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Behaviour Management Pocketbook (Teachers' Pocketbooks)

  • Title: Behaviour Management Pocketbook (Teachers' Pocketbooks)
  • Author: PeterHook Andy Vass
  • ISBN: 9781903776599
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Behaviour Management Pocketbook Teachers Pocketbooks A guide to creating calm classes and focused co operative students which is aimed at both primary and secondary teachers It considers different styles of classroom management patterns and types of b

    A guide to creating calm classes and focused, co operative students which is aimed at both primary and secondary teachers It considers different styles of classroom management, patterns and types of behaviour and offers a range of core principles and key strategies for dealing with everyday scenarios.

    1 thought on “Behaviour Management Pocketbook (Teachers' Pocketbooks)

    1. This dinky little book was given to me by my mentor to help me develop my skills in (surprise, surprise) behaviour management (at which I am terrible). There are some undeniably useful tips in here, but many of the recommended patterns of speech sound incredibly awkward in practice. For example, ending a sentence with ‘thanks’ instead of ‘please’ goes against the grain like you wouldn’t believe! Maybe I just need more practice

    2. Useful - 3*It is okay. I've read it and it is a good reinforcement to help with my behaviour management standard.

    3. This book is extremely helpful for student teachers and teachers alike. Easy and simple to read and very informative with information that can be used again and again within the classroom and to help improve methods of teaching and handling behaviour management. Additionally you don't have to read this book from beginning to end, you can just look for the section that will be helpful to you. Definitely a book to keep looking back to when you are unsure.

    4. A cute little pocketbook on classroom management, with a strong emphasis on relationship building and clear and calm boundary setting. My favorite part was naming the controlling style of teacher Mrs. Blitzkrieg. I think this is a good resource to dip into from time to time to bolster up your classroom management style.

    5. Great little book, packed with lots of useful information and techniques; certainly will get my own copy and re-read, to keep my hand in.

    6. Useful for CPDQuick concise tips and a nice flow to the series of steps. Great recap and summary to base teacher training session on

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