- By Ben Mezrich


  • Title: Skin
  • Author: Ben Mezrich
  • ISBN: 9780061056444
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Skin Medizinisch gesehen ist es reine Routine da die Haut von Toten zur vorl ufigen Behandlung von Brandopfern benutzt wird Da sich Studenten damit ein paar Dollar nebenbei verdienen ist weniger blich A

    Medizinisch gesehen, ist es reine Routine, da die Haut von Toten zur vorl ufigen Behandlung von Brandopfern benutzt wird Da sich Studenten damit ein paar Dollar nebenbei verdienen, ist weniger blich Als bei einer dieser illegalen Aktionen versehentlich die Haut eines falschen Spenders verwendet wird, stellen sich verheerende Nebenwirkungen ein Scully und Mulder, dieMedizinisch gesehen, ist es reine Routine, da die Haut von Toten zur vorl ufigen Behandlung von Brandopfern benutzt wird Da sich Studenten damit ein paar Dollar nebenbei verdienen, ist weniger blich Als bei einer dieser illegalen Aktionen versehentlich die Haut eines falschen Spenders verwendet wird, stellen sich verheerende Nebenwirkungen ein Scully und Mulder, die hiner dem Vorfall mehr vermuten als nur zuf llige Folgen eines Kunstfehlers, gehen der Spur dieser mysteri sen Hautspende nach und gelangen zu Erkenntnissen, die einen furchtbaren Verdacht aufkeimen lassen In S dostasien verschwanden zahlreiche Napalm Opfer, die sich einer Hauttransplantation unterziehen sollten, auf Nimmerwiedersehen Gibt es wom glich eine Verbindung zwischen den Schicksalen dieser Bombenopfer und den Auswirkungen der mi lungenen Hautverpflanzung in den USA In Thailand angekommen, decken die FBI Agenten zun chst eine unheilige Allianz zwischen einem Arzt f r plastische Chirurgie und einem geheimen Zirkel des Pentagon auf und sie sto en auf ein legend res Thai Monster den Skin Eyter.

    1 thought on “Skin

    1. For the first two-thirds of its 300+ pages, SKIN is the best TV tie-in novel I've ever read. Near the end, though, it stumbles a bit and ultimately has to settle for being ONE of the best (IMHO). The medical info throughout the story was so detailed and completely legit that I suspected author Ben Mezrich to have attended medical school at some point before launching his writing career. Having just read his bio on , I see that I was mistaken. Major props for faking it so convincingly! What's eve [...]

    2. This is the first X-Files book I've ever read, and it was pretty decent. I wish it had a creepier monster, and it was missing the banter between Mulder and Scully that I love so much. But it was written well enough to keep my interest.

    3. Skin liefert eine weitere spannende Geschichte zur Kultserie Akte X, die bishernicht verfilmt wurde. Nach einer Hauttransplantation dreht der Patient durch und begeht einen brutalen Mord. Bei ihren Ermittlungen stossen die FBI-Agenten Mulder und Scully auf weitere Vorfaelle, in deren Zusammenhang es Hauttransplantationen gab. Mulder hat natuerlich gleich eine abenteuerliche Theorie zur Hand, in der die Haut der boese Ausloeser der Gewalttaetigkeiten ist. Scully, die Skeptikerin und Wissenschaftl [...]

    4. I thoroughly loved this book. Reading it was like watching one long episode of "The X-Files." Mezrich got the characters spot on and as the pace quickened, I couldn't put the book down. Very good and a definite must for any X-Phile out there.

    5. I love the X Files but I know when I read a novel about Agents Mulder and Scully certain things will occur. They will attain no real growth as characters by the end of the book. They will have obtained no hard evidence to support whatever investigation they are involved in. They will emerge unscathed from whatever peril they face. All that is because this type of series is all about hitting the reset button so you can come back for another equally thrilling (and eerily similar) adventure later. [...]

    6. This book was decent. definitely not as fast paced as other xfiles books I've read, but the story fit the xfiles universe and it was well written.

    7. This x-file book (I will admit I think I will have most certainly read my fill of X-files for some time, I remember how much I enjoyed them but I also now remember how easy it is to over dose on them too) is a bit of a mix. The book is a gruesome race to find the victim/perpetrator and stop even great tragedies from happening. Ok its tricky to say more without giving the story away but I will say that the investigation is very reminiscent of medical thrillers of Robin Cook - in that a medical pr [...]

