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Rain and Whiskey

  • Title: Rain and Whiskey
  • Author: B.A. Tortuga
  • ISBN: 9781933389813
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rain and Whiskey Galen Frost is used to taking what he wants and after years as a semi pro football player he wants to get away from it all making himself a home in a small Florida town Shane is a beach bum good t

    Galen Frost is used to taking what he wants, and after years as a semi pro football player, he wants to get away from it all, making himself a home in a small Florida town Shane is a beach bum, good time bartender, living it up every night, never really looking at the same guy twice Galen runs a bait shop, Shane works private parties, and the only thing they have in commGalen Frost is used to taking what he wants, and after years as a semi pro football player, he wants to get away from it all, making himself a home in a small Florida town Shane is a beach bum, good time bartender, living it up every night, never really looking at the same guy twice Galen runs a bait shop, Shane works private parties, and the only thing they have in common is that they both like hot sex and a good time When they meet at the bar one night, sparks fly, and the heat amazes them both, like the burn of good whiskey They come together like rain on the ocean, whipping up a frenzy of weather, good and bad Nothing is easy with these guys though, and they have to ride out the storm that breaks between them when Galen s old life rears its ugly head Can Galen and Shane find shelter from the rain

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    1. 2.5 StarsI’m a big B.A. Tortuga fan. She writes a lot of cowboy and country boy MC’s and I love them like no other. The MC’s in Rain and Whiskey fall into that category in a way and I was curious to get that MC in a different setting. That part of the story worked for me. Galen has a country boy background that translates well to the slower pace of small the town in Florida they live in. Shane is a good time cruiser who lives day to day, tending bar and being happy. The minute the see each [...]

    2. I have read several books by BA Tortuga. In most of the books I have read by this author, the chemistry between the characters is smokin' hot, and the storyline usually flows quite easily. Just between us, this is not my favorite book written by this author. There was something about the two main characters that didn't mesh with me. I liked it, I just didn't love it.Shane is a very likeable hero. More fun loving than serious, he works as a bartender and parties most nights. Shane has been on the [...]

    3. ‘Rain and Whiskey’ must be one of the hottest male/male romances ever. It starts with a bang – the main characters getting right down to business minutes after meeting and exchanging names – and it only gets hotter from there. Galen, a former semipro football player who now owns a bait shop in Florida, and Shane who is a bartender, have matching libidos – but there is more to life than sex, even for these two horndogs. As they manage their way through the storms life inevitably serves [...]

    4. ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is a story which is initially at least light on relationship, but heavy on the sexual exploits of two men who first meet in a bar. Shane is a barman who lives for a good time, and realises that Galen who may be a man who eclipses any other options. Galen is in a comfortable retirement from football, running a bait shop and now slightly obsessed with Shane. An enjoyable read, slightly different from the usual B A Tor [...]

    5. Galen Frost, semipro football player, has lived life in the fast lane, but now, bad associates and poor judgement find him escaping to a small town in the Florida Keys where he buys a bait shop and a small house that he fixes up.Galen is at a local bar, the Connection, where he meets bartender Shane Barton. Shane’s been working at the Connection for seven years: he’s fun, flirty and rescues Galen from being groped by Old Man Roberts. Galen invites Shane to come and find him when his shift is [...]

    6. Really a 2.5 stars book.It was mostly sex, dialog about sex, and a couple of pages of not sex. I read this for an M/M Bingo Challenge on which the category was Best Gay Fetish: Fisting . The fisting, which was on my mind all throughout the book, was implied . It never really took place in the story, I only assumed it happened, (view spoiler)[since Shane said he had gotten the fake fist for Galen for Christmas (hide spoiler)]. I was kind of mad and disappointed that it didn't take place directly, [...]

    7. The last fourth of this book redeemed the entire plot in this very sexy, sex-driven story! I have to begin the review this way because it is simply the truth. This book is a marathon of sex between two men, Galen and Shane. Shane is a bartender, kicked out by his family, adrift, living moment to moment. Galen is recently retired from pro-football and living a comfortable and admittedly lonely life by choice, They meet, sparks fly and they spend pages and pages having wild, hot sex and avoiding c [...]

    8. ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~I liked this book but didn’t feel like I connected with any of the characters. I didn’t know much about them. I liked them but wanted more. Don’t get me wrong love sex in books, I didn’t think there could ever be too much, I was wrong. There was too much sex and not enough of anything else in this book. I wanted a story, I wanted more of a connection, not just hot steamy sex. I will read the next book ju [...]

