- By Vera Nazarian Jane Austen

Pride and Platypus: Mr. Darcy's Dreadful Secret

  • Title: Pride and Platypus: Mr. Darcy's Dreadful Secret
  • Author: Vera Nazarian Jane Austen
  • ISBN: 9781607620785
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pride and Platypus Mr Darcy s Dreadful Secret From the author of NORTHANGER ABBEY AND ANGELS AND DRAGONS PRIDE AND PLATYPUS Mr Darcy s Dreadful Secret When the moon is full over Regency England all the gentlemen are subject to its curse Mr Darcy

    From the author of NORTHANGER ABBEY AND ANGELS AND DRAGONS PRIDE AND PLATYPUS Mr Darcy s Dreadful Secret When the moon is full over Regency England, all the gentlemen are subject to its curse.Mr Darcy, however, harbors a Dreadful Secret Shape shifting demons mingle with Australian wildlife, polite society, and high satire, in this elegant, hilarious, witty, insanFrom the author of NORTHANGER ABBEY AND ANGELS AND DRAGONS PRIDE AND PLATYPUS Mr Darcy s Dreadful Secret When the moon is full over Regency England, all the gentlemen are subject to its curse.Mr Darcy, however, harbors a Dreadful Secret Shape shifting demons mingle with Australian wildlife, polite society, and high satire, in this elegant, hilarious, witty, insane, and unexpectedly romantic supernatural parody of Jane Austen s classic novel.The powerful, mysterious, handsome, and odious Mr Darcy announces that Miss Elizabeth Bennet is not good enough to tempt him The young lady determines to find out his one secret weakness all the while surviving unwanted proposals, Regency balls, foolish sisters, seductive wolves, matchmaking mothers, malodorous skunks, general lunacy, and the demonic onslaught of the entire wild animal kingdom What awaits her is something unexpected And only moon, matrimony, and true love can overcome pride and prejudice Gentle Reader this Delightful Illustrated Edition includes Scholarly Footnotes and Appendices.

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    1. To see fully illustrated review, please visit my blog by following this link. For some reason, some of the pictures I tried to add would not work here.Book Info: Genre: Classical literature satireReading Level: AdultRecommended for: Fans of Jane Austen, satire, cross-genre mashupsTrigger Warnings: Demons beasts! Giant, murderous DUCKS!! And a truly horrible creature called a platypus.My Thoughts: Like Northanger Abbey and Angels and Demons (my review here where formatting allowed), this is a del [...]

    2. Okay, I need to stop laughing and 'ahhing'. This was such a funny and cute take on Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. It mooshes 'tongue firmly in cheek' paranormal with the original Pride & Prejudice writing. I'm not going to bother summarizing the story because it pretty much follows the P&P storyline faithfully with just the insertion of the male Affliction. More about that in a moment. I'm just going to highlight the paranormal element which was cute and creative in its way.This P& [...]

    3. 4.5 stars - half star down because it's a retellingOver the years I've read very few Jane Austen's retelling and I was let down by most of them; it's hard to add something new to such widely known and appreciated works without ruining their very essence. Therefore I usually prefer to avoid disappointment by not reading them.In this case I made an exception because, having read other Vera Nazarian's works I was pleasantly impressed by her wonderful writing skills which allow her to keep pace with [...]

    4. I bought this expecting it to be utterly ridiculous. I figured I would get some MST3k/rifftrax style amusement out of it. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was not at all what I expected.It was actually quite an enjoyable read, so much so that I had trouble stopping so that I could get some sleep. There were plenty of parts where I was laughing so loudly that I woke my husband up.Vera Nazarian seamlessly weaves her ideas into the narrative, making them fit with little trouble. Littl [...]

    5. I was flat-out floored by the quality of the writing. I was immediately transported to the 17th century, and Vera's incredible idea of the monthly male Ordeal was not only ingenious, but written with great skill. The footnotes are an amazing idea of themselves; fortunately, if a different reader finds them too distracting, they can be ignored without losing the gorgeous flavour of the book. I like history, and have read many an account written in the sometimes florid language of 1800, but this i [...]

