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Masques and Wolfsbane

  • Title: Masques and Wolfsbane
  • Author: Patricia Briggs
  • ISBN: 9781611293166
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Masques and Wolfsbane Before Patricia Briggs penned her bestselling Mercy Thompson series she cut her authorial teeth on a medieval fantasy called Masques In it we meet Aralorn a shapeshifter who fled her noble existence

    Before Patricia Briggs penned her bestselling Mercy Thompson series, she cut her authorial teeth on a medieval fantasy called Masques In it we meet Aralorn, a shapeshifter who fled her noble existence for a life of adventure as a mercenary spy A jewel in the rough, Masques promised a sequel that never saw the light of dayuntil now Together with the newly revised andBefore Patricia Briggs penned her bestselling Mercy Thompson series, she cut her authorial teeth on a medieval fantasy called Masques In it we meet Aralorn, a shapeshifter who fled her noble existence for a life of adventure as a mercenary spy A jewel in the rough, Masques promised a sequel that never saw the light of dayuntil now Together with the newly revised and updated first novel, Wolfsbane weaves a sinuous story of romance, danger, mystery, and magic Masques Wolfsbane delivers the first two tales of the Sianim saga in one fast and fiercely fun volume In Masques, Aralorn and her companion Wolf a shapeshifter whose feral form hides a mysterious past are sent to fight Geoffrey ae Magi, a sorcerer with dangerous plans for Aralorn s homelandd all mankind But can they defeat his illusory magic a power so great it transforms men and monsters into vacuous slaves In Wolfsbane, Aralorn and Wolf must come to terms with their feelings for each other as they return home for her father s funeral Yet when they arrive, they learn that the Lyon of Lambshold is not dead, but trapped in a powerful spell Can they find who s behind it Aralorn falls to the blackest of magics

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    1. An undeniably well-written urban fantasy filled with kick-ass supernatural heroines and intriguing plots. ‘Shifter’s Wolf’ is a single volume edition containing 2 books within: ‘Masques’ and also ‘Wolfsbane’. I am so pleased that the cover caught my eye in the bookshop, as I am delighted to have discovered Patricia Briggs who is an excellent writer of this particular genre. These outstanding adventures are full of excitement and inspired creativity, complete with many twists and tu [...]

    2. Read this one out of backlist interest, and it was indeed interesting. A lot of the Briggs hallmarks were there -- mind control on the part of the villain, sneaky lady hero, shapeshifting, many much snark, limited useful women, plot-useful but not humanized mental illness -- but tentative. Except for the sexism. That was fascinatingly ever-present and unexamined. Oh and the demonization of mental illness. Also present.

    3. My, how you've grown! Having just finishing devouring both the Mercy and the Alpha & Omega books (start with Preying For Mercy) like they were going to self destruct in 3 days, I found myself casting about at the library for another likely candidate. Enter this omnibus edition of Briggs' very first novel and its sequel. The author provides a nice little disclaimer about how she really didn't have a clue what she was doing when she wrote it and how she wanted to re-write it for this edition, [...]

    4. I originally bought Masques and Wolfsbane a couple of years ago as separate books. I'm so happy to see that the publishers felt the need to re-release them together in one volume with such an awesome cover. I must say that I completely fell in love with them as much as I did her Mercy Thompson series and her Alpha & Omega series. My favorite of the two would have to be the second: Wolfsbane. I loved meeting the people who populated Aralorn's early life and how they interact with her when she [...]

    5. Didn't actually read Shifter's Wolf. I read the 2 books it contains, Masques and Wolfsbane, as individual books several years ago. I didn't want to get confused when following what I've read by Briggs, however, so I need to mark this as read in .

    6. An enjoyable but not especially spectacular fantasy-romance duology about the adventures of Aralorn, a shapeshifting mercenary spy, and Wolf, her companion who is hiding a dark secret.I had fun reading this, but I feel some of the potential of these characters was missed - for a 'spy', Aralorn only actually works undercover about three times across both books, while Wolf is played up as far more terrifying by reputation than we ever see him be. The edition I have includes a warning that this is [...]

    7. This wasok. Masques is Patricia Brigh's first book, but updated for a rerelease. I really enjoyed the characters, even if the plot told a story I'd read before. I'm going to rate book 2 separately when I finish it.

    8. This is actually two novels in one, Masques is our introduction to the two main characters, Aralorn and Wolf. Aralorn meets Wolf when he's in his wolf form, and doesn't realize for a while that he is human, but then the wolf starts talking, and his cover is blown, at least for her. The pair of them are both sorcerers, though Aralorn's magics are 'small' compared to Wolf's - she can shapechange into a mouse and an icelynx, and use spells to make sure people stay asleep, for example. Wolf, on the [...]

    9. This is a great anthology of two of Patricia Brigg's earliest works, Masques and Wolfsbane. Before each novel there is a letter from the author describing the process and events that led and delayed each one to publication. She seems a little apologetic in presenting her first work but I'm so glad she decided to re-publish them!Aralorn is the eldest, illegitimate daughter of a Lord and one of the mysterious shape shifters. she inherited the talent to shift into select animals and change her huma [...]

    10. Shifter's Wolf is a compilation of two novels written by Patricia Briggs. Masques was the first book she wrote. It didn't sell very well and went out of print in 1995. Wolfsbane, its' sequel, was written without a publisher and sat on a shelf for a while. After becoming successful (Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega), the author was able to do a polish of Masques and include the sequel in this edition. I am a big fan of Patricia Briggs and, while I can see the newness of her writing in Masques, [...]

