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Cryer's Cross

  • Title: Cryer's Cross
  • Author: Lisa McMann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cryer s Cross The community of Cryer s Cross Montana population is distraught when Tiffany a high school freshman disappears without a trace Plagued by OCD sixteen year old Kendall is freaked out by the emp

    The community of Cryer s Cross, Montana population 212 is distraught when Tiffany, a high school freshman, disappears without a trace Plagued by OCD, sixteen year old Kendall is freaked out by the empty desk in the one room schoolhouse, and is relieved when her boyfriend Nico takes the seat And then he goes missing too An increasingly anxious Kendall finds herself draThe community of Cryer s Cross, Montana population 212 is distraught when Tiffany, a high school freshman, disappears without a trace Plagued by OCD, sixteen year old Kendall is freaked out by the empty desk in the one room schoolhouse, and is relieved when her boyfriend Nico takes the seat And then he goes missing too An increasingly anxious Kendall finds herself drawn to the desk If she sits there, will she also vanish But instead of vanishing, something appears eerie graffiti messages on the desk s surface that could only be from Nico Desperate to help him, Kendall stumbles upon some ugly and deadly local history And she s about to find out just how far the townspeople will go to keep their secrets buried.

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    1. 2.5 stars rounded up.I am fairly certain this is the last Lisa McMann's book I will ever read. Both Gone and Cryer's Cross just don't have the emotional pull of her first 2 novels.If you read the author's books before, you are familiar with her writing style - 3rd person present tense narration. In theory, it should work wonders for this story, because: 1) this is, supposedly, a mystery and 2) the main character, Kendall, has OCD. Too bad the mystery is introduced in the beginning, when Kendall' [...]

    2. I'm pretty sure there will be spoilers in this review. I'm not so sure yet. Hey!!! I can use the new spoiler button feature! I'm excited now. This was my first Lisa McMann novel. I want to read her Wake series, but someone stole them from the library. *shakes fist at sky* So I received a copy of this from SImon & Schuster's Galley Grab and I let out a big ole Napoleon Dynamite "Yehsssss". Unfortunately, from what I read of other reviews, this wasn't McMann's best. This is about Kendall Fletc [...]

    3. [The UK title is The Missing. Personally, I much prefer the US title. The UK one is unbelievably generic. Neither of them are exactly unique, though.]My feelings about The Missing/Cryer's Cross fluctuated hugely. Here are my thoughts in chronological order:THE BEGINNING: Whoooo, I love minimalism. Like Lauren Strasnick in Her and Me and You or [Nothing Like You]! This could be awesome! Okay, I know it's going to go paranormal at some point, because this is Lisa McMann, and I hate paranormal, but [...]

    4. YA NEEDS MORE GOOD HORROR LIKE THIS!!!I'm just saying. Young adult novels as a whole today have a deep void, a precipice if you will, where horror should be. And not the glittering, pussy, it-has-fangs-lets-call-it-horror type of horror either. The good horror. The horror that has you looking over your shoulder, sleeping with a nightlight or just not sleeping at all. I saw this in Cryer's Cross.Now I have to say, my expectations for a horror novel is pretty high and while Cryer's Cross didn't hi [...]

    5. I've only read one other book by McMann before, but it seems like for me her books are always lacking one very important thing. In Wake, I felt that she had an interesting story and concept, but I didn't care about her characters. In this one, however, I liked the characters but thought the overall plot was dumb. Hopefully the next book she writes she can create characters I care about AND a compelling story.Even though I found the plot of this one to be somewhat ridiculous, I couldn't help but [...]

    6. Wow, am I in the minority here, or what? I know there haven't been that many reviews of this yet, and most of them are going to be from reading enthusiasts who blog, work at bookstores, or in some other way get Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs). Are they less critical than I am; or is it simply a case of "opinions are like a-holes: everybody's got one"?I usually write my School Library Journal review first and then post something about the book on GoodReads as an afterthought, but I was so surprise [...]

    7. The summary from the front flap of Cryer’s Cross and its eerie excerpt from the back of the book instantly captivated me. I had no choice but to buy the book. Seventeen-year-old Kendall Fletcher lived all her life on a farm in the tiny town of Cryer’s Cross, MT (population: 212 residents). Nothing ever happens in this quiet, rural town until one day, Tiffany Quinn (a sophomore at the one-room high school) goes missing. After weeks of searching, the Sheriff, along with the majority of the tow [...]

    8. “Haunting, and just plain scary, McMann gives you chills as her story unfolds.”I am a fan of Lisa McMann’s previous series and I was wondering how Cryer’s Cross would compare. Holy Ass-kicking Batman! Lisa’s story of Cryer’s Cross is creepy, it’s haunting, and most of all it is superbly addicting. The tension builds with every page and only in the last quarter of the book does McMann begin to even give you a hint of what is going down in this sleepy little town. It’s a race to th [...]

