- By Diane Johnston Hamm

How Many Feet in the Bed?

  • Title: How Many Feet in the Bed?
  • Author: Diane Johnston Hamm
  • ISBN: 9780671899035
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • How Many Feet in the Bed Here is a fresh new counting book filled with the happy helter skelter of family life How many feet are in the bed Two until members of the family jump into the bed

    Here is a fresh new counting book, filled with the happy helter skelter of family life How many feet are in the bed Two until members of the family jump into the bed.

    1 thought on “How Many Feet in the Bed?

    1. This book shows a family on an early morning. It counts the amount of feet as the family members come join the rest of the family in the parent's bed. Eventually the family members leave the bed, and it then counts how many feet are left in the bed then. This book deals with math because it continuously adds feet. It gets students thinking about pairs, since feet come in pairs. The feet are added until the family members start leaving the bed for various reasons, then the feet begin subtracting. [...]

    2. This is a really cute book for very young readers. It would be a fun book to read with an adult. This can be an interactive book, and can work on simple addition and subtraction at the same time. A little girl goes to wake up her father, and gets in the bed. They now have four feet in the bed. Then, younger siblings and eventually Mom start joining them in bed. Then they count; two, four, six, eight, ten feet in the bed. Each page adds feet, until one gets hungry, the phone rings, and so on, unt [...]

    3. This is a book I really enjoy because it is great for incorporating in a math lesson. As the bed has more people sitting in it, students can record the data into a T-chart. Students will notice that as the amount of people in the bed decrease, the number of feet in the bed decreases by a specific amount. Students can expand and thing of a multiplication formula for the amount of feet in the bed.

    4. How Many Feet in the Bed is a great book for multiplication, repeated addition, and subtracting. This book is about a cute little family all snuggled in bed and counting their feet. Soon, one by one the family members start leaving the bed and the feet are subtracted. This book has great illustrations that students can use to help them with multiplication, subtraction, etc.

    5. Excellent book to teach children simple multiplication. First there were two feet. When another person is added to the bed two more feet are added. Children will recognize the pattern of adding two each time or multiplying by two.

    6. This is a great book to start counting by twos, because the pattern in the book was increasing by twos all the way to ten. The it counted down 2 all the way to 0. The children can easily pick out the pattern. I can use this in Kindergarten or first grade, and perhaps play a game of sparkle.

    7. This book is about developing an understanding of how to count by twos. A lesson on graphing could also follow the reading of this book. The students could make a tee chart comparing the number of people in the bed to the amount of feet in the bed.Recommended grade level: P-2

    8. This book makes me smile. I love the pictures and the fun family interaction. This book can be used for counting, simple addition, subtraction, even skip counting by five. Words are simple and great for independent readers. great for K - 2nd grade.

    9. With its beautiful illustrations, this book is fun to read repeatedly for its fun lessons about numbers and pairs.

    10. This is a fun way to introduce counting and multiplication. The illustrations are delightful. Highly recommended.

    11. Ok, I'm not gonna lie I was grossed out by all the feet. But this is a really cute story otherwise! What a sweet, happy family!

    12. simple story, simple idea. Wish there would have been rhyming like so many counting books. It is more entertaining for the kids.

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