- By Anthony Berkeley

The Layton Court Mystery

  • Title: The Layton Court Mystery
  • Author: Anthony Berkeley
  • ISBN: 9781780020204
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Layton Court Mystery A Roger Sheringham mystery In a typical English country house a murder is committed The wealthy Victor Stanworth who d been playing host to a party of friends is found dead in the library At first

    A Roger Sheringham mystery In a typical English country house, a murder is committed The wealthy Victor Stanworth, who d been playing host to a party of friends, is found dead in the library At first it appears to be suicide, for the room was undoubtedly locked But could there be to the case As one of the guests at Layton Court, gentleman sleuth Roger Sheringham bA Roger Sheringham mystery In a typical English country house, a murder is committed The wealthy Victor Stanworth, who d been playing host to a party of friends, is found dead in the library At first it appears to be suicide, for the room was undoubtedly locked But could there be to the case As one of the guests at Layton Court, gentleman sleuth Roger Sheringham begins to investigate Many come under suspicion, but how could anyone have killed the man and gotten out of the room, leaving it all locked behind

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    1. This novel, published anonymously in 1925, introduces amateur detective Roger Sheringham. Anthony Berkeley was, at this time, embarking on a long career as a crime author, which would see him become one of the founding members of the Detection Club; whose history has recently been written in the excellent, “The Golden Age of Murder,” by Martin Edwards. This novel begins with the classic house party setting. Author Roger Sheringham and his friend Alexander Grierson have been invited to stay w [...]

    2. It appears to be a typical suicide - or is it a locked room mystery? When Roger Sheringham was invited to spend some time at Layton Court by Victor Stanworth, whom he barely knew, little did he know he was going to stumble upon a first class murder mystery. Stanworth is found dead in his library with a bullet hole in the centre of his forehead and a gun in his hand. Everyone believes he committed suicide, and there is a note to go along with it.But our wannabe detective is suspicious. He stretch [...]

    3. Sedikit merasa de-ja-vu ketika membaca novel ini. Sampai derajat tertentu ada kesamaan dengan Trent's Last Case, tapi dalam hal lain ceritanya cukup original. Satu hal yang ingin saya katakan pada sang tokoh detektif, Roger Serringham : "How can you not see it, you old blighter!"Well, there's that. Full review menyusul.

    4. British author Anthony Berkeley's detective Roger Sheringham -- annoying author, bon vivant, exceedingly supercilious, eminently curious, loquacious to a fault -- has been nearly forgotten. What a dreadful shame! Sheringham deserves at least to be as well known as Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey and Ngaio Marsh's Lord Roderick Alleyn.In The Layton Court Mystery, which first introduced Roger Sherinham to the world, Roger is invited to a house party in the country at the request of his cousin, A [...]

    5. This is a mystery where the reader is kept informed of all of the evidence found by the "gentleman sleuth". I still wasn't quite able to solve the murder completely, but did figure out a few things before he did. But my favorite lines in the book were: "Shall I hack some ham for you, or do you feel like a boiled egg? You do? It's a curious feeling, isn't it?" That made me laugh out loud!

    6. Con el auge actual de la novela negra se está dando el fenómeno de olvidarse de las novelas de detectives de toda la vida, excepto, afortunadamente, en el caso de Agatha Christie. Pues bien, la última lectura ha sido "El Misterio de Layton Court" del escritor británico Anthony Berkeley, este señor formó parte de la gran edad dorada de la novela de detectives de principios del siglo XX más concretamente perteneció al "London Detection Club" que fundaron la propia Christie, Chesterton o Do [...]

    7. In corso d'opera ho scoperto che avevo già letto questo libro nell'edizione Giallo Mondadori, dove aveva il titolo "Delitto a porte chiuse".Questa seconda lettura mi è risultata più gradita della prima. Ho capito meglio certi meccanismi del delitto e il tipo di 'camera chiusa' proposta.Anche il finale l'ho apprezzato di più. Tenuto conto che il libro è del '25, quando Dame Agatha aveva appena iniziato a scrivere i suoi gialli, il finale proposto da Berkeley mantiene una sua originalità e a [...]

    8. Now that I've finished it, I must admit The Layton Court Mystery is well-told and well-clued, with many charms provided by the interplay between Anthony Sheringham and his sidekick, Alec. But it's far too long and drawn out, and would have worked much better as a novella, or even a short story. Berkeley undeniably, however, has the requisite qualities for a good detective story writer, and I'm looking forward to his later works (this was his first venture).

    9. This book was extremely slow and I was able to guess who did it less than 25% in. While Berkeley is considered a "English golden age of mysteries" author like Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers, this book was a disappointment to me.

    10. Since it's a novel with plenty of dialogue, most of the time people are saying something rather than doing some other thing. When someone speaks or tells things, he (or on occasions she) says, but also remarks, replies, retorts, asks, returns, confesses, observes, agrees, concludes, interrupts, pursues, points out, responds, corrects, repeats, answers, admits, adds, comments, murmurs, persists, explains, continues, prompts, exclaims. While doing that, the action is performed tolerantly, nastily, [...]

    11. *Special Content only on my blog, Strange and Random Happenstance during Golden Summer (May-September 2013)Because of his friend Alec, the author Roger Sheringham has been invited by Victor Stanworth to be a part of his house party at Layton Court. Victor has rented a lovely house for the summer and has surrounded himself with friends. So why do they find Victor locked in his library with an apparently self inflicted gunshot wound to the head and a suicide note? Despite the fact that all the win [...]

    12. Victor Stanworth has rented Layton Court for the summer, and has a few friends down as his guests. But all is not wellStanworth turns up dead in his library, with doors and windows all locked from the inside. He is found with a bullethole in the center of his forehead, along with a suicide note. Sounds easy, right? But for one of the guests, Roger Sheringham, all is not as it seems, and he begins an investigation. The main character, Roger Sheringham, comes off as a bit of an idiot, latching ont [...]

    13. There one shockingly offensive "joke" in which the protagonist is disappointed when he comes to the breakfast table because the two dishes being served are "the only two things Roger hated more than Jews." This is not the first offensive comment about Jews I've read from this author, but this is most casual and the fact that was intended as humorous is chilling.However - I actually thought this was a pretty good book and pretty good mystery, in terms of the plot and dialog. I didn't exactly see [...]

    14. Roger Sheringham is the guest at Layton Court when the tenant, a rich and hospitable man, commits suicide. But Roger thinks detecting would be fun, and he doesn't believe that a man like that would kill himself. Of course, Sheringham will develop into a more skilled detective, but this is still an enjoyable book if you can put yourself into a sufficiently naive 1929-ish mood. Unfortunately, there's a totally gratuitous slur directed at a particular group that is unacceptable today.

    15. История очень даже Вах! Мне понравилось, особенно концовка и человечный характер Роджера, который строит предположения, ошибается,и в целом очень живой и непосредственный в своих поступках и выводах. Да и интрига в для детективной истории была хороша. Классический, очень п [...]

    16. The story was slow, but it gives you all the details about the investigation, so you can try to guess who was the murderer (I was able to!). It's so surprising when the killer identity is revealed by Roger.

    17. Novelist and amateur sleuth Roger frequently isn't right, but his self-assurance and keen eyes and mind make him a joy to follow around.

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