- By Richard Doetsch

The Thieves Of Legend

  • Title: The Thieves Of Legend
  • Author: Richard Doetsch
  • ISBN: 9781416598985
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Thieves Of Legend The next ingenious thriller in the Thieves series after The Thieves of Darkness reformed thief Michael St Pierre and his crew travel to China on behalf of the U S government to obtain a legendary diar

    The next ingenious thriller in the Thieves series after The Thieves of Darkness reformed thief Michael St Pierre and his crew travel to China on behalf of the U.S government to obtain a legendary diary that holds the clue to a long forgotten mystery In a baffling world where East meets West and ancient meets modern, a horrific act sets former thief, Michael St Pierre,The next ingenious thriller in the Thieves series after The Thieves of Darkness reformed thief Michael St Pierre and his crew travel to China on behalf of the U.S government to obtain a legendary diary that holds the clue to a long forgotten mystery In a baffling world where East meets West and ancient meets modern, a horrific act sets former thief, Michael St Pierre, on the trail of a mystery with roots than a half millennium in the past Michael and his ex girlfriend KC Ryan are coerced by a U.S Army colonel to travel to opposite ends of China, each responsible for stealing an artifact to help solve an ancient puzzle With their lives depending on each other s success, they face off against the complex underworld of the Chinese triads, a twisted female assassin, and a madman whose only desire is to possess the secret held within the pages of a diary supposedly lost to time a secret that would give him frightening power and lead to the downfall of nations Moving from the glittering casinos of Macau to its dark and dangerous backstreets from the palace at the heart of China s Forbidden City to the medieval castles of Spain from the seaside mansions on the Amalfi Coast, to an uncharted pacific island, Michael is in a race against time to solve the riddle and save KC from certain death.

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    1. Just finished- a very well researched thriller- alot of action, great plot and terrific education on ancient China and Forbidden City.

    2. “The Thieves of Legend” by Richard Doetsch, published by Atria Books.Category – Mystery/ThrillerThis is the fourth in the series of the exploits of Michael St. Pierre. I highly recommend that they be read in sequence, there are some references to past books that could have you scratching your head.A brief history of Michael St. Pierre, a formidable thief that has forsaken his trade because his wife, who is dying, makes him quit. He makes a pact with the devil who promises to save her if he [...]

    3. I, too, was a "first reads" winner for this one who had to wait a while to get the book. As documented in other reviews, this was due to a glitch in the delivery chain. When I did receive the book (along with a very nice note from the author), I started on it immediately. I enjoyed it. It is a very unique story and will help if you have read previous entries (this was my first), as it took me a few chapters to settle into the characters. Definitely ramped up as it heads towards the final chapter [...]

    4. After trying out a few different genres of books recently (check out my genre snob post), I decided to go back to the action/adventure side of things and check out The Thieves of Legend by Richard Doetsch.  Featuring Michael St. Pierre as the main protagonist, The Thieves of Legend follows Michael and his ex-girlfriend KC as they travel to China to steal ancient artifacts.  Part spy novel and part thriller, the novel is the fourth part of the Michael St. Pierre series and promises to be the [...]

    5. PROTAGONIST: Michael St. Pierre, security consultantSETTING: ChinaSERIES: #4 of 4RATING: 3.25Michael St. Pierre is a former thief who has used his knowledge of breaking and entering to build a very successful security consulting firm. His assignments often take him to exotic places around the globe. However, he and his equally adventurous girlfriend, KC Ryan, have promised each other not to undertake any assignments and focus instead on enjoying their life together. However, Michael finds he is [...]

    6. I won a copy on Firstreads.This is another book that is stretching the normal time frame to get to me.It has already been about a month, hope it gets here soon.Just hit the 6 weeks mark and still haven't gotten the book.Hope it is worth the wait.Hit the 2 month mark and still no book.To the other winners-Has anyone gotten their copy yet?Just heard from the author.There was a glitch with sending the books out and he just found out about it.He ordered the books, signed them and sent them out last [...]

    7. Michael St Pierre and his, at the moment, ex-girl friend KC Ryan are about to embark on a life or death missiont of their choosing in Richard Doetsch's latest fast paced thriller. Issac Lucas, a US Army is blackmailing Michael in doing an all but impossible missiond they are going to use KC as the bait that is going to force Michael to take this assignment. The job is going to take Michael , first to Macao and then to China, to steal a box containing a book and papers that could change the balan [...]