    11. Masques (four stars):I ended up really enjoying this book. The characters were really interesting and although the plot occasionally felt a little patchy, it overall produced a fairly gripping read. Briggs' note at the start of the omnibus is true though - don't read this novel expecting her usual finesse. You can tell that it is her first novel, but only if you've read the rest of her work. If it's your first Briggs novel, I'd say it's on par with other books I've read by best-selling authors! [...]

    12. I wanted so badly to love this because I love Patricia Briggs and the Mercedes Thompson series, but this just wasn’t for me. The story, while very interesting at times, tended to drag on with things that weren’t really necessary. Like, I know that Aralorn is supposed to be a great storyteller, but several times, things came to a halt so she could tell another story. I don’t thing that was necessary. And it wasn’t the only time things dragged on for stuff that I feel wasn’t needed. One [...]

    13. This book contains a novel and a sequel to the novelwritten many years later. This is fantasy involving aland that is ruled by a magae, who has control of the kingdom, largely because of his strong magic. His nemesis is his own son, who is a shapeshifter and discovers eventually that he has his own magic aswell. The main character is a young woman, who isa professional spy and a rather limited shapeshifter.She and the son team up together in the first novel;and their relationship grows closer as [...]

    14. This is the first book by Patricia Briggs that I have read - actually two books under one cover. I thoroughly enjoyed both, and wish that there were going to be a third to wrap up some loose threads at the end of Wolfsbane. Aralorn is a strong and resourceful female lead, and Wolf the dark and damaged hero - sounds cliched, and there is a bit of that, but the reason things get to be cliched is because readers like them! In an author's note, Briggs comments that these books were very early in her [...]

    15. This is the second time I'm reading these stories. The first time it was in e-book format but then I picked up the paperback in the library and enjoyed them all over again. I am a sucker for books - and re-reading old favourites gives me the chance to see if they stand up to further scrutiny. These do. I see why Briggs was hesitant about Masques, it is definitely not as strong as some of the Alpha and Omega and Mercy stories, and yet, I loved the plot, the characters and the world nonetheless. A [...]

    16. I finally got my hands on Shifters Wolf by Patricia Briggs, which contains her FIRST book "Masques" and its sequel "Wolfsbane". She has a nice note in there about how the books are flawed, and she tried to improve on them in this edition, but that because loyal fans loved Masques so much, she didn't want to change it too much. I could tell, reading it, that she has improved immensely since she started writing, but her characters were just as engaging and amazing back then. I loved both books.

    17. OMG this book is awesome!!! I loved it and could not put it down, was gutted when it was finished. I so want more stories about wolf and Aralorn. This is sthe first book i have read by patricia Briggs but i want them all now. Would recommend this to everyone, would love to know what happens with Aralorns little brother.

    18. I have read all of Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series and have slowly been making my way through her older books. This book is two books in one, and a really lovely story. It has romance, action, characters you care about and a story line that flows. For fans of Briggs other work I would recommend this. And if you haven't read any of her other books? Get a move on!

    19. A meld of paranormal and fantasy works well, after reading the forward my expectations were quite low, this being one of her first and not a favourite, but it’s a light read. Fun, fast, with a few gaps that she readily acknowledges; something easy to pick up and put down, or even read in instalments.

    20. This is Ms. Briggs first novel, Maques, and its sequel, Wolfsbane, released together into one volume. Although there were a couple of problems with the story, the two main characters, Aralorn and Wolf (aka Cain), are engaging, and their adventures exciting. Overall, it was a fun book!! I would love to read more about them some day.

    21. The writing was utterly beauty and the character were strong and rich but I couldn't get into the story. I am not a huge fan of magic and wizardry. I love her other series but I had to give these a try.

    22. Patricia Briggs is a fabulous story teller. This series was one of her earliest. Hard to put down book.I have read all four books in the series. Different characters but the same historical era but the latter two books aren't equal to the first two books.

    23. Having cut my teeth with the Mercy Thompson series, it took me a while to warm up to this new heroine, but Aralorn is a wonderful character in her own right.Another shapeshifter involved in another mystery, but in a medieval world. Kept my attention locked almost from beginning to end.

    24. I would give the Masques portion of this book a 3.5 or 4 star rating. It wasn't anything I would rave about but it kept my interest and I thought the world was interesting. The Wolfsbane portion of this book I didn't like as much. It was okay but I felt less engaged by it.

    25. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!This book is definitely one of my favourites!Action, Adventure, Magic, a hint of Romance. Brilliant writing and amazing characters! Basically, everything you could ever want in a book. Patricia Briggs is a wonderful author.

    26. This was a wonderful story. Exciting battles both ordinary and magical ones. I would so love the story about Aralorn and Cain to continue. I´m already missing this world and all the people and others in it.

    27. Absolutly loved these two books!!! I found myself taking Aralorn's spot as the main charater. The details transported me into a world where magic is real. I can't wait to add the other books to my must read list.

    28. I didn't even finish this. Stopped a quarter of the way through Wolfsbane as it was just so slow paced. I love Patricia Briggs, but my god has she improved since back in them days! Still I would have loved to know how it all ended, it's just a shame I can't be asked!

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