    8. A competent, but not great audiobookI heard Skin as an audiobook. It was narrated by Bruce Harwood, who portrays the most 'normal' of the conspiracy-addicted threesome known as 'the Lone Gunmen' on the X-Files TV show. Harwood does a competent, but ultimately uninspiring job of narrating the story.In fact, this is also a decent description of the book as a whole. It is okay, but not great. The characters act like they are supposed to, but those wry comments from Fox are mostly non-existent and S [...]

    9. One of the best and well written X-Files story ever. In the other books the conversations between the two agents are a bit strange t exactly as you would expect from Mulder and Scully. you have always the feeling that the authors don't know the characters they are writing for. In this novel Mulder is acting like Mulder seen in the TV series and Scully is the smart, clever, strong and skeptic woman you want to see. There is only one part that is not good near the end, you will find a hole in the [...]

    10. Quick and fun read. I have a secret love for books made from TV series. The great thing about them is that there is no need for even the slightest bit of back story because that is all assumed knowledge. Instead, the author can jump straight into the meat of the story. This particular story is the usual science/scifi/mystery that made me enjoy the tv series. Even though I will not re-watch another episode of the series because the effects are so dated, I would be happy to jump on another X-Files [...]

    11. None of "The X-Files" novels successfully emulate the quality stories written by Chris Carter for his television show, and "Skin" is no different. Ben Mezrich recreates the banter between Mulder and Scully far better than any author before him, but his writing fluctuates in quality, at times being quite clever whilst at other times heavy-handed and clunky. The story itself is solid but serves to only make me want to return to the show.

    12. There are times when this X-Files tie in feels like a complete retread of the other novel, Antibodies. There's the medical theme, the disease, the adverse side effects etc.That said, the writing style is simple and accessible, making this story a quick and easy page turner. Not a gem by any means, but the unique (for X-Files) Thailand setting and decent action sequences do just enough to keep you reading till the end.

    13. This book was probably the closest in theme and tone to the xfiles tv series of all of them. It moves well and almost completely scientifically accurate. The one place it falls off is in the final chapter. This is mostly only in the swiftness of the conclusion. Either way this was definitely worth the read!

    14. I loved it. Readimg this was just like watching an episode of the series. Sufficiently creepy, detailed, scientifically implausible. The author got the characters just right and did a beautiful job of capturing Mulder and Scully's awkward tension. I adored the book and I am fully encouraged to read more X-Files books and more from this author.

    15. This was my first-ever X Files novel -- I assume there must be more. Not counting an early, glaring, did-anyone-edit-this-book plot detail error it was pretty good. The premise was suitably creepy, and the descriptions and thoughts of Scully and Mulder seemed on-target.

    16. Best X-Files book I've ever read. Some reviews were critical of the character development and the details of each scene. I found the character details and the scene detail added much to the story and I was sorry when it was over.

    17. AwesomeFor me this book was very suspenseful and invigorating the book also takes me back in timees of X Files on TV so.a.lot.of good memories the book was very good at keeping you reading to find.out.what next.

    18. I've never read an X-files novel (or a Star Wars novel, for that matter), but this actually sounds pretty good. And since the movie came out, my interests in things X-files related has been rekindled.

    19. When I completed the book my thought was like "This is the best TV tie-in novel I've ever read!" ^_^ And it was. And I think it still is. It's perfect, the perfect novelization of a TV-show. And a read-it-all-at-once thing definetely.

    20. This was fun, it was very much like an episode of the show. Nice to "interact" with Scully & Mulder again, lol.

    21. It reads just like an actual episode. Very interesting considering I enjoyed the show quite a bit. Entertaining light read with a side order of gore. =)

    22. Enjoyed this. I always like good medical thrillers -- ten years working at a medical school, plus a lifelong interest in science, will do that.

    23. Good read. While an average paranormal adventure/mystery novel, the story still ranks with the better of X-Files episodes.

    24. A true X-Files story from start to beginning, revealing layers beyond layers, Mulder's wild theories, and Scully's more reserved guesses based on reality-as-we-know-it.

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