    9. Holy wow. Folks, I don’t say this a lot. But WOW! By nature, I am a very fast reader and this is one book I BLEW through. I mean I sat down and read this puppy in like five hours. Or less. I took some breaks.What started out as a pretty light-hearted story, took a turn for the dark and creepy and I was intrigued every step of the way. Even with the main character, OCD-suffering Kendall and how she copes with her best friend, Nico suddenly vanishing. Then enter stoically quiet Jacián into the [...]

    10. This was a nice quick read! Honestly my favourite thing about this book is it didn't try to do too much. It had a little quick spooky mystery, a pretty simple but interesting plot, and interesting fleshed out characters. I liked the little town this takes place in and I didn't hate a single character in this book. Honestly the biggest praise I'll give Lisa Mcmann is that she gave me a well fleshed out plot of characters and I liked every single one of them. She didn't make any horrible character [...]

    11. Enthralling, creepy and sooo good !! Truth to be told, when I started reading Wake I was a bit taken aback by Lisa McManns writing style. But once I read on I fell totally in love with this face paced, punctuated style! So when I heard about her new book I had to read it. Cryer's Cross is a Standalone and it's worth every page! Already the setting of Cryer's Cross is phenomenal and fascinating. Kendall lives in a town with only 212 citizens and of course everyone knows each other. It also happen [...]

    12. SpoilersAlready a fan of Lisa McMann Wake Series, I was curious what her next book would bring.Cryer's Cross is indeed a creepy thrilling paranormal story that has a great combination of mystery, suspense and even a little romance thrown in for good measure, but in the end, this was just okay.I consider myself a pretty easy reader and can usually go along with any plot line while welcoming new twists concepts, all in the name of good paranormal fun, but this one was a little too out there for my [...]

    13. Rating 2.5 starsFirst I have to thank one of my GR pallies for lending this to me! She is the greatest =)Okay so I was really excited to read this and now that I have I am completely disappointed. After Gone I was hoping Lisa McMann would make a strong come back, but unfortunately this one falls really flat. The mystery feels like a cross between Stephen Kings Christine and Wes Cravens The Village. The paranormal aspect that was thrown at the end is very laugh worthy, it is a desk filled with th [...]

    14. I rate this book a half star; I would honestly give it NO stars if I could. This is one of the worst books I have ever read in my entire life. First of all, it was supposed to be "scary," a la Stephen King, I suppose, but it's hard to be scared when the antagonist of the book is a SCHOOL DESK. Yes, you got that right. An evil school desk. An evil school desk that is possessed by the souls of boys who were murdered at the school years before. An evil school desk that compels the persons sitting a [...]

    15. McMann strikes again.I don't know how she does it. She makes me read her books in one sitting. She draws me in. It's pretty intense people.Cryers cross is a small town full of good people, so it's pretty upsetting and unusual when a girl goes missing. Then it gets extreme when a boy goes missing a few days later. Nico is Kendall's best friend and happens to be that boy who is missing. Kendall can't see her friend running away. She starts to see clues and wonders if it's Nico commmunicating with [...]

    16. La verdad es que este libro lleva tanto tiempo en mis estanterías que ahora pienso porque no lo deje aún mas tiempo alli. La parte de atras me vendió un libro con el que me iba a morir de miedo y ha sido un poco tirar el dinero. Me ha parecido mas una historia en la que intentan mostrarnos una enfermedad, intento de mostrarnos un trío amoroso diferente y contarnos una historia normal , mas que una historia de miedo. Los personajes no han conseguido que me encariñe con ellos , de hecho, el q [...]

    17. I enjoyed this even though it was a little predictable and unremarkable from other books I've read. There was nothing really special about any of the characters or the plot but it was a good quick, slightly creepy read.

    18. Cryer's Cross is the very first horror book I finished in a day! Usually, I get too scared to keep reading that I have to stop and put down the book, come back to it days later, and hopefully read a few chapters at a time. What can I say, I have a low tolerance for horror! I can't even pick up any books from Dean Koontz anymore since the last one I read of his gave me nightmares for days on. So, it was a relief to come across Cryer's Cross, which had just the right amount of horror for my taste. [...]

    19. If I could only use one word to describe this book (whether it be short, long, medium, descriptive, simple, or in-between), it'd simply beterrifying.Don't tell me you haven't gotten the horror vibes from this book! How creepy would it be to walk into school and find etchings likeTOUCH ME ,ONLY YOU CAN SAVE ME , andSAVE MY SOULinscribed into your desk? I don't know about you, but I'd be absolutely, mind-blowingly horrified.That's the feeling this book gives off. The horror aspect of the novel is [...]

