- By Bastien Vivès

A Taste Of Chlorine

  • Title: A Taste Of Chlorine
  • Author: Bastien Vivès
  • ISBN: 9780224090964
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Taste Of Chlorine A teenage boy suffering from curvature of the spine begins swimming every week at the local pool at the repeated request of his chiropractor In the interior and echoing world of the swimming pool su

    A teenage boy suffering from curvature of the spine begins swimming every week at the local pool, at the repeated request of his chiropractor In the interior and echoing world of the swimming pool, surrounded by anonymous bodies and in between lengths, he becomes acquainted with a girl who agrees to give him pointers on his poor technique It is the start of a tentative fA teenage boy suffering from curvature of the spine begins swimming every week at the local pool, at the repeated request of his chiropractor In the interior and echoing world of the swimming pool, surrounded by anonymous bodies and in between lengths, he becomes acquainted with a girl who agrees to give him pointers on his poor technique It is the start of a tentative friendship, one that exists only in the water, every Wednesday a friendship made up of touches, gestures and shared silences than conversation As their relationship develops, the boy s need for the girl grows, until the pool becomes for him a place freighted with expectancy and longing One day, she mouths a message underwater but what could it mean Chlorine is an intimate and evocative work, revealing in simple yet beautifully drawn and coloured panels an extraordinary world With it, Bastien Vives confirms his place as one of the most original and promising young writers of today.

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    1. Die Schwimmhalle: ein Trauma meiner Kindheit; Badekappenzwang, Chlorwasser in der Nase, die Peinlichkeit des Körpers, mit dem man nicht zufrieden ist.Deswegen kann ich vollstes Mitgefühl für den namenlosen Protagonisten mit dem krummem Rücken aufbringen, den sein Physiotherapeut zum Schwimmen schickt.Aber selbst an diesem absurden Ort kann es zu Begegnungen kommen. Er, der den Kopf nicht unter Wasser haben mag und Spritzwasser im Gesicht hasst, lernt in diesem Fegefeuer eine hübsche dunkelh [...]

    2. Language is incredible and language is ridiculous. It is lovely and it is baffling. Language is essential and lively and complicated and lusterant and mystifying and intuitive and impossible. The ability of the human creature to communicate from even the earliest age is astounding. That we, without any specially intended training, acquire the ability to make ourselves known and in turn know others is jaw-dropping. That we, no matter how long we persevere, can never perfectly communicate is agoni [...]

    3. Siempre me resultó difícil novelas gráficas con delicadeza y sobre tópicos que casi nadie toca, hasta que encontré a Bastien Vives y sus comics. Anteriormente leí Polina, una hermosísima novela gráfica sobre la danza y sus adversidades, ahora me encontré con El gusto del cloro y definitivamente tengo que decir que Vives hace lo que siempre busqué: historias cortas que saben mantener la belleza. Esta novelita gráfica muestra un amor de piscina en la que dos personas se unen ante el gus [...]

    4. Le goût du chlore (2008)Molto belli la colorazione dominante verde acqua, i movimenti, i corpi.Però.Io posso accettare che lei non torni più, ma voglio sapere cosa ha detto sott'acqua; ovviamente ho rifatto le sue smorfie per capire i suoni e sono giunta alle mie personalissime conclusioni.Poi da ricerca in rete ho trovato Vivès che dice: “C'est trop personnel. Ce sont des mots que j'avais besoin de mettre dans ce livre mais je ne dirai pas lesquels.”(e già qui è da prendere a schiaffo [...]

    5. Non ho dato alcun voto a questa graphic novel, perché non mi ha detto niente. Non mi ha fatto provare niente che non sia indifferenza. L’arte è magnifica, proprio il mio genere di disegno. Ma la storia non mi ha detto niente.Si é conclusa in un modo stranissimo, si capisce che c’era la tipa ad aspettarlo, ma tipo… ok? Non lo so. Anche questa graphic novel di Bastien l’ho presa in prestito alla biblioteca, quindi non ci ho speso soldi. Come sempre vi consiglio di controllare prima di c [...]

