Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day to Sandy Ryerson in Glee He has amused thousands with his true stories on The Tobolowsky Files at Slashfilm Here he shares some homespun philosophy and true stories that prove tales of sex, drugs, and rock and roll are oftActor Stephen Tobolowsky has appeared in over 200 movies and television shows He has played everyone from Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day to Sandy Ryerson in Glee He has amused thousands with his true stories on The Tobolowsky Files at Slashfilm Here he shares some homespun philosophy and true stories that prove tales of sex, drugs, and rock and roll are often the most humiliating and almost always the most enjoyable.

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    1. Actor Stephen Tobolowsky serves up a trio of amusing and very ribald anecdotes about some kinky sexual near-encounters he experienced during the course of his life. These stories all put a smile on my face, but I can't say I bought into the overall "lesson" he ultimately derived from them.

    2. I like Singles because I like shorter pieces. In a related matter, I love anthologies. This seems to be not particularly the norm and I heard Stephen King say he thinks people are losing the ability to appreciate short stories. Technically, this is an autobiographical work, but I think the principle remains that people don't seem to know what to do with shorter pieces. For those of us who are fans and for writers, I think these Singles are nice.That said, this is of course a quick read. I enjoy [...]

    3. Love The Tobolowsky Files, and enjoyed this Kindle Single quite a bit."If you spank a child today, you can go to prison. If you poison a child's mind, you can get a statuette and a standing ovation at the MTV Movie Awards."--Stephen Tobolowsky

    4. Reflections about sex, youth, and foolishness. I wish the Single were longer, but it's perfectly formed as it is. Stephen is a really enjoyable writer and storyteller.

    5. So funny, but TOO SHORT!!!I was so disappointed that this came to an end just as I was getting into the swing of Stephen's stories.I have always loved Tobolowsky as an actor, and loved the thought of reading some of his musings. How hilarious to find this a (short!!!!) collection of stories of sexual misadventures and escapades from his youth.Maybe he ran out of stories, but even if he'd switched topic, I bet he'd still have made a witty narrator. I listened to the Kindle edition with audio narr [...]

    6. This review originally appeared on my review site my link textOh, Stephen Tobolowsky. He's been in over a hundred movies (from Groundhog Day to The Time Traveler's Wife) and TV shows (That '70s Show, Deadwood, Californication, to name just a few). He has an unforgettable face and voice; now, he's admitting folks into another unforgettable arena - his past. Tobolowsky shares three stories from his young childhood, college years, and middle age. All three of them are well-written, highly-entertain [...]

    7. First foray into the world of the 'Single,' a less expensive downloadable ebook the length of a long feature magazine article. Tobolowsky is a famous character actor who pops up as a guest star on a ton of tv shows and in small roles in dozens of movies - most recognizable to me from Glee and Community. He has a podcast called The Tobolowsky Files where he talks about his career and his life. This is a series of three anecdotes about the mysterious, lesser-known part of the brain that at times [...]

    8. This was the very first thing I downloaded on my new Kindle at Christmas. Stephen Tobolowsky does my absolute favorite podcast ever, and this more or less a podcast episode except R-rated. His voice comes through very clearly, so much that I think he may have recorded himself telling the story and then written it down. I wouldn't recommend it if you aren't familiar with his oeuvre, but if you have listened to a few episodes and have gained some rapport and context for the author, it's quite good [...]

    9. This was my first purchase of a Kindle Single, which I downloaded after hearing about it on "The Tobolowsky Files," Stephen Tobolowsky's podcast. Fans of the podcast will enjoy this single serving of essays organized around the idea that human behavior is 65% motivated by what we *need*, 25% motivated by what we *want* and 10% motivated by mysterious forces that compel us to behave as if we were The Rolling Stones on a world tour in 1972. Worth the $1.99 for a Tobolowsky fan and this has encoura [...]

    10. This book is okay. I would recommend it for fans of Tobolowsky's work (the podcast), to which it is rather similar. It is very quick, at about seven short chapters, and features a couple of particularly interesting encounters that I'd rather not spoil. I did not very much appreciate the Rolling Stones plot device, nor completely buy the idea of brain's divisions. I'm not entirely sure the author did, either, but used them as vehicles to tie together the theme. Overall, I found the experiences en [...]

    11. I have been enjoying listening to the Tobolowsky Files podcast so thought I would give this book a try. It is very much written in the same voice as all the stories he tells, and he is a very good storyteller. On the other hand, this is pretty lightweight, as much as it tries to veer into the land of the philosophical and profound.In other words, a lovely, sweet, intelligent, minor slice of memoir from a funny, kind, generous person. Nothing objectionable here, but nothing to particularly recomm [...]

    12. This is one of those Kindle books meant to be read in one sitting. It includes three good stories that haven't been told on his podcast (The Tobolowky Files, which is excellent). The number of crazy stories this guy has accumulated in a regular (non-rock star) lifetime is impressive. One of his skills is crystallizing profound truths from his past experiences, and these lessons are decent. But I admit, he earned his stars almost immediately for having figured out the following about women: "It u [...]

    13. I've seen Stephen in so many tv shows lately and heard nothing but great reviews of the podcast he does with Dave Chen (which I now subscribe to also) that I had to give this a go.Besides its $2? What's that in real money like 50c? It was a no brainer!In all seriousness it was a great, short read which amongst vital guides on how to avoid STI's, proves what a phenomenal storyteller this man is.

    14. I've been a fan of The Tobolowsky Files ever since Stephen did an episode about Glee. Stephen is a great storyteller so I immediately went back and listened to all the episodes. Cautionary Tales is very similar to the podcast so I really enjoyed reading it. I could hear Stephen Tobolowsky's voice in my head as I read.

    15. This was a delightful, mirthful, quick read that re-energized me toward reading books on heavier topics of nonfiction.It was a looking back of things that happened in youth - childhood, as a college student or young adult. And, laughing at how those worked out.

    16. Fucking hilarious :)Didn't realize who the writer was - his personas funny, his writing perhaps even funnier. Need a whole book! Or another long piece. Thanks for cheering up an afternoon.

    17. Got a real kick out of this. It probably helps to be a listener to The Tobolowsky Files podcast so you can imagine his voice reading the story. Quick read, made me laugh several times, also had a poignant moment or two but really more humorous than anything else. All in 25 pages!

    18. Cautionary Tales by Stephen Tobolowsky is a fun, quick read (Kindle Single). Not as rip-roaring funny as I hoped but is a small dissertation on his views on life. It does make me want to read more of his writing.

    19. This character actor is one of our premier storytellers. Looking back on his most egregious moments, Tobolowsky's charm leaps off the page. He recreates his life vividly and draws greater themes from his own misbehavior. My only complaint is that this is too short.

    20. It's somewhat sad to say, but I think I've reached a point in life when the Willie Nelson part of my brain is starting to hum.

    21. Interesting, and some nice anecdotes, but nothing particularly life changing. I feel like it was written well, but overall just could have been better.

    22. Audiobook - I am now a HUGE fan of Stephen Tobolowsky as a memoirist. My only complaint about this one: it was too short.

    23. As enchanting as Tobolowsky's podcast - this guy can tell stories, and I can't recommend hearing them enough. Great!

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