    20. Original post at One More PageCryer's Cross tells the story of Kendall Fletcher, a girl with OCD who lives in the small town of Cryer's Cross in Montana. It starts with the entire town searching for Tiffany Quinn, who disappeared without a trace shortly before Kendall's junior year ended. When the town eventually gives up on looking for her, everything sort of goes back to normal until Kendall's best friend and sort of boyfriend, Nico, also disappears. Kendall is distraught, until she finds some [...]

    21. See Review on Blog Compelling and creepy, Cryer's Cross was one book I just couldn't put down, yet at the same time, I wanted to. It was haunting, and I made the mistake of reading it only hours before bed. And I have an old wooden desk, with scrapes and marks all over it, which only made things worse.From the very first page, there's trouble. Tiffany Quinn is missing, and in the small town of only 212, one missing teen is a really big deal. After months of searching, they give up, and soon, lif [...]

    22. Lisa McMann isn’t a new author for me. I’ve read and loved her Dream Catcher trilogy so when I got Cryer’s Cross, aka The Missing, I was very excited to jump into it.In the small town of Cryer’s Cross nobody is safe anymore. After two teens are gone missing, the people of the town are shaken and especially Kendall Fletcher. When Kendall’s best friend/ boyfriend, Nico goes missing, she isn’t sure she can cope. Kendall has known Nico all of her life and she can’t remember even a mome [...]

    23. First of all, I need to point out that this is NOT a dystopia. The reason I picked the book up was because I had seen it described thus somewhere, but it isn't. Cryer's Cross is actually more of a psychological thriller/fantasy/horror story. I wish it had been a dystopia.Last year, I read Lisa McMann's Wake Trilogy, which I sort of liked at first, but later came to almost abhor. Her writing drove me crazy. It's so incredibly fragmented. Everyone told me that the writing was matched to Janie's th [...]

    24. I love Lisa McMann. I can't wait to read this :)And now I have a copy!! Finally!! Yay! :))))))I'm so happy I can barely keep my fingers on the keyboard. 4/23/11 UPDATE:I'm done. I can't believe how amazing McMann is. I don't know for others but my expectations were pretty down after reading the last installment in the Gone series. And wasn't that a sweet thing?Excerpt:"I held my hand to it for longer than I want to admit. I couldn't stop. It almost had me too, Kendall."Kendall bites her lip. "Wh [...]

    25. Páni. Kniha se četla jedním dechem. Děj utíkal rychle a já obracela stránku za stránkou. Když jsem začínala, chtěla jsem knihu přečíst do půlky, ale skončila jsem na konci. Bylo to úžasný! Kniha nezklamala a mile mě překvapila. Do knihy bych to na první pohled vůbec neřekla :D Doporučuji, za mě 5/5 :D

    26. This is a tough one to rate in my opinion. I liked the idea and I like how Lisa McMann writes but I wasn't enjoying the perspective it was told. I have a hard time when people refer to themselves in third person. Sometimes it causes confusion, it also disassociates the character from the situation. It definitely gave the vibe that she had way more than OCD.The story itself was a bit out there but I don't mind that. The unexplainable can sometimes be intriguing. I had no idea the cover art was go [...]

    27. Celý den jsem strávila čtením s malými přestávkami a NO TEDA! K pořádnému hororu to má sice daleko, ale koho to štve? :)

    28. Trigger warnings: mental health, flashbacks to corporal punishment, disappearance of a friend, (view spoiler)[death of a friend (hide spoiler)].I found this randomly on the shelf at work and thought it might be good for kids who like adult thrillers, of which we have precisely zero (well. One or two. But not Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train, which are the ones they want). And the early stages of the story definitely had that creepy thriller vibe - small town, girl disappears under mysterious c [...]

    29. Huh. This story surprised me.Fact is, I've never read a book quite like it -- especially when it comes to horror. And I can't really give an in-depth review without spoiling quite a few different things about it. Let's just say the scary monster in this isn't one that you've probably ever encountered. Which makes it terrifying when you start to think about it. Recommended for horror lovers who are looking for a twist they've never seen and don't expect.

    30. Holy crap. Ladies and gentlemen, Lisa McMann has done it once again. This book was similar to the Dream Catcher trilogy (Wake, Fade and Gone) yet so different. Cryer's Cross totally brought the words 'eerie' and 'haunting' to a whole new level, well maybe not, but its sure damn close! It had me shuddering throughout but I couldn't bring myself to tear away from the pages, I was glued to it from the very first page, and here I will quote it:WEWhen it is over, We breathe and ache like old oak, lik [...]

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