    6. Storia semplice - quasi troppo, al confine con il banale - ma resa nel disegno in maniera perfetta per quel che riguarda la piscina, il nuoto, i suoi movimenti. E con un gusto cinematografico del montaggio decisamente efficace. Il resto lo fanno i toni dell'azzurro.

    7. This graphic novel is a hard one for me to review because I am in two minds about it. On one hand I liked it both because it is unique and slightly thought provoking. The style, originality and art all appealed to me. The story is told with the use of pictures more than it is with words, which is why it only took about half hour to read. I enjoyed the change but also look forward to getting back to words.Now on the other hand I didn’t like it, the story cruised along at one pace. The biggest m [...]

    8. (view spoiler)[Hard to judge this one. I loved the art, it put across the other wordly nature of indoor pools very well, and the story was simple and realistic but I'm not sure about the payoff.Did he invent the girl to make his swimming more fun or did he really meet her? I don't know and as to whether she said "I love you" or not, well I don't know the answer to that either. I think she probably said "I am you" because it was interesting that she faded away just at the point that he became con [...]

    9. Splendido fumetto tutto di atmosfera con tavole verdeazzurro che fanno respirare l'odore della piscina. La mia versione pare abbia un finale modificato rispetto all'originale: questo l'ho trovato monco in modo goffo, ma il piacere di questa lettura sta tutto prima.

    10. Colori chiari e cristallini come l'acqua e quel profumo del cloro che inizialmente fa arricciare il naso ma che poi entra nei polmoni risvegliando ricordi e sensazioni.

    11. Seconda edizione, l’autore ha riveduto il finale. Non avendo letto il primo non saprei darvi ulteriore chiarimenti, ma mi basta questo per capire che un fumetto da rileggere più volte.Lui e lei – non sapremo mai il nome – si incontrano in piscina per qualche bracciata. Il ragazzo è perplesso, spinto dal fisioterapista per problemi fisici, tanto che si presenta scarsamente equipaggiato. La ragazza ha alle spalle un passato di medaglie e gare amatoriali.Questi incontri dapprima occasionali [...]

    12. Questa è la prima graphic novel di Bastien Vivès che mi è capitata tra le mani, e da sola è bastata per farmi venir voglia di leggere tutti i lavori di questo autore. La più grande nota positiva sono i colori: le tonalità di azzurro che utilizza in tutte le tavole che hanno al centro la piscina ti teletrasportano lì, o al ricordo dell'ultima volta che ti sei infilato un paio di occhialini e hai fatto due vasche a stile libero nella piscina vicino casa tua. Mentre leggi le vicende (appena [...]

    13. The first time I read this book too fast. Probably because there is so little text in this comic. The story, I gathered, ran as follows. Some guy, bothered by his scoliosis, starts going to the swimming pool every Wednesday, and meets a girl there. In the end, he likes both the girl (even though she does not come to the pool anymore) and swimming in general. However, as I gathered after a second reading, the point of this book is not so much the story but the how and the where of its presentatio [...]

    14. Je n'ai absolument pas compris la fin. Je ne sais pas si c'est parce que finalement, il n'y en a pas vraiment et c'est à nous, lecteurs, de l'imaginer, ou si il y en a une, mais que je n'arrive pas à l’interpréter. C'est vraiment frustrant, parce que la réponse à la seule question que l'on se pose pendant tout la BD, on pense la toucher du doigt, presque l'atteindre, et hop, c'est la fin de la BD.Donc, finalement, je n'arrive pas vraiment à savoir si j'ai aimé ou pas. Parce que j'ai un [...]

    15. A un chico que tiene dolor de espalda no le queda otra que ir a la piscina. Allí le llama la atención una chica. Primero se limita a observarla. Después intercambian unas pocas palabras y nadan juntos. Y no sucede nada más. A penas hay diálogos, pero la composición de las viñetas y la expresividad del dibujo son capaces de sugerir una historia riquísima y de una sensibilidad y una delicadeza exquisitas. Me ha recordado un poco a las historias de 'Rubia de verano' de Adrian Tomine (que le [...]