    8. In "The Thieves of Legend," Richard Doetsch provides a well written story dealing with greed, master thieves and family relationships, all set in the exotic worlds of Beijing and Macau.Michael St. Pierre is a professional thief. Promising each other a better life, he and his girlfriend, KC have promised not to do any more stealing. However, he's talked into one more caper, stealing back documents from an Italian castle.KC's faith is Michael is ruined when she learns of his going back on his word [...]

    9. Oh wow Since this is already the fourth book in the series I have the urge of finding the other 3. Gripping, smart and powerfully compelling. It's rare to find a book where mysticism meets modern world without it being too illogical. But this book blends it well. Michael St Pierre and KC are not ordinary thieves but I like the facts that they are also ordinary people with relationship issues like any normal person had. I haven't read the other books but Michael and KC seems not relying much on a [...]

    10. "The Thieves Of Legend" by Richard Doetsch I was a First reads winner of this thriller, I absolutely loved it! Well written, great characters, and the settings were so well described I felt like I was there. This is the first book by this author I have read. I am looking forward to more of Michael St. Pierre, and KC, they had great chemistry together. I was so glad for the snow today so I had a excuse to do nothing but sit and read. I will be looking out for the next one of the Thieves books an [...]

    11. A different suspense story than the other books in this series. Richard Doetsch adds more characters then his normal cast. There are really two story lines going and not just Michael and his friends. It is not just Michael stealing something on his own. There is additional tension with the additional characters holding Michael & KC hostage against each other in search a of life giving vial. It is non stop tension that builds to the end of the book. Then in the end when all seems well their p [...]

    12. First off just want to say I love this series. This one did not disappoint at all. Fantastic plot and it was cool getting back with these characters. I will say this though near the end you were really wondering who was going to live and who was going to die. Really kept me going and near the end I couldn't put it down. Just a great read and I wish he would hurry and get the next one out, because he did leave it open for a next one. Cant wait for it.

    13. An okay continuation of the series. Wasn't crazy about the new characters and found the overall storyline to be just okay. The story was decent but I found it to be nice as interesting as the previous plots. Overall it seemed to focus more on the emotional side of things rather than on the mystery of the search. Not sure if I'll be reading the next one. Will have to wait and see if I like the blurb in the cover.

    14. As thrillers go, this was merely ok. I didn't feel the need to keep reading and walked away from it quite easily. The ending stretched the lines of plausibility and I'm not not talking about legends. On the other hand, I did enjoy the visit to Macau and to the Forbidden City. I just wish portions of the end hadn't been so hard to follow.

    15. I had this for awhile and planned on getting the books in the series before reading. I decided one night to just go ahead and read the story it was amazing and I couldn't put it down. This has very detailed history and places with well developed characters. A must read, now I need to read the others in this series.

    16. A good thriller, with some fun twists. My first book from this series and from Doetsch and I'd definitely be interested in the next one. The characters are mostly exactly what you'd expect if you were watching an action movie, but that doesn't detract from anything. The scenes are well described and the action mostly keeps things rolling along even as the back story unfolds.

    17. Richard Doetsch is one of my favorite thriller authors. He's done it again with Thieves of Legend. If you're looking for a highly readable, fast-paced thriller that will keep you glued to a comfy chair until you're finished - this is the one for you! I was lucky to have the opportunity to read an advance copy before it was released. LOVED it!

    18. Consistent with the first three books, which is to say very entertaining. Though there are times when the backstories of new characters interrupt the flow of the plot, and Doetsch's insistence on shoehorning in mystical elements towards the very end each time never fails to feel at odds with the more grounded tone. All in all, though, another solid entry to this series.

    19. Enjoyable globe-trotting action/adventure story. Continues the on-going story of Michael St. Pierre, retired world-class thief that can never truly retire. As exciting as these stories are, I wish they'd get back to the blatant supernatural aspects of the very first book in the series.

    20. The final installment(so far) in the Michael St. Pierre series. Wonderful wrap up with teasers on what's to come. I've enjoyed the characters throughout the series and look forward to more Michael and KC

    21. Best book of the series and the undying regret that happens. KC regretting her decision Michael pushing foward.

    22. I liked this espionage story. It is #4 in a series. Didn't read first 3 and this was still an easy read. Lots of twists on the story. Enjoy this thriller

    23. Doetsch knows his stuff. His work raises the playing field in a genre plagued by mediocrity. The writing is crisp and the pace lightning fast. I look forward to the next book in the series.

    24. WOW! if you read his past three books of this character then you are in a treat with this one. Cannot wait for the next book!

    25. Some unlikely scenes mar an otherwise good thriller. Still I will read the other books in this series.

    26. I have read the previous books in this series and really liked them. This book kept me reading, but I just found it so far fetched.

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