- By Nicholas Fisk

Space Hostages

  • Title: Space Hostages
  • Author: Nicholas Fisk
  • ISBN: 9780140304398
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • Space Hostages Publisher Puffin Date of Publication Binding soft cover Edition Reprint Condition Good Description

    Publisher Puffin Date of Publication 1983 Binding soft cover Edition Reprint Condition Good Description 0140304398

    1 thought on “Space Hostages

    1. Olen jonkun verran lukenut näitä lapsuuteni klassikoita ja tämän aika oli armotta hylännyt. Surkea ja naiivi kertomus avaruusalukseen kaapatusta lapsijoukosta, joka kaappaajan kuoleman jälkeen selviää neuvokkaiden yksilöiden ansiosta takaisin kotiin. Tässä ei toimi mikään. Kummallista, että tämä ei tuhonnut haluani lukea äsäffää. Lukekaa mieluummin risingshadow/library/bo

    2. Well I stumbled across another part of my reading history yesterday. Working at the book shop I discovered this title- now along with Star Ka'at this is counted as one of the first books I read on my own - I would not say that it the first book I chose no that honour goes to Rendezvous with Rama - no from the reading classes this was one of the titles that appealed to me and hence I read it. The book is dated, but interesting how social interactions are reflective of the era it was written in an [...]

    3. I still remember the plot and key scenes from this some four decades after reading it. As with Trillions, it's a brilliant children's sci-fi novel. Very much of its time, I think. When it was originally published we'd not yet landed on the moon, and the space race was at its height. UFOs and alien invasion movies had been a feature of cinema for over a decade. And we didn't trust the government. Sound familiar? A great children's adventure story.

    4. An extremely disappointing read: possibly one of the worst books I have read in a while! The whole spacecraft thing is very dated, but I can understand it may have been quite exciting in its' day, but it just doesn't work now! The cast of characters are absolutely dreadful- couldn't connect with any of them at all! They come across as caricatures- the mummy's boy, the bully etc etc, none endearing or likeable, just plain silly! Sadly, couldn't find one redeeming feature, it just annoyed me. I on [...]

    5. 2.5 starsThis book was okay, but it never really got off the ground. The ending definitely needed some work as well.Update:I keep forgetting what this book was about so for my own sake: British kids get kidnapped, psychotic bully becomes captain.

    6. Creepy, but excellent. I reread this recently and it definitely stands up to reading as an adult - the overtones of the cold war and the tensions between the children are so well done.

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