    16. Really beautiful artwork. As someone who used to swim competitively, I found it beautiful that someone would take such a familiar location and make a story out of it. The story itself is a little weak (hence the 3 stars), but the artwork by itself is 5/5. I haven't seen too much of this type of style in graphic novels, and it was refreshing. A quick update:I read this back at the beginning of summer, and I still think of this book all of the time. The story has really stuck with me in a strange [...]

    17. I read it twice from the middle to make more sense of it (if 'reading' is the right term, as there is almost no dialogue in this book). I loved the free, loose style of drawing here and the color scheme. I could smell the pool and feel the suffocation of an unskilled swimmer. A boy with curvature of the spine must start swimming to strengthen his back. An ex local champion begins to give him some tips, then mouths something to him underwater one day. After the secret message, he never sees her a [...]

    18. I found a number of good comics at the Shatin public library recently, including A Taste of Chlorine. There's not much dialogue. The story is about a young man who has back problems and is told by his chiropractor to go swimming at a pool. He meets a girl who teaches him how to swim.The book doesn't explore any grand themes, but but I like its examination of what it means to get to know someone in brief bursts and the feeling that we're all looking for someone to connect with.

    19. This is a pretty book with an almost Hockney-esque art style. The sense of place in the altered reality of a swimming pool is well evoked both visually and in the small character notes between the main characters. You can hear and smell the place and the awkwardness of the process for newcomer is spot on. My main gripes would be with the slightness of the story the openness of the ending. Both of these are valid approaches but can be, and are here, unsatisfying.

    20. So this book turned up on the circulation desk and i decided to give it a look over.Obviously i read the english version. It was a slow book and nothing seemed to happen so I was pleasantly surprised when there was story progression. Then the ending was a bit of a "dafuq did i just read?", I had to look at the ending a few times before I got the symbolism of the sequence and the conclusion chapter was very ambiguous. It is quite obvious that this person is an artist not a writer.

    21. Un fumetto da immersione totale, ha risvegliato nitidissimi ricordi, odori e sensazioni. Lento e silenzioso come si richiede che sia nuotare, suggestivo coi suoi colori e movimenti monotoni e ripetitivi, ma che delineano perfettamente ambiente e stati d'animo. Tuttavia ammetto di non aver capito il finale.

    22. It's a simple and sentimental adolescence story with slightly surreal atmosphere, beautifully colored green shades and outstanding vivid figure drawings. It's a comforting book like eating an ice cream in the summer.

    23. Ay, si no fuera por ese final que venía temiendo a la legua seguro promediaba para arriba. El dibujo, sencillamente precioso, y la manera de transmitir sensaciones está muy bien lograda. ¡Ay, si no fuera por ese final!

    24. Bastien Vives Vorzeigewerk, zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt zumindest. Eines, mit welchem er sicher noch für längere Zeit verbunden wird. Auf jeden Fall verdient. Man darf auf „Une Soeur“ gespannt sein, v.a auf die deutsche Übersetzung, das französische Original erschien dieses Jahr und wurde von Kritikern mit viel Lob bestreut.Zurück zu diesem Werk, Bastien erzählt uns die Geschichte eines jungen Mannes, der sich ob seiner Rückenschmerzen regelmäßig ins Bad begeben muss. Dort soll er regel [...]

    25. I'm giving this one 5 stars. In this story, a young man with a spinal curvature swims to improve his back and meets a girl while swimming. The story is told with page after page of the most beautiful aqua drawings that manage to capture the developing rise and fall of the relationship. I was struck by how powerful the images are in conveying the experiences of the new swimmer. The first pages show exactly how it feels to take those first tentative steps in a new and strange environment where eve [...]

    26. Una storia semplice ambientata in piscina tra un ragazzo e una ragazza.Si vedo ogni mercoledì e piano piano si conosco.Si capisce che hanno sofferto nel passato per altre situazioni.Il finale l'ho trovato molto onirico.

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