    9. Impressive and flawed; a human rendition of how delicious sex proves to be when everything slots into place. A mouth-watering example of contemporary romance, even when the ease with which dilemma were resolved left you wondering as to how much the characters feel for each other, so as to cast aside the whole of their respective egos to reconcile. A highly-recommended read.

    10. I really liked the chemistry between Shane and Galen, even their shorthand way of talking to each other. But when that's what the whole story became, it eventually made it hard to finish the book. The little pieces of life outside their relationship were refreshing, like the visits with Galen's mother, and I found myself hoping for more of that.

    11. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words reviewFor the full review visit wp/p220KL-8oyFrom that review: I first read Rain and Whiskey way back when so I was beyond delighted to get reacquainted with Len and Shane of B.A. Tortuga's Stormy Weather series. Turns out I had missed them something fierce.From the moment Shane and Galen lay eyes on each other in Miss Lynn's bar where Shane is tending bar there is no keeping these two apart! In true Tortuga style, they almost combust right on the bar floor b [...]

    12. Book: Rain and WhiskeyAuthor: B.A. TortugaRating: 3.75 starsTwo guys who start as a one night stand find themselves unable to stay away from each other for long and what grows from their hot and steamy lust affair to two men who are finding what they need each other at a time when they didn’t know they needed it. Galen’s past comes walking in when he least expected it and his jealous stubborn ways do rear their ugly head causing more trouble than he needs. Can they find their way back after [...]

    13. This book is different from a lot of books I read but I still enjoyed it. Shane and Galen had an instant attraction that seemed to go from zero to a thousand in less than two seconds. Both men are total opposites. Shane is a party boy who is out for a good time and looks forward to the next party. Galen is an ex football player and mainly keeps to himself especially after a horrible incident a few years back that involved his ex and the man he trusted at the time.Their attraction to one another [...]

    14. *** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.***Rain and Whiskey is Book 1 of the Stormy Weather series by BA Tortuga and is set in Florida. Shane came to the small town on spring break and decided never to leave and with that decision was cut out of his family's life. He works as a bartender and lives up his beach bum life. One night, Galen Frost stops to get a drink in the bar and the two have an instant connection and they leave the bar [...]

    15. Gave 2.5 rating but rounded up to 3 for this reviewFirst off I want to saw that I am a fan of BA's books but this wasnt one of my favorites from her. This is a story about 2 men who meet and sparks fly immediately. Galen and Shane have sex alot in this book. I found myself wide eyed as I read some of this hot scenes. Boy OH Boy, BA knows how to write sex scenes but that was all this story was until the end. I wanted more from this story really, I was waiting for the story itself. These 2 men mee [...]

    16. A one night stand between two hot, sexy, guys ends up becoming more than either thought they needed. Galen is a retired football player and Shane is new to the town and working as a bartender. They each have their own baggage, but Galen’s troubled past threatens to bring Shane down with it.Having read this author before, I was expecting hot sex and an intense connection between the men. I got the hot sex, but couldn’t imagine the connection between Galen and Shane being strong. Maybe it was [...]

    17. Rain and Whiskey I believe is one of this author's earlier works brought back by another publisher. It is categorized as Erotic Romance, but I feel it is pure erotica. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a bad story. I liked the characters both Galen and Shane, but I found myself skimming looking for the story, hoping it would come soon as things were hinted at. What little story came was near the very end. Again I state, I love this author, and the story isn't bad,.If pure erotica and page after page [...]

    18. I’m pretty sure “rain” and “whiskey” were code words for “sex” and “more sex” – jeesh! I love erotica – probably more than many; however, I ended up skimming pages pretty early on in order to finish and call this one done. There was very little plot and really only found myself engaged in the story when the main characters ran into a bit of trouble toward the end. What did I like about this story? It helped me complete one of my categories for a reading challenge and that p [...]

    19. I never thought that there can be such a thing as too much sex in a book, but yes. This is the case. The sex scenes are hot and plentiful…but I like at least a little plot in my books, thank you very much. And by plot I certainly don't mean the four sentences describing how Galen and Shane got from the car (where they had sex) to the house (where they will have sex).

    20. I have to admit that you simple have to be in mood for a story like this. The plot was basic and easy, drawn around two guys who met and start a relationship full of sex. And this story is 98% sex, sex, sex. And it was simple to much of it, really!

    21. Lots and lots of sex. Just about the whole book takes place in a bedroom. There was still enough description for the characters to have likable personalities. I just wished that there was a little more plot or background included.

    22. not much of a plot really but some very hot sex! If you're in the mood for something non-angsty and want some lovin, this is a great book. I did like the characters and the writing was good.

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