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Readings in Ancient Greek Philosophy: From Thales to Aristotle

  • Title: Readings in Ancient Greek Philosophy: From Thales to Aristotle
  • Author: C.D.C. Reeve
  • ISBN: 9780872205383
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Readings in Ancient Greek Philosophy From Thales to Aristotle The second edition of this comprehensive anthology of ancient philosophy fetures extra pages of Presocratic fragments testimonia and dialogues of Plato Republic is also featured in its entirety

    The second edition of this comprehensive anthology of ancient philosophy fetures 100 extra pages of Presocratic fragments, testimonia and dialogues of Plato Republic is also featured in its entirety.

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    1. My first taste of original source (or fragments of) material from the ancient philosophers. I have the 4th edition and it is a wonderful way to begin philosophy.

    2. Translated Original philosophic documents from ancient Greece. I used this along side of an audio course called "Introduction to ancient Greek philosophy." I like the translations in general, and found some of the thinkers to be really interesting. Lots of Plato was translated well, but the Aristotle selections were hit and miss for me. Good source of "primary" documents without much commentary, not really a book to just pick up and read on your own.

    3. I once had the description of that book in my mind , not quite aware that something like that existed , till my Mom surprised me one day and bought it for me . I think now my collection is complete. I am fascinated with Greek mythology and philosophy, and I am a great fan of Plato . That may be one day I ll name my children Plato and Socrates :) I especially love The Meno , and The symposium the most .

    4. In which I proceed to mix up a lot of dead Greek guys who may or may not have just been full of hot airA: It seems weird to rate a book that is really just a compilation of a lot of really important people's really important ideas. But yeah. It's a mixed bag. The Pre-Socratics: Generally really dull and confusing, mostly because what survives of their writings is really just a bunch of fragments. Sorry, guys. Socrates: Cool dude. Seemed like kind of a know-it-all asshole though, so I totally und [...]

    5. Think ancient Greek philosophy is opaque and difficult to understand? Think again. These translations are *extremely* readable. Much more so than, for example, the works of Shakespeare. This is a very handy (and super cheap -I paid less than 5 bucks including shipping!) resource for learning about the foundations of Western philosophical thought. The translations are good, within the limits that any translation faces. Highly recommended.

    6. I read most of this for my introduction to ancient philosophy class. Great texts by Presocratics, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Unlike in my Hume class, I tried really hard to learn from this one because it was awesome.Presocratics--Where the hell are we/Who the hell are we?Socrates--You'll never know but I'll keep buggin' you about it cuz it's good for you.Plato--The world of ideal forms is where the party's at.Aristotle--Let me just beast this and give an explanation of how everything is caus [...]

    7. I read this in conjunction with Anthony Kenny's New History of Western Philosophy, and it took me eight months to make my way through it. The time was well spent. I'm glad to have so many of the foundational ideas of philosophy collected and translated here. This will be a great resource when I need to go back and revisit certain quotes and ideas as I move forward with my chronological study of philosophy.

    8. It served a purpose as the module reader for one of my final year philosophy modules. Trying to collate such a broad range of works is always going to be a challenge, especially when a large number of the original texts do not remain - i.e for the work of the three Milesians at the beginning of the textbook.

    9. This excellent edition provides a large sampling of material concerning ancient philosophy. It was used in an introduction course that I took, and it includes the Pre-Socratics though it focuses on Plato and Aristotle.

    10. competent collection of ancient texts. has the fragments then available for the pre-socratics. after that, the question becomes which platos and aristotles to include?

    11. I wish Plato would just say what he meant. Good book, only if you are interested in the anicent thinkers. not that I read the whole thing, only that which was needed to do the paper.

    12. Had to read sections from this for an upper division philosophy class. Wonderful anthology, nothing like it.

    13. A huge lump of a book! It contains a lot of ancient fragments and texts — this is definitely a good spot to "Start with the Greeks"!

    14. It's a very detailed works of the ancient philosophers. Doesn't have my favorite works, but I suggest reading it nonetheless.

    15. Republic is easily one of the most beautiful texts I've ever read; the ability to construct such an extended metaphor is so very impressive.

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