    6. I was very wary starting this book because I thought it would be a lot like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I wasn't a fan of. I was pleasantly surprised with how entertaining this story was with the supernatural elements. Vera Nazarian supplements Jane Austen's prose with the additions and modifications to incorporate this new element (all men turn into mammals at the full moon). I found that part dragged a bit. Since I am already familiar with Austen, I would have rather read it exclusi [...]

    7. Pride and Platypus: Mr. Darcy's Dreadful SecretWell, this isn't Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, but what a fanciful story. Followed Austen's story rather closely, but added a supernatural comical twist. Poor Darcy. Keep his dreadful secret from everyone, except Elizabeth Bennet the woman he loved. He dreaded this secret, but by far he was more unique than the other men who suffered from the Afflictions. The platypus is one of two animals in the monotreme group of mammals. He shouldn't be asha [...]

    8. It's a fun read, and the shapeshifting/werecreatures are amusing.My main issue with the book (which I also had with Mansfield Park and Mummies, and which I'd likely have with other authors' takes on Austen Novel plus Supernatural Elements) is that the supernatural elements really ought to change the story more than they actually do. Of course the people writing these stories are trying to keep close to the originals, but I'd love to read something by an author who lets the worldbuilding actually [...]

    9. Hilarious. I had to be in the right mood to read it but it really made me laugh out loud many times. (I kept having to explain to my husband what I found so funny though, and that never went well. Try explaining this book without people looking at you VERY strangely.) The writing style blends perfectly with the Austen bits we know and love. My eReader (Kobo) did have a few issues with the footnotes, which were a little bit of a hassle and alternated between completely unnecessary and delightfull [...]

    10. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love this silly book. The bestial absurdity, mingled with the timeless tale of wonderful Elizabeth Bennet and dreamy Fitzwilliam Darcy, is absolutely delightful. I thought the heavy tongue and cheek humor would get old quickly, but I was rather surprised to be whisked along with the familiar story and whimsical twist.

    11. Pride and Prejudice, but all the men turn into various animals every full moon. A little slow to get started, but overall, retains the charm of Pride and Prejudice, while making me laugh (sometimes out loud) at the additions.

    12. Such a lot of fun! Muchly superior to the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies ilk, which is a one-joke thing, and should be a short story. Loving the Brighton Duck, in particular,and Mr Hurst's affliction.

    13. Quite a bit of Austen's original prose here, with some very charming and fantastical twists.Highly enjoyable!

    14. Apparently I'm a total Austen junky when even fan fiction and Darcy turning into a platypus makes me all swoony.

    15. Lord what a waste of my money!This was such a disappointment! If I want to reread Pride and Prejudice I could have! Seeing as I own the book! I just wasted my time and money! Not happy at all!

    16. Not a distinguished addition to the P&P mixed with the supernatural but I will restrict myself to just a few critiques:- the author tries to build the suspense to the big initial reveal that Mr. Darcy's creature familiar is a platypus, BUT ITS IN THE TITLE! So that build up was bizarre- the author likes to interrupt the narrative to talk directly to the audience using the tired "Dear Reader" convention- Having not read the other books in the series I had no idea what the fuck was going on wi [...]

    17. Exactly like Pride and Prejudice except that all gentlemen turn into beasts on the full moon. The addition of this fantasical element does not make the original story any more charming. 99% written by Austen, with a few interjections or minor changes by Nazarian.

    18. Five stars for the original Pride & Prejudice. Three stars for the additions. They were funny, but overall the concept seemed a little inconsistent & confusing. The author did mimic Jane Austen's writing style fairly well.

    19. ExcellentWitty,inane, clever, laugh out loud funny. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will purchase more books by this author. My first review. I just couldn't pass up the chance to say how much I loved it.

    20. Oh gosh!! Platypus!!!! Please help meI'm dying from laughing so hard. Mr. Darcy and Platypus?! Never think of this before read again. Damn it, imagination.

    21. Not getting into the spirit of the book. But I will keep trying until mr. Darcy's secret as a Platypus is revealed. overall, meh. skipped through